June 17, 2021

5 Easy Steps To Aesthetic Flatlays

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Since the time Instagram, as a visual platform, came into my life, I remember clicking flatlays for my feed. Back then I had a personal, private account where I liked documenting everyday frames that caught my eye. I would click food pics on the tabletop or photos of my favorite books or jewellery in a flatlay format (even though I didn't even know the term then).

In 2015, I re-branded my fashion blog as Style Prism - since I was starting to use my blog to talk about various other things that interested me, apart from only fashion. My blog became a cauldron of passionate ideas/experiences on fashion, beauty, travel, food, art and lifestyle....and so, I simultaneously created my current Instagram account -@styleprism  - where I shared all this and more. That's when I started clicking more flatlays, for my product reviews, while on holidays, to click food pics when hanging out at cafes etc....and my love for this form of photography slowly grew more serious.

Recently, I've decided to make Flatlay Styling and Photography my niche on Instagram (there's an overflow of fashion content all around, and travel is a thing of dreams now, thanks to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic) and have been creating a feed with my flatlay and still life clicks.
I'm glad to see my flatlay photography and product photography getting so much love and encouragement from friends, followers and fellow Instagrammers, and I'm extremely excited to be a part of a talented community of like-minded content creators on the platform.

Needless to say, a lot of times, I get questions about how I create such aesthetic flatlays or tips on getting the hang of this art (yes, it is an art form and it is definitely not as easy or effortless as it might seem to some people). It led me to create a 5-day Flatlay Styling and Photography e-mail course for beginners where I share my knowledge about how to create the most appealing flatlays without the need for fancy equipment or expensive props. Till now, I have hosted 7 batches of the course (with a total participation of almost 50 people) and it has been a huge success, if I may say so myself!

But, over the months, I've also seen young students, novices who are just looking to explore the niche or some of my audience who might not be entirely comfortable paying a certain amount for an in-depth course or are not sure whether they want to invest their money into the craft since it's just a passing interest and not a passion.
So, I thought of creating this quick blog post that outlines some basic tips on getting aesthetic flatlay photographs....which might help all of you out there who have an interest in the subject, who might love seeing all the beautiful flatlays on Instagram/Pinterest & would like to make similar attempts or who want to learn the basics without having to enroll in a course.

#1 Pick A Theme

Every idea begins with a concept, so always start by deciding a theme on which you want to create your flatlay. If you are a beginner, you work around simple things like tea/coffee, jewellery, food, accessories etc. Slowly, you can try out different themes like travel, festive, fashion and more.

beauty skincare flatlay photography StylePrism

tea flatlay photography StylePrism

Once you decide on a theme, then start planning what props or elements you can use in your flatlay as per your chosen theme. You can even use few focal items according to your theme and fill the rest of the frame with other smaller props. Make sure the color story complements your theme and the overall vibe of the pictures conveys the feel that you want to put out - e.g.: have a laidback vibe for pictures depicting a weekend mood, or go for a festive feel for a Christmas-themed flatlay.

#2 Backdrops Can Make Or Break

The right backdrop can make a huge difference to your clicks. The foundation of a good flatlay is the backdrop on which you create your composition. There are lots of items of daily use all around you that can make for great backgrounds for your flatlays - from wooden table tops and marble counters to throws & blankets or solid colored bedsheets. Not to mention rolls of chart paper, handmade paper or even newspaper.

cake food flatlay photography StylePrism

gifting lifestyle flatlay photography StylePrism

rose lipstick vintage flatlay photography StylePrism

Wooden furniture/boards add a dose of rustic charm to any flaylay. White backdrops - be it paper, fabric , marble or anything else - can make any product/props come alive. Pretty solid-colored papers are great for backgrounds, specially for product photography. Chunky knits, cardigans, fuzzy blankets, crochet throws are great backdrop options too. Choose colors that juxtapose the product & make it stand out. 

#3 Choose Props Wisely

What's a flatlay without the most appealing props??? Every flatlay will have the main products and a plethora of complementing props to create an aesthetic composition. From beauty products & jewellery to stationery & even food items, your own home is a treasure trove of pretty props if you know where to look! Try to have one main product as the focus and use other complementary props around it to create an aesthetic composition. 

bag stationery flatlay photography StylePrism

coffee food flatlay photography StylePrism

fashion lifestyle wallet flatlay photography StylePrism

The easiest and prettiest props you can add to any flaylay are touches of green through plants & leaves or bursts of color with flowers. If you are looking for glamorous flatlay products, you don't need to look further than your jewellery box. Cosmetics, toiletries and make-up products are commonly found in all homes and make for great props. Bags, pouches, sunglass cases & similar items can add a stylish touch to your flatlay compositions. Food items are aesthetic products as flatlay subjects - be it fresh fruits & veggies or nuts, cookies & chocolates or everyone's favorite tea or coffee! Also, all the gadgets you use in your daily life can double up as flatlay props.

#4 Give Importance To Styling

The aesthetics of a pretty flatlay depends highly on the composition and styling of the shot. The arrangement of the elements used is what makes the flatlay visually appealing. The ideal way to create the composition is to decide the primary product and then add the complementing props. Playing around with the position of props can give you variety in the composition. Even though there are no hard & fast rules, there are some techniques & arrangements like the Rule of Thirds & the Golden Ratio that ensure a balanced composition for photography. 

cake bakery food flatlay photography StylePrism

coffee brown vintage flatlay photography StylePrism

stationery organised flatlay photography StylePrism

While clicking flatlays, you also need to give importance to the basic elements of photography like shapes, form, textures, colors and space. Harmony and balance play a big role in the aesthetic composition of your flatlays. While composing any flatlay, first try out various arrangements and see which one looks best to your eye. If needed, look at the frame through your lens - be it a phone or a camera - to understand how your final picture will look, and create the composition accordingly. The way you align the products, the amount of negative space you leave, the juxtaposition of colors - all contribute in the aesthetic allure of the final composition.

#5 Right Lighting & Good Editing

The right lighting makes a lot of difference to any flatlay shot. Most alluring flatlay pictures have soft & broad lighting which creates an overall brightness without casting very strong & sharp shadows. Natural light is one of the best ways of making sure your flatlays look bright & pretty. While clicking flatlays with artificial light, one needs to take care that the light source isn't too harsh or too close to the setup. 

beauty lifestyle flatlay photography StylePrism

christmas festive flatlay photography StylePrism

jewellery accessories flatlay photography StylePrism

If you don't edit your photos right, then you are not taking them to their full potential. From cropping your frames to get the right composition, to working on the brightness & white balance, proper editing is just what you need to give that perfect finishing touch to your aesthetic flatlay clicks. There are a whole host of editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom which you can use on your laptop of desktop to professionally edit your photos. Some of the most popular free editing apps are VSCO, Lightroom & Snapseed.

If you follow these tips, you can definitely get started on the Flatlay & Product Photography journey without the need for fancy props or equipments. Practice, practice and practice some more - practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to this form of photography.
Try out different compositions, use various props, check which angles, lighting & edits work for you more and slowly develop your own style!

Disclaimer: this blog post just talks about the basic things to keep in mind while creating flatlays, and you would need a detailed knowledge of each topic to achieve a professional level of work. But, it is a good starting point for sure!

Hope you all found this blog post interesting & useful!

Do drop in a comment, e-mail me on thestyleprism@gmail.com or send me a DM on Instagram - @styleprism - if you have any queries, feedback, ideas or if you want to know anything else regarding flatlay photography.


May 03, 2021

2021 Durafits Shapewear: New Products In The Market

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With the arrival of 2021, Durafits has brought in an entire range of shapewear products to enhance the beauty of women. The shapewear market is a very competitive one, and consumers can find a large number of choices. In such a situation, it often becomes difficult for them to make an informed decision. Due to a lack of technical knowledge about shapewear or even women's stockings, they often find themselves in the dark while making a decision regarding the better brand to buy.

Durafits shapewear

There are many factors that make a brand the ultimate place to look for shapewear. Some of them are:

  • ComfortThe best shapewear for women helps them attain a body they had dreamt of. It enhances the beauty of their bodies and improves their sense of self-worth massively. But while doing so, how important is the comfort factor? If women are uncomfortable in the shapewear they choose, it most probably is a wrong choice. Shapewear is to be worn on a variety of occasions and compromising on comfort should never be a choice that women should make. Durafits shapewear beats the competition hands down when it comes down to comfort and this is one of the most important reasons why it is so preferred by women all around.

  • Stretchability - A shapewear should be designed in such a way that it can accentuate the desired parts while hiding the excess fats. For it to be perfectly functional, shapewear need to have a high degree of stretchability. Lack of stretchability can lead to uneven body shapes and also increased discomfort. Durafits are experts in the manufacture of shapewear. Their technical expertise and knowledge have created some of the best shapewear in the market.

  • Colors and Textures - Let us be honest here. No clothing item should be bland in color or uncomfortable in texture. Shapewear should be as attractive as the clothes you wear outside, both to touch and feel. Attractive colors are a must, given the fact that shapewear is worn by women on all sorts of occasions. Unattractive colors and coarse textures should be avoided at all costs when it comes to shapewear.

Durafits as a part of the 2021 collection has brought in a wide variety of shapewear. They have introduced full-shaping bodysuits, which help women attain the perfect shape throughout their bodies. This accentuates the bosom, presses down on the abdomen, and enhances the buttock regions to provide a model-like figure for women of all ages and sizes.

They are extremely comfortable to wear as well and available in a wide variety of colors and textures. They are also extremely useful for women who have just undergone surgeries as they are easy on the skin with high levels of stretchability which provides comfort.

Shapewear is a necessity for women today. As they enter into the workforce and become more independent, they have every right to want to look the best they can. And shapewear is the answer to their needs. 

January 09, 2021

5 Must-Visit Ruins In Jordan Country

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Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

There's something magical about ruins.

History has seeped in through each crevice and each crumbling stone tells a hundred enchanting stories about the past. 

I've always been fascinated by the beauty of those broken buildings that emit as much grandeur in their crumbling state as they used to do back in their day. Exploring ruins, touching those history-steeped surfaces, knowing more about the people who inhabited those walls when they were standing tall fills me with a sense of awe that very few things can.

So, when I went to Jordan (few years back), I was ecstatic to experience some of the most magnificent ruins all over the country! The ruins in Jordan vary in architecture & culture - from the Roman amphitheatres of Jerash to the rock-cut ruins of Petra built by the Bedouins to the holy Christian ruins at Mt. Nebo; there's a wide variety of history-rich monuments to explore and get mesmerized by. And so I thought, that these magnificent ruins deserve a separate post for my fellow travel enthusiasts & ruin-lovers out there.

1. Roman Ruins at Jerash

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Jordan, the Greco-Roman ruins in Jerash are sprawled over a wide area that can be explored by foot over 3-4 hours. The imposing Hadrian's Arch or Triumphal Arch, built AD 129, will welcome you into the ruin complex if you enter from the southern end. The central attraction of the site is the forum which is oblong in shape, with the paved limestone plaza surrounded by 56 Ionic columns that make for great photo-ops. 

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

At one end of the forum lie the ruins of the Temple of Zeus which can be reached after a climb. Next to it is the fascinating & huge South Theatre - a Roman amphitheatre built to sit upto 5000 spectators at once! The acoustics are still impressive which goes to show the level of science that went behind these historical architecture, and the same is proved random tourists breaking out into a song at the podium or traveling musicians who might come by. 

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

The main thoroughfare of the old city runs on one side. It is a colonnaded street that still flaunts the original paved stones over which chariots used to run back in the day. There's also a small museum which showcases the history of Jerash and has an impressive collection of old artefacts from the site.

Tickets: 8 JD or free entry if you have the Jordan Pass

Guides: You can get good guides at around 20-25 JD near the ticket counter

2. Ancient Ruins of Petra

When one says 'Jordan', the first thing that comes to mind is the famous rose-hued archaeological ruins of Petra. Built more than 2000 years ago by the Nabateans, the ruins at Petra are not only a World Heritage Site, but also included in the list of the New Wonders Of The World!

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

The 'Lost City of Petra' can be accessed from a 2-km pathway through narrow canyons, and the walk itself is nothing less than an adventure! The cliffs flanking the narrow path are towering chunks of sandstone that turn pink & red with the changing sunlight as the day progresses. There are horse-drawn carriages that take visitors from the main gate to the ruins for a fee, but try to walk it if you are not old or ailing. The best part is when the canyons open up to reveal the majestic ruins of The Treasury carved into the sandstone rockface in all its historic glory!

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Carved directly into the sandstone mountains, the buildings in this complex are awe-inspiring & regal in a rustic way. The architecture is Nabatean & Greco-Roman in style and most of the monuments that stand tall till today are ancient tombs, already looted of their treasure by thieves in the past. Now, the entire heritage site is home to the Bedouin tribesmen & women who work as local guides, sell souvenirs, and enthrall tourists with stories of their culture & history.

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

We even indulged in the thrilling experience of hiking up to the cliffs for a bird's eye view of Al Khazneh (The Treasury) and it was one of our best memories from the trip. We hadn't originally planned to do the hike, hence we had to spend 4 hours climbing & trekking in long dresses & casual shoes, but if you want to go for this unique experience, then it's preferable to go dressed accordingly. 
From The Treasury, you can hike up further (around 900 steps) to the top of another hill to see The Monastery or even make the uphill journey on a mule/horse.
We had a 2-day pass for Petra and I'm glad I could visit this magical place on both days to fully experience & enjoy its rich history. You can even opt for the 1-day pass if you are in the country for a short stay.

Tickets: If you are staying overnight in Petra - 50 JD for 1 day, 55 JD for 2 days, 60 JD for 3 days
              If you are a day visitor in Petra - 90 JD

Guides: 50-100 JD depending upon what monuments you want to cover

3. Ruins of Ajloun Castle

One of the biggest & most fascinating castles situated in the Northwestern part of the country, this majestic fortress commands a stunning view of the Jordan valley. You can easily walk through the ruins and explore the various parts of the castle on your own as there is not much to be explained or pointed out by guides. The castle itself is situated on top of a hill and you've to trek up if you are walking from Ajloun. We had a car which took us right up to the visitor's centre though.

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

The crumbling facade of the castle & the broken towers lend an aura of rustic appeal to these 12th century ruins. The medieval Arab military architecture makes this castle an interesting tourist attraction. The ruins are well-preserved and perfectly safe for exploration even without guides or local help.

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

The fascinating maze of galleries, chambers, steep staircases & arched doorways make this castle an interesting destination for tourists. The view from the top or any of the towers is mesmerizing to say the least. Built atop the ruins of a monastery in the 12th century, these ruins are must-visit if you are exploring the Jerash & Ajloun region of Jordan.

Tickets: 3 JD, free for Jordan Pass holders

4. Christian ruins at Mt. Nebo

Holy ruins frequented by Christian pilgrims, Mt. Nebo is the place where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land. Ancient remnants of a Church & a monastery can be seen at the top of the mountain where Moses is rumored to have been buried. Pilgrims flock to the summit where the Moses Memorial Church stands tall, with a modern chapel built on top of the ruins of the ancient Byzantine church. 

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

The fascinating remains of the biblical structures can be seen, preserved by the modern outer structure of the renovated buildings - you can ogle at intricate mosaic floors dating back to 1400 years, marvel at the beauty of gorgeous stained-glass windows and get impressed by the well-preserved excavated ruins strewn around the complex. 
Even if you are not someone who is interested in holy pilgrimages or historical sites, you can still enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the Dead Sea & the Desert of Judah from the top of the mountain. 

Tickets: 2 JD

5. Roman ruins at Amman Citadel

These fascinating ruins that occupy the highest hilltop in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, date back to the Bronze Age! It's spread over a wide area on the peak of the city's biggest hill, and the view from the top is stunning - you can look down upon a panoramic expanse of downtown Amman and its same-colored buildings.

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

The most prominent feature of these ruins are the Roman pillars of the Temple of Hercules which still stand strong & victorious through hundreds & thousands of years of history. You can walk around and explore the ruins, and even check out some of the underground caves/hideouts if you are feeling adventurous.

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

Must visit ruins in Jordan travel history destination styleprism

The Citadel also houses a small but impressive Archeological Museum, behind which lies another attraction - the Umayyad Palace. The ruins of these 8th-century royal & residential buildings have been excavated by archaeologists since the 1920s. You can see the majestic domed audience hall and an ancient cistern that used to be the source of water supply for the area in days of yore.
It's preferable to take a taxi up to the citadel and for women pant is preferred as outfit, as the walk up and down can be pretty steep & tiring.

Tickets: 2 JD or free entry if you have the Jordan Pass

Guides: Knowledgeable guides available for around 15 JD near the ticket counter

You can definitely plan your next trip to Jordan (once international travel becomes safe once again) - if you have any concerns about safety or security of visiting such a country, rest assured, we did a girls trip and not for one moment did we feel unsafe or at risk.
This country is largely dependent on tourism for its economy, and they have been hit badly due to the pandemic (as a lot of other tourism-based countries). So, you can do your bit in helping this beautiful country get back on its feet - and have a safe trip yourself as this offbeat country will surely not have big tourist crowds like some other popular destinations!

Make sure you check out my post on 5 Things You Must Do In Jordan while planning the itinerary. It talks about some of the offbeat experiences that you might miss out on generally.

You can hit me up on Instagram - @styleprism - or email me on thestyleprism@gmail.com with any other queries you might have regarding travel to Jordan. I'll definitely try to help out however I can!

Here's hoping this year is nothing like the last one and we get back to traveling more & more soon!!!

Happy New Year!
Stay Safe!!


October 30, 2020

Organic Goodness For Your Skin With Deyga Organics

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Times are stressful, the world is still in the grip of a pandemic and our lives have turned upside down. The effects of all these tough times are showing on our skin and I'm sure a lot of you out there are facing skincare issues, thanks to the anxiety, sleeplessness, long work-from-home hours etc. Our sleep cycles have gone haywire, our screen-time has increased manifold and we are constantly stressing over how to stay safe in the current situation - and all this is leading to issues like dark circles, rashes, acne, dullness, hairfall and such. 

So, this is the time we should be paying a little more attention to our skin and making sure we use chemical-free, natural skincare products that will help without damaging the skin. When I got to know about Deyga Organics, I was excited to try out a home-grown brand with handcrafted organic products made in India. Each product is made with enriching oils, natural ingredients and a whole lot of care to ensure that the user can celebrate her own natural, raw beauty.

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

Deyga Organics is a brand based in Tamil Nadu and they offer a wide range of skincare, haircare, oral care, baby care, bath & body products handcrafted from organic ingredients and the goodness of nature. I have been using the products sent to me for the past couple of weeks now and am finally sitting down to review them for you guys!

Deyga Basil Toner

A good toner is a must-have in every skincare kit and I've been loving using this refreshing Basil Toner from Deyga! It helps tighten pores, hydrate the skin and has been a great inclusion in my nightly skincare routine. It contains steam-distilled Basil that has detoxifying & antibacterial properties, which helps in taking care of acne-prone skin too. 

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

This soothing toner can be used every night after cleansing the skin - it can be sprayed directly for a refreshing feel or dabbed on with a cotton ball/pad for cleaning out pores. I have also used this toner in my face packs as a diluting agent. It's priced decently too and there are quite a few other varieties of toners on the Deyga website to choose from (I'm eyeing the Rose and the Tea Tree ones next)!

Deyga Vanilla Deodorant

I was extremely excited to try out this organic, handmade roll-on deodorant that came in a sustainable cardboard tube packaging. The Vanilla deodorant stick looked quite interesting as I had not yet tried anything like this before! The packaging is quite sturdy and the deodorant stick has to be pushed out from the back as per requirement. 

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

The texture of the product is slightly sticky, but blends smoothly when applied on the skin. Made using shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, kaolin clay & vanilla essential oil - this natural deodorant is absolutely free of harmful chemicals, unlike the commercial deodorants we tend to use. The organic ingredients help absorb sweat, instead of blocking it, and the rich creamy aroma of vanilla uplifts your mood & spreads cheer wherever you go!

The fragrance stays for around 2-3 hours and the application is easy & smooth. It's really amazing to have a chemical-free deodorant stick that can help fight body odour without harming the skin. But, personally, I felt the vanilla aroma was a bit too sweet for my taste. I'm definitely thinking of trying their Jasmine variant though!

Deyga Beetroot Lip Balm

One can never have too many lip balms, and the Deyga Beetroot Lip Balm is a welcome addition to my beauty kit. The cute tin packaging was love at first sight, as was the pretty red tint of the balm! The texture of the product is light, smooth and the smell is fresh & subtle. 

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

organic skincare Indian brand product styling flatlay photography review beauty StylePrism

Made with beetroot extracts & natural minerals, this lip balm helps heal dry & chapped lips, keeps lips soft & supple and even lends a nice rosy tint when applied. All in all, a nourishing lip care product at a pocket-friendly price. No wonder it's one of their bestselling products!

Overall, I'm quite happy with the Deyga Organics products I've used till now and totally looking forward to trying out new things from their wide range of personal care products. 

The products I've used till now have suited to my skin type, but whenever you are buying any new skincare product, do check the skin type recommendation once in order to make sure it'll suit you and don't forget to do a patch test before using it fully. 

I would definitely recommend you to check out the Deyga Organics website and you'll be spoilt for choice with the appealing range of natural skincare, haircare & bodycare products available! Given our current economic scenario, we should aim at supporting more local, ethical, homegrown brands (instead of international corporations & commercial biggies) and this is my way of bringing new Made In India brands to you!

Do let me know if you try Deyga Organics and don't forget to me (@styleprism) on Instagram when you do!

Stay healthy, stay safe.



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