October 30, 2020

Organic Goodness For Your Skin With Deyga Organics

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Times are stressful, the world is still in the grip of a pandemic and our lives have turned upside down. The effects of all these tough times are showing on our skin and I'm sure a lot of you out there are facing skincare issues, thanks to the anxiety, sleeplessness, long work-from-home hours etc. Our sleep cycles have gone haywire, our screen-time has increased manifold and we are constantly stressing over how to stay safe in the current situation - and all this is leading to issues like dark circles, rashes, acne, dullness, hairfall and such. 

So, this is the time we should be paying a little more attention to our skin and making sure we use chemical-free, natural skincare products that will help without damaging the skin. When I got to know about Deyga Organics, I was excited to try out a home-grown brand with handcrafted organic products made in India. Each product is made with enriching oils, natural ingredients and a whole lot of care to ensure that the user can celebrate her own natural, raw beauty.

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

Deyga Organics is a brand based in Tamil Nadu and they offer a wide range of skincare, haircare, oral care, baby care, bath & body products handcrafted from organic ingredients and the goodness of nature. I have been using the products sent to me for the past couple of weeks now and am finally sitting down to review them for you guys!

Deyga Basil Toner

A good toner is a must-have in every skincare kit and I've been loving using this refreshing Basil Toner from Deyga! It helps tighten pores, hydrate the skin and has been a great inclusion in my nightly skincare routine. It contains steam-distilled Basil that has detoxifying & antibacterial properties, which helps in taking care of acne-prone skin too. 

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

This soothing toner can be used every night after cleansing the skin - it can be sprayed directly for a refreshing feel or dabbed on with a cotton ball/pad for cleaning out pores. I have also used this toner in my face packs as a diluting agent. It's priced decently too and there are quite a few other varieties of toners on the Deyga website to choose from (I'm eyeing the Rose and the Tea Tree ones next)!

Deyga Vanilla Deodorant

I was extremely excited to try out this organic, handmade roll-on deodorant that came in a sustainable cardboard tube packaging. The Vanilla deodorant stick looked quite interesting as I had not yet tried anything like this before! The packaging is quite sturdy and the deodorant stick has to be pushed out from the back as per requirement. 

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

The texture of the product is slightly sticky, but blends smoothly when applied on the skin. Made using shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, kaolin clay & vanilla essential oil - this natural deodorant is absolutely free of harmful chemicals, unlike the commercial deodorants we tend to use. The organic ingredients help absorb sweat, instead of blocking it, and the rich creamy aroma of vanilla uplifts your mood & spreads cheer wherever you go!

The fragrance stays for around 2-3 hours and the application is easy & smooth. It's really amazing to have a chemical-free deodorant stick that can help fight body odour without harming the skin. But, personally, I felt the vanilla aroma was a bit too sweet for my taste. I'm definitely thinking of trying their Jasmine variant though!

Deyga Beetroot Lip Balm

One can never have too many lip balms, and the Deyga Beetroot Lip Balm is a welcome addition to my beauty kit. The cute tin packaging was love at first sight, as was the pretty red tint of the balm! The texture of the product is light, smooth and the smell is fresh & subtle. 

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

Made with beetroot extracts & natural minerals, this lip balm helps heal dry & chapped lips, keeps lips soft & supple and even lends a nice rosy tint when applied. All in all, a nourishing lip care product at a pocket-friendly price. No wonder it's one of their bestselling products!

Overall, I'm quite happy with the Deyga Organics products I've used till now and totally looking forward to trying out new things from their wide range of personal care products. 

The products I've used till now have suited to my skin type, but whenever you are buying any new skincare product, do check the skin type recommendation once in order to make sure it'll suit you and don't forget to do a patch test before using it fully. 

I would definitely recommend you to check out the Deyga Organics website and you'll be spoilt for choice with the appealing range of natural skincare, haircare & bodycare products available! Given our current economic scenario, we should aim at supporting more local, ethical, homegrown brands (instead of international corporations & commercial biggies) and this is my way of bringing new Made In India brands to you!

Do let me know if you try Deyga Organics and don't forget to me (@styleprism) on Instagram when you do!

Stay healthy, stay safe.


September 08, 2020

Try These 10 Most-Used Filters On HiPi & Upgrade Your Short Video Content Game!

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With video formats being the happening kids on the content block right now, creators & influencers are forever on the lookout for new platforms. With the ban on one of the most popular short video platforms recently, video content creators have been desperate for a space to share their skills.

Enter HiPi – the new and exciting short video creating platform from ZEE5! A part of the versatile ZEE5 app, HiPi is another step for this entertainment biggie towards becoming a Super App. With TV, movies, web shows, LIVE channels and even a casual gaming platform available on the ZEE5 app already, HiPi adds another feather to the already popular hat.

Content is King

It can’t get more hip and happening than HiPi! With an easy interface to create and upload short video content, ZEE5 looks at its existing 80 million active users as both creators and consumers. The platform is built on a strong programme that aims at generating revenue shares for the creators and influencers. The content is said to be moderated before it reaches the consumers, in order to maintain quality. From exciting videos to trending challenges, it all #HappensOnHiPi. This content-driven platform not only focuses on getting high quality video content to a wide range of audience, but also making sure that the creators get rewards for their efforts. So be prepared for exciting challenges, collaborations and other interactive features to be added to the platform over time.

Top 10 Must-Try Filters for Creators

One of the coolest features on HiPi is the hundreds of filters you can choose from, to give a seamless AR twist to your videos. From flawless beauty filters to cool time-lapse filters, there’s a wide variety to choose from and use as suitable for your piece of content.

  • The Fire Explosions Filter: This is THE filter to go for if you want to amaze and impress your viewers with an explosion-of-all-good-things effect accompanied by the perfect music in the background.

  • The Black and White Filter: This is one of those filters through which you can create the biggest impact using the least amount of effort. You can turn yourself to good ol’ black and white while everything else does not get to take part in the monochromatic fun.

  • Sparkling Beauty Filter: This filter will help you ace that no-makeup makeup look by making that pretty face of yours look all dewy, topped off with that goddess glow from within.

  • The Funny Faces Filter: Everybody loves a good laugh, right? And what better way than getting your face tweaked into funny shapes and sizes, and sharing it with friends? It’s sure to keep boredom at bay.

  • Time Lapse Filter: This is one of the best filters that the Tech God has blessed us with and you can use it to capture some amazing shots of nature, and compile it all together to give you an amazing, breathtakingly beautiful result. Also, it’s basically wonders in seconds.

  • Beauty Filter: If you have not started using this filter yet, you definitely need to give it a shot. Well, a girl can always dream about that perfect jawline and wispy eyelashes. Now you can achieve it too, thanks to this filter.

  • Light Filter: Think back to all the times, you were not able to capture that perfect shot because of bad lighting. Well, not anymore. This filter is all about providing the right amount of light at the right time, right place. Now, you have no more excuses for missing a real shot.

  • Fast Forward: Just as the name suggests, you can create your own videos and give them a complete makeover by using this filter to fast forward your way to glory and success.

  • Light and Snow: This effect, combined with the correct light and beauty features, can make your videos look quite professional and influencer-like. Dreamy snowy scenes in a snap.

  • Beauty Effect: You can mix and match the various beauty features to make yourself turn from drab to fab in seconds. And coupled with other effects like light or sparkling, you will feel as if touched by a fairy godmother.

So, if you want to create stand-out short video content on social media, HiPi is the way to go, and when you have so many great filters, you will surely be spoilt for choice. Sign up for the Beta version on the ZEE5 app now and get creating. Check out the happening HiPiStars, get inspired by the plethora of content available on the platform, use the cool features and have unlimited fun. Enjoy all the HiPiLove, build a loyal HiPiDom, create exciting HiPiT and be the coolest HiPiZ in town! 

Stay home, stay safe and have fun using this new platform!


September 02, 2020

Web Series Review: Bebaakee – A Dramatic Tale of Friendship, Love and Passion

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It’s September!  When the lockdowns started in March, we were hoping that things will be back to normal by June-July. But the situation worsened each month, and even after the economy opened up, things are anything but back to normal.  I don’t know about you all, but I’m very apprehensive of the situation all around and I’m still staying home as much as possible. Thankfully, I’m not losing my mind from boredom as I’m keeping myself entertained with interesting movies and shows on ZEE5. The latest Hindi web series that I enjoyed binge-watching on this streaming platform is #Bebaakee – and it was so impressive that I thought of sharing a quick review of the show with you guys. I know all of you stuck at home are dying for some good show recommendations and this review might help you choose the next one!

It’s September!

When the lockdowns started in March, we were hoping that things will be back to normal by June-July. But the situation worsened each month, and even after the economy opened up, things are anything but back to normal.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m very apprehensive of the situation all around and I’m still staying home as much as possible. Thankfully, I’m not losing my mind from boredom as I’m keeping myself entertained with interesting movies and shows on ZEE5. The latest Hindi web series that I enjoyed binge-watching on this streaming platform is #Bebaakee – and it was so impressive that I thought of sharing a quick review of the show with you guys. I know all of you stuck at home are dying for some good show recommendations and this review might help you choose the next one!\

Bebaakee web series ZEE5 review entertainment
Image source: ZEE5.com

An Opulent Family Drama

In the history of Hindi OTT shows, there has not been a more regal indoor set than the family home of the protagonists of this series. Director Muzammil Desai has taken inspiration from grand movie sets to create a stunning mansion for the two media Moguls and best friends who stay together as one family. Their sons – Sufiyaan and Imitiaz - share a strong brotherly bond, which is eventually threatened by the force of love. The lavish opulence of their wealth, the high-society lifestyle and the typical rich-people ambience are conveyed effortlessly in the series. In the midst of innumerable crime thrillers and popular sit-coms flooding the streaming platforms, it is refreshing to watch a family drama that plays on the classic theme of a love triangle.

Unforgettable Characters

Well-written characters are the backbone of any show, and Bebaakee definitely impresses in that department. Sufiyan Alazi (played by Kushal Tandon) is the brooding young entrepreneur, expertly handling the empire of his father. Imtiaz (played by Karan Jotwani) is a playful, charming dude who reigns over the same empire alongside Sufiyan. Kainaat Sahni (played by web series debutante Shiv Jyoti Rajput) is a happy-go-lucky, passionate journalist who ends up being the love interest of both the men in the story. The senior generation is also played effortlessly well by the likes of Mohit Chauhan, Sameer Malhotra, Suchitra Pillai and Ananya Bellos, among others. The characters portray the high-class lifestyle with ease, keeping the whole mood of the drama toned down enough to give it the necessary classy webs series feel, instead of a trashy TV soap vibe.

A Passionate Plot

Sufiyan and Kainaat – the protagonists – couldn’t be more unlike each other. Kainaat is a bubbly, easy-going middle-class girl with a passion for journalism; while Sufiyan is a filthy-rich, intense businessman who comes from a prestigious & renowned family. But the law of love that dictates the attraction between opposites, holds true yet again as this unlikely couple gets drawn towards each other. The journey of their love story is far from easy though. They encounter numerous twists, turns, obstacles and clashes before they can even realise their own feelings for each other. Add to this, Imitiaz’s attraction to Kainaat, and we’ve got an intense love triangle that defies the bonds of friendship, brotherhood and loyalty. When Sufiyan and Imtiaz get ready to go to any lengths to secure a place in Kainaat’s heart, it not only threatens to destroy their brotherly bond, but also affects the family dynamics, the relationships and even the entire media business owned by the two families. The moody music – specially the soulful song Intehaan – holds the narrative together, while the gorgeous locales of Simla and Manali present the perfect backdrop for this drama to unfold against.


This gripping tale of family, love and friendship spans over 8 thrilling episodes that form Season 1 of this ZEE5 original web series. It’s one of the first prominent Muslim social dramas to be seen on any Indian OTT platform. The aesthetic cinematography, crisp direction, passionate dialogue delivery and well fleshed-out characters put this family and romantic drama in a league of its own. There are some intense dialogues that leave a mark on your heart, my favorite one being – “Hawa ke jhokon se bebaak mohabbat nahi bujhti, yeh #DilKiHichki hain jo ruhh ke saath fanaa hoti hain!” This is surely one of the must-watch shows among all the gems you can find in the #ZEE5Club. By now you must be dying to know who among Sufiyan and Imtiaz actually gets the girl? Well, tune in to ZEE5 and binge-watch Bebaakee today!

Stay home, Stay safe!


July 22, 2020

Fighting Fine Lines With The Aegte 24K Gold Vitamin C Face Serum

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Aegte-gold-vitamin c-face-serum-skincare-review-sponsored-beauty-product-organic-Indian brand

With each passing day, our lives are becoming busier, hectic, rushed and exhausting. The ever-building increase in work pressure, family commitments, societal expectations, peer pressure and the need for social media validation has impacted not only our physical health, but also our state of mind. This, in turn affects our skin and gives us wrinkles, fine lines,dark circle, breakouts.
Of course, with age and with all the stress of life, my skin has lately lost its glow. Holiday tans would not go easily, sleepless nights gave me dark circles and when I looked into the mirror, I could see the appearance of fine lines and subtle wrinkles too. 

I have been hearing good things about Vitamin C serums and was on the lookout for a good, affordable, effective option when I saw the 24K Gold Vitamin C Face Serum by Aegte. I did some research and found out that Aegte is an Indian brand that makes skin and hair care products using natural ingredients and scientific precision. I've been trying to use chemical-free products in my skincare regime lately, so I thought of giving this 100% organic serum a try!

Aegte-gold-vitamin c-face-serum-skincare-review-sponsored-beauty-product-organic-Indian brand

Aegte-gold-vitamin c-face-serum-skincare-review-sponsored-beauty-product-organic-Indian brand

The product came in a well-packaged box and the bottle itself is pretty sturdy. The pump works well and smooth. The size is compact and travel-friendly too. The first impression was quite positive. I have been using the product for the past 7 days now and here's a quick review of what I think about the Aegte 24K Gold Vitamin C serum till now.

Aegte-gold-vitamin c-face-serum-skincare-review-sponsored-beauty-product-organic-Indian brand

Aegte-gold-vitamin c-face-serum-skincare-review-sponsored-beauty-product-organic-Indian brand

Aegte-gold-vitamin c-face-serum-skincare-review-sponsored-beauty-product-organic-Indian brand

The serum is watery, a beautiful golden in color with a lovely shimmer. This lightweight serum applies smoothly and absorbs well in the skin. I apply a small amount - around 2-3 pumps - and massage it well on my face and neck, once before going to sleep every night. It can be used twice daily too for better results. The golden color doesn't make it shine when applied on the skin, it just leaves a very light sheen which blends into the skin after sometime. The fragrance is also very light and not strong on the senses.
After a few days, I started to see a smoothness of the skin, the dark circles started getting visibly lighter, and the fine lines lessened a bit. I can see the tan lightening. My skin feels soft, moisturized and smooth even in the morning. It has definitely helped keep my skin hydrated and got the glow back in my face. I'm sure with regular use over a longer period of time, it'll show better results and help me fight the oncoming signs of ageing, without the use of chemical or harsh ingredients.

Aegte-gold-vitamin c-face-serum-skincare-review-sponsored-beauty-product-organic-Indian brand

Aegte-gold-vitamin c-face-serum-skincare-review-sponsored-beauty-product-organic-Indian brand

The best part about the Aegte 24K Gold Vitamin C Serum is that each of the natural ingredients fulfills particular skincare needs. 
  • The Gold particles help in prevention of premature ageing, lessens wrinkles, fine lines and increases skin elasticity. Gold also aids in illuminating the skin and making it glow.
  • Vitamin C is a very popular skincare ingredient, as it provides sun protection, removes wrinkles, smoothens the skin. The antioxidants present in Vitamin C helps fight free radicals and prevent damage from harsh sun rays.
  • The Hyaluronic Acid has strong anti-ageing properties. It keeps skin hydrated and fights against any kind of skin infection.
  • Vitamin E works on unwanted marks and scars. It reduces spots and softens the skin.
  • Vitamin B5 helps in moisturization, nourishment and soothing the skin. It also helps regenerate skin cells.
  • Collagen boosters amps up the glow and lustre of the skin. It helps make the skin youthful and healthy.

Aegte-gold-vitamin c-face-serum-skincare-review-sponsored-beauty-product-organic-Indian brand

The Aegte 24K Gold Vitamin C Face Serum is swiftly proving to be an indispensible part of my night-time skincare routine. I love how light it feels on the skin and the fact that it's chemical-free and 100% organic makes me happy to use it. Even though I personally don't get acne or scars, I've heard it works well to remove dark spots & marks too. What's more, it's not unbelievably expensive like other luxury skincare products and you can use this to take care of your ageing skin without having to break the bank.

I'm looking forward to using the serum for a long time to come and fighting wrinkles & fine lines without harming my skin. India's first gold-based serum does give me a feel of luxurious and indulgent self-love when I apply it every night. It's suitable for all skin types. Let me know if you try it too!
Aegte is one of the best Indian skincare brands, and I am now interested to try some of their other products as well. 

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and drop a hi if you like my content!
Hope you all are staying home and staying safe in the current situation. Take care. Wear a mask.


June 30, 2020

Pondicherry: A Photo Diary

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When 2020 had started, we traveloholics were still making plans for all the exciting trips of the year. Little did we know that this year (and the damn Corona virus) would rob us of all our travel plans, and leave us high & dry in ways we could never have imagined possible!

So, on the weekend after my birthday in March, when me & Anusha (my fabulous friend from The Small Town Blogger) planned to go on a quick getaway to Pondicherry; we had no idea that it'll be our last trip in the next God-knows-how-many months to come!

I had created a lot of content on this trip...and was excited to share the same in a series of blog posts with you all. But then, Covid-19 happened, travel became a thing of dreams and in the serious situation the world lapsed into, it felt superficial to talk about fashion looks, pretty cafes or travel recommendations/experiences on any platform. 

Now, after wanting to write something here for the past 4 months, I finally thought of giving in to my heart and sharing some photos from our Pondicherry trip. I'm still not ready to talk about travel content as travelling is still not feasible. So, this post will have some street photography from my walks down the lanes of White Town in Pondicherry, some aesthetic corners of pretty eateries and anything else that might have caught my fancy that weekend. Hope you like the images and hope they put a smile on your face in these tough times!

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-hotel du parc-yellow wall-blue door
The quintessential yellow walls & pretty doors of Hotel Du Parc

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-promenade-seaside
The Promenade

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-window-blue-bicycle-street photography
Windows of Pondicherry I | Street photography

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-sea-promenade-trees
Man, trees, birds & the sea | Street photography

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-sea-view-balcony
Lunch with a view @ Escape Inn

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-lighthouse
The New Lighthouse (which was unfortunately closed for maintenance)

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-sea-ocean-promenade-palm tree
Strolls by the Sea

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-le cafe-restaurant-menu
Le Cafe's vintage menu board

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-window-street art-birds
Windows of Pondicherry II | Street photography

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-auto-white town-pastel houses-french colony
Spotted in the lanes of White Town

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-palm trees-bicycle-tropical
Tropical vibes

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-sea-ocean
View from Escapee Inn

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-pink wall-plants-window
Of pink walls & pretty windows

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-door-plant-palm
Gorgeous doors & pretty palms

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-ocean-boat-waves-beach
Blue, boat & beyond

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-boat-beach-sand
Local boats ashore on the pristine Serenity beach

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-white town
The serene lanes of White Town

This was my 5th visit to Pondicherry in the last 5 years...and this place never fails to amaze me with its quaint picturesqueness. I love taking walks around the pretty lanes of the French White Town, strolling along the seaside Promenade or enjoying the sun & the sand at Serenity or Paradise Beach (which are some of the prettiest Pondicherry beaches). 
These photos of Pondicherry showcase this beautiful little town through my eyes...and even though these are not part of any recommendations or tourist experiences, I still hope these aesthetic frames will tempt you enough to add Pondi to your list of 'Places To Visit Post Covid-19'

Till then, hope you all are staying home and staying safe! Please don't step out unless absolutely necessary, and even if you do, don't forget to wear your masks & gloves. This pandemic is not to be taken lightly, and if we all follow the rules & precautions, we can at least hope that things will get better soon, so that we can go back to our life of exciting travels again!

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Take care,


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