Of Idols & Inspirations

FASHION : This term presented itself in a new way to me at the time when I was thinking of serious career options that'll pave a way for a bright future. At the time, Fashion Designing was quite an audacious career choice, Engineering & MBBS being the only 2 obvious options for a student from Science background. After fighting dedicatedly with my parents, sticking stubbornly to my decision & refusing to sit for any other aptitude tests or entrance exams, I sat for & cleared the NIFT exams. The rest, as they say, is history.

The decision of taking up Fashion as a career was influenced by several factors, one of them being the fact that, to me, style always came from within. The other big inspiration for the decision that changed my life was a quiet, sincere, but terribly talented man from my hometown who had made his presence felt across the oceans : Sabyasachi Mukherjee. I had avidly followed his journey into the world of Fashion, that had started from within the very walls in which I had my first brush with Fashion in its true form. The understanding of fashion & style, that was in me, was fully nurtured & developed into a substantial qualification in the four exciting, hard-working & fun-filled years that I had spent in NIFT, Kolkata. In the course of that time, I came to realise my love for Art appreciation, my interest in Indian Textiles, my passion for Styling & my love for Graphics. Also, my course made me an avid follower of Fashion trends, forecasts & shows. As a result, I came across another cult figure who had made a major impact on me as being one of the strongest pillars of the International Fashion scenario. The man was Alexander McQueen, the undisputed king of avant-garde couture, whose work had me mesmerized & awed beyond limit.

These two fashion forward men influenced me to become what I am today - fashionable, stylish & passionate about making the world a more stylish place to live in!