Styling projects in college

Hey guys! Hope u all are keeping it stylish! Dug up some pix of styling projects I'd done while in college. Back then, we didn't have any professional or practical limitations, which made all these activities so much more fun!!! I remember getting all sorts of weird bits & pieces for the styling assignments & putting together multi-layered, whacky outfits.....many thanks to the juniors who readily agreed to model for us & tolerated all our fashion-driven insanities so sportingly! What you are going to see below are mostly avant-garde styling.....but something I'd awesome fun doing!!!

This outfit was styled with a Futuristic theme....used mostly t-shirts for layering, one striped tee is even being worn as a skirt. Also, lots of socks & leg-warmers used. A glove was also used on one foot.

Pop theme - bright, colorful, young.......lots of colors, mixing & matching of contrast colored socks, a can can underneath a skirt, total Uber-Hippie look!!!

Ethno-royal look & feel...........the setup, the pose, the Harems, the Kolhapuris, the Turban...........the top is just a piece of Gold leather wrapped as a tube, with a bolero on top....

Corporate diva with a Don't Care attitude! A gold bikini on top of a white tee......a reversible wrap skirt layered on a white skirt.......a tie worn as a belt........a tulle scarf around the necks - hope the guys at office will be able to work! ;)

A little black dress with a cancan underneath, a belt as a neckpiece & a flower in the casually tied hair - that's all you need to go rock the Party!!!!!!

Raas Leela 2150 : Krishna of the 22nd century romancing his beau, Radha. The monochromatic thme, the sporty, yet whacky look, the metal rod "flute", the foil "feather" on Krishna's head & the earphones on Radha's ears - a setting for a complete Techno-punk love story!

Photography & Graphics: Anupriya DG