Thursday, February 4, 2016

Evergreen Ethnic Styles That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion!

A change is always beautiful but what makes us a bit reluctant about it always, is the ready acceptance of that change, which generally dawns upon very late in human beings! We are afraid of taking that first step towards accepting the change that has arrived, even after knowing that it will benefit us in the end.

Be it a slight change in the fashion world or the politics of a country, we are just so scared! But, an exception to the quick fashion changes that keep happening are few basic styles that come what may, but will never go out of style! They are evergreen for a lifetime, have a timeless beauty and are listed below for your knowledge:

1. Fitted short suit with contrast salwar

When it comes down to choosing a traditional and comfortable attire, then a fitted short suit paired up with a contrasting salwar is what girls prefer the most. It is something that just cannot lose its existence ever from a girl's wardrobe! And today, you can even find best salwar suits online.   

2. High slits long straight suit paired with churidar 

Nothing on this earth can ever match up the grace and elegance of a straight suit teamed up with a perfectly stitched churidar pajama. This combination is good to go for lighting up any of the special party or a casual event. 

3. A Plain Saree with a detailed blouse

Presence of a plain saree in your wardrobe can help you walk out in style any time and any day of the year! And when a plain saree meets a detailed blouse, then this combination turns out to be something that can never go out of style. So, go and explore the beauty of Indian sarees!

4. A Handwoven silk saree in earthy tones

Silk sarees have an eternal beauty that does not fade away with time! So, you must keep one of the best sarees in your collection!  

5. A traditional embroidered long anarkali

Long anarkali suits with intricate embroidery were in fashion for years and will continue to remain in style for years to come! Be it a marriage function or a small party, these look fabulous on all occasions. 

So now that you know which Indian-wear styles are must-haves in your closet, flaunt some ethnic fashion and be the desi diva!!

Till next time!


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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Love For Layering

As I pack my bags for an exciting holiday that starts tomorrow, I try to multi-task and finish all my pending work as well as figure out if I can leave you guys with a post before flying off.

While browsing through my archives, I chanced upon this outfit I had shot a few months back. We had actually gone to shoot it with my camera, but at the last moment, we found out that the lens wasn't working. :(
So, my friend's iPhone had to come to the rescue. 

Moral of the story: The images might not be as nice as DSLR shots, but this is what I leave you to look through as I go in the search for more pictures for my upcoming posts!!! 
*spoiler alert - exciting travel & outfit posts coming soon*

Now, over to the pictures.

[Black t-shirt dress: Forever 21 | Grey t-shirt dress: Forever 21 | Pleated skirt: Forever New, borrowed | Necklace: gifted | Leather sandals: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai]

Pictures by: Sayantani S

Two dresses of varying lengths layered over a midi skirt has lent a classy, yet fun vibe to this outfit. A pair of chic, boho sandals keep the look casual, while a chunky statement accessory ups the glam quotient of the look! A messy bun hairdo and I think I'm ready to rock a Sunday brunch. Anyone inviting me to one? :)


The land I'm going to is a vibrant Pandora's Box of culture, history, tradition and fun. 
Keep guessing where I'm headed to....or stay updated about my travels by following me on Instagram - @styleprism

See you all on the other side of my trip!! 
Let's see how much my hubby ends up pampering me on our first anniversary this weekend! #excited


Friday, January 22, 2016

Travelogue: Pondicherry

One of the best things about staying in Bangalore is that there are numerous places at overnight travelling distance from here and one of the most tempting of the lot is none other than the age-old French colony of India, the quaint li'l town of Pondicherry.

Pondicherry is such a place where you can spend a lazy, relaxed weekend as well as a laid-back sabbatical of six months! This small sea-side town that used to be the erstwhile French colony decades ago, have been made popular and an inspirational location by the eminent philosopher, yogi & guru Sri Aurobindo and his partner The Mother. These two icons of peace made Pondicherry their abode and draw thousands of not only Indians, but foreign nationals (specially French) to this small town till this day, years after their death. 

I had been to Pondicherry for just a day long back with my parents and the calm beauty of the place have been calling out to me ever since. Soon after stepping into 2016, we decided to take a quick family weekend trip to good old Pondi, specially since my in-laws were visiting us and my father-in-law wanted to go to Pondicherry. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity and an overnight train ride took us to our destination. 

The must-visit tourist place in Pondi is Auroville, an experimental township built around 12 kms from the main town following the vision of The Mother. Auroville consists of arty guest houses, laid-back cafes, quaint stores and loads of foreign tourists zipping around on rented bikes & scooters. At the centre of all this, stands the golden domed Matrimandir which is the soul of the town. Auroville welcomes people of all caste, creed & religion from all around the world to stay happily together, unified by humanity. It was The Mother's goal to achieve unity without the shackles of caste & religion dividing human beings. And Auroville helps keep this motto alive with its all-welcoming, peaceful environment.

Pondicherry mainly runs on auto-rickshaws, but if you take an auto to Auroville it'll charge you anything from 400 to 500 bucks one way. But you can avoid the extortionism of auto-wallahs if you are smart enough to have the OLA app on your smartphone. We booked an OLA cab, which took us to Auroville, waited there and brought us back to Pondi and we had to pay only around 550/- bucks in whole! Yay for technology!! 

The MatriMandir can be viewed from a viewing point which is accessible by a beautiful tree-lined road which made for a lovely walk. The Matrimandir is surrounded by lush green gardens and the whole area is fittingly called Peace. Entry to this sacred structure is restricted and permitted only to those who want to indulge in serious meditation, or concentration as they call it. 

[Tunic: Westside | Earrings: Forever 21 | Aviators: Bangkok | Sling bag: c/o | Sandals: Metro Plaza, Kolkata]

After spending a tranquil afternoon at Auroville, we came to sit at the Promenade which is an embankment along the sea. One can spend endless hours sitting there, enjoying the cool sea breeze, seeing the sun go down beyond the horizon and feeling completely at peace with oneself. 

The road leading to the Promenade, called the Rue de Marina, is home to a lot of iconic buildings such as Sri Aurobindo's grey & white home, which is now the Aurobindo Ashram, and the French Consulate whose vibrant yellow walls and colonial windows demand to be made into backdrops for pictures!

The next morning, we went to have some fun in the sea at the Auroville Beach which is around 8 kms out of town and it's again advisable to book a cab, rather than take the local auto rickshaw. 
The Auroville beach is uncrowded and safe, with fishermen's boats lining the shoreline. I even found some pretty purple flowers blooming right in the middle of the sandy beach - Nature never fails to surprise us, eh? :)

If you take a stroll around Pondicherry's, quintessentially French, White Town, you'll be greeted by many such cheery yellow walls. We spent hours walking around the lanes of this part of the town with its old-world charm and serene beauty. You can explore the town walking too, or rent a bicycle, scooter or bike which come at pocket-friendly rental charges. 

We had lunch at a vintage little cafe run by a French couple that was recommended by blogger pal Smrithi Rao on her blog and which was there on my mind ever since. An old building has been transformed into the laid-back Cafe des Arts and its the vintage furniture and unmodified old-world look of the place that adds to the charm. Not to mention the cool wall art that greets you from afar! 

[Floral top: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai | Denim joggers: | Reflector aviators: Forever 21]

There are a lot of cool cafes to check out, tranquil roads to walk around in and tourist places to visit; but I saved them for my next trip. Pondi isn't a place to rush around in, playing tourist whole day. It soothes your soul and urges you to stroll its roads at leisure, chill at it's eateries, mingle with artists who come here for inspiration and stop & breathe for a while. 

I can see myself returning to the French colonies and yellow walls time & again in the future. 
This is just the beginning of a life-long love story.

Do you have any memorable experiences about Pondicherry to share? Or any must-visit place you recommend? I would love to know!


Friday, January 8, 2016

Give your home a new look this new year! {Style Prism x Decography}

We have started turning the pages of yet another new year.
2016 is here and the days have already started flying by.

This new year, I found new ways to funk up my home!!
Organizing our stuff is a nightmare for every homekeeper, but Decography has the answers to all your organizing woes. When Decography sent me these products, I was surprised to find the perfect solution to my storage problems, while sprucing up my home decor!

This tribal-esque Watch Box makes for a very chic home for my treasured collection of watches. The trendy design means the box need not be locked inside your closet, but can be flaunted on your dresser stand too. Now my watches can nestle cozily together inside this pretty box, instead of lying around here & there!

How fun are these wicket windows? Available in vibrant colours, these framed mesh-wire windows are ideal for keeping all those earrings sorted, those necklaces untangled and those pins & brooches from getting lost. 

These pieces have added a new dose of chutzpah to my home this new year!
And there's more where they came from!

Check out Decography for a lot more fun items such as rewritable mood frames, fun crockeries, quirky utility boxes, desk organizers & stationeries! 
Go, take a look at their website or stay tuned to their Facebook page.

Give your home a makeover this new year!! Decography solves your home decor woes with a fun twist!

Till next time guys, enjoy 2016 and stick to those resolutions!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Healthy Eating @ Cafe Pranah

Living out of two cities is no mean feat, let me tell you.
Nowadays, I feel that I spend more time at airports than at either of my homes in Kolkata or in Bangalore. And of course, I'm just making the airlines richer, in the process. 

This running from one city to the other, changes in schedules, changes in climate, food habits etc. are making my lifestyle go haywire. And I'm really feeling the need to stabilise this life and infuse some doses of health in it. 

After months of deliberation (and a choc-a-block schedule that left me with little time to do anything else), I finally joined Zumba classes in Bangalore, and now I spend an hour every morning dancing away to a fitter lifestyle. 

But working out is not enough - for a healthy life, one needs to eat right too. And that's what reminded me that I had a post on healthy eating lying in the Drafts since a long time and now seemed to be the perfect time for sharing this with you guys.


I had the pleasure of experiencing Cafe Pranah's health food and live cooking session more than a month back. Rahul Arora, the owner of Cafe Pranah & Bon Appetite, plans to start live cooking session of yummy health & soul food on the first Sunday of every month where you can not only indulge in the healthy dishes offered by the cafe, but learn the tricks of the trade too!
Rahul has undergone a weight-loss process by only eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet and he inspires and encourages people to do the same. He believes that healthy food can be yummy too and proves it by churning out dish after dish of finger-licking food that are low on calories and high on health. 

Rahul enthralled us by rustling up a range of sumptuous dishes - Ginger & Pomegranate Iced Tea, Healthy Whole-Wheat Nachos with Hung-Curd instead of Cheese, Egg & Vegetables Ribbon Salad and a Fig & Dates Kulfi - and we indulged in some guilt-free hogging!

The healthy ingredients waiting to be turned into yummy dishes

The yummilicious guilt-free nachos

Rahul rustling up the ribbon salad

The very colorful & crunchy ribbon salad

The absolute guilt-free dessert - fig & date kulfi
If you want to know of more such lip-smacking food that doesn't add on to your pounds, then head over to Cafe Pranah and experience health food like never before!

Here's to a healthier & fitter life! Cheers!!

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