September 29, 2010

Lakme Fashion Week: fun, festive & fashionable!

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Hey guys!!!
Finally am back after a lovely break......... :)
A sojourn to Mumbai to attend Lakme Fashion Week with friends was as exciting as it was interesting. I was surrounded by fashion for the 5 days which I spent in the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai (that's the venue of the Fashion Week - spent most of the 5 days there...only went back to friend's place to sleep at night, couldn't afford to spend the night at Hyatt, of course!)
From Day 1, I was mesmerized by the whole ambiance of fashion I could see & feel all around me. The people, the stalls, the garments, the accessories, the decor, the installations, the ramp, the shows, the backstage, the greenrooms, the crew, the media, the socialites, the designers, the buyers - all formed one big world of fashion & style that engulfed all of us for the next 5 days. The 34 shows & 75 designers put forward the A/W '10-'11 fashion trends & style statements which are going to be in for the next season. Page-3 celebs mingled with high profile fashion journalists, talented fashion designers, skilled professionals & us fashion enthusiasts to make it the most stylish event of the country for those 5 days.

A few shots from the hot & happening runway:

Manish Arora's show......bold, vibrant & funky...typical MA style!!!

Manish Arora lights up the front row of Little Shilpa's show in his Fish Fry jacket golden shoes.

A model poses at head ramp in my friend Amalraj Sengupta's show.

Gia Johnson as showstopper for Amalraj's show.

My cute friend, Amalraj Sengupta takes the bow!

Harangad Singh had a way with drapes & flows...

Srivan Naresh's beachwear collection came in hues of beige, lavender & aqua.

Srivan & Naresh walks the ramp with their showstopper.

Kallol Datta fans away in the front row!

Vivek Kumar's garments & accessories were all techno-couture.

Industrial machinery inspired ensembles by Vivek Kumar.

Vogue's Bandana Tewari & Archana Walavalkar checks out Vikramjit's collection.

The special Gen Next 5 Years show rocked!!!

Hope I could show u all an interesting glimpse of the Fashion Week. More off-the-ramp photos to come..........keep checking!

Till next time, stay stylish!!!
Polka Princess

September 11, 2010


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Eid Mubarak to everyone!!!!!
Had a busy, tiring, yet fun-filled & exciting Saturday!!!!!!!!! My friend, Amalraj Sengupta, who shows at Lakme Fashion Week (17th-21st Sept '10) had his photoshoot today.......& I was the make-up artist & hair stylist for the shoot! Had awesome fun shooting for his whole collection of 9 ensembles, doing & re-doing the make-up & hair innumerable times..........helping the model change from one complicated multiple-pieced designer ensemble into another........thinking up poses & styles for the pictures............having Pizza, Garlic Breadsticks & Coke for lunch........& of course, getting some nice & fun pictures shot of myself during the breaks!!! :)
As a continuation of my last post, I show you another style in which I wore my waistcoat today........since, I had to do lots of work, I whipped up a loose, relaxed outfit which helped me slog through the day.......

Today, I donned my waistcoat with a loose top, since I knew that I was going to have a busy day. This top is too comfy for words & I specially like the bow prints & the button detailing on the sleeves & pockets...

Top: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Waistcoat: Remanika, Kolkata
Denim: Lee Cooper, Mumbai

I kept the accessories minimal, with simple rings in the ear, a quirky pendant on a metal chain & a chunky watch. This neckpiece was made by me in a time of leisure & a sudden spate of creativity! ;) 
Anyone interested to buy this neckpiece can mail me........Price - Rs.200/-. You can also specify if you want it in any other color.

Neckpiece: Self-made
Watch: Kenneth Cole

Photos courtesy: Amalraj Sengupta

That's all for today guys!!! Have a great Sunday!!!!!!

Good Night,
Polka Princess

September 09, 2010

What a waist(coat)!!!

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Hello people!!!!!!!
As promised, here I am to update you guys with my latest style story............I had a lovely day - got up later than usual, had late breakfast, went out shopping with mom, read some chick-lit, listened to some fav soundtracks and of course, clicked some pix!!!!!!

This being one of the rare mornings, when I didn't have to pull something formal out of my wardrobe, I had no two thoughts about the fact that I wanted to wear denims (which I hardly get the chance to wear nowadays). Since it was drizzling outside all morning, I had to put on a bright colored tee..........which, paired with my newly bought waistcoat, gave the perfect bright & casual look I wanted & I was sorted!!!, I LOVE Waistcoats! But had to try, think over & reject innumerable ones, before I fell in love with this one..........the color, the fit, the detailings - everything was just perfect! In fact, I have already thought up of so many ways of wearing this..........Can't wait to show u guys how much versatile this pieces is gonna be!!!

Waistcoat: Remanika, Shoppers Stop
Denim: Levi's, Bangalore

I also have a weakness for striped tees.......though usually I steer clear of broad horizontal stripes (since they make you look broader), I couldn't resist picking up this one - firstly for its colors & secondly for the chest foil print! This tee has also evoked in me a liking for the pink-purple combo. And this printed fabric bangle has all the shades of the tee in it!

T-shirt: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Bangle: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Watch: Fastrack, Kolkata

My relationship with badges go back a long way............since college days, I have been an avid collector of badges.......there's hardly any place in Kolkata that sells badges from where I haven't got one to add to my collection! In fact, if any of you know of any good place that sells nice ones, pls do let me know!!!

Che Guevara badge: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Smiley badge: Just Linc, Kolkata
Don't Bug Me badge: Archies Gallery, Kolkata

Photos courtesy: My sister

Eid holiday (which was scheduled for tomorrow) has been shifted to, have to drag myself to office tomorrow..........but then will have a 2 day weekend after a looooooooooonnnnnngggg time!!! 

Enjoy the rest of the week guys!!!

Take care,
Polka Princess
September 08, 2010

Shirtdress for mid-week monsoons!

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Hey all u lovely people!!!
It's the middle of the week already.......n it's the time when I generally feel the most lazy, just waiting for the week to end! But not so today......coz I've taken an impromptu leave from office tomorrow & what with Eid holiday on Friday, it's going to be 2 nice, long & lazy holidays for me!!! :))
Also, the farewell bursts of the monsoon clouds are keeping the weather cool & fresh, which in turn, keeps people's temperaments cool & cheerful!!!
So, here I am with a middle of the week outfit post. Generally, the Formal/Semi-formal dress code at office bugs me no end, which is why most days, I end up trudging to office in Indianwear (since I don't like wearing formal trousers all that much!)........but sometimes, I wake up in the morning (like today), all excited about dressing up for office! The pix that follow were clicked in the midst of lots of bewildered on-lookers, who couldn't decide whether I was someone posing for a professional shoot (though nobody shoots professionally using a digital camera & a short-not-so-slim model!) or just a crazy self-obsessed girl who had nothing better to do this afternoon!!!

I have this weird affinity for Shirtdresses.........& this pastel pink cotton one is one of my fav picks from my last Mumbai trip......

I specially like the tucks on the back & the belt at the empire line......This shirtdress, paired with slim-fit formal trousers makes for a formal look with a laid-back feel to it. But, of course, this shirtdress can also be worn more casually with leggings or knee-length shorts for a shopping spree or coffee with friends!

Shirtdress: Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai
Bangles: New Market, Kolkata
Pearl studs: Hyderabad

This is one of the very few formal trousers I have in my wardrobe..........I like this one for its cut, fit & the nice button detailing on the back of the legs.

Trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata

This neckpiece was love at first sight! The intricate motif & the quirky arrangement of the discs make this a versatile piece that can be worn both formally & casually!

Neckpiece: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

What would I have done without these shoes???? These are my saviors.....whenever in doubt, I slip on this pair & am raring to go!!! The cutwork pattern & the peeptoe look made this black pair a must-have for me!!! In fact, I love the way my bright nails contrast with the black, making sure that people don't overlook even my  feet! :)

Shoes: Tresmode, Bandra, Mumbai

Photos courtesy: Soma Bhattacharya (she very sweetly volunteered to wield the camera for snaps for my blog posts!)

Now am gearing up for the next 2 lovely days of waking up late......watching fav DVDs back to back........hanging out with friends........catching up on lots of reading...........& of course, keeping you guys updated on the fashion front!!!

Polka Princess
September 06, 2010

Holly's & Sally's Giveaway!

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Hey people! I've got news!!!

2 of my fav fellow bloggers.........Hippie Holly & Simple Sally..........are hosting a giveaway as part of the celebrations for their blog's first anniversary!

Holly & Sally has this really cool blog which is stylish, fashionable, informative & fun! I simply love their quirky style sensibilities & lovely's a must-follow blog on my list of hot favourites........& this blog has just completed one full stylish year in the fashion blogosphere.

And as a "return gift" of their blog's b'day party, they are hosting a smashing giveaway! :)

They have an absolutely awesome goodie bag for the winner...........with amazingly tempting & drool-worthy stuff in it!!! You can get a glimpse of the same below:

You'll find out more about the goodie bag & its contents once you join in the fun!

So, don't waste any more time & participate in the Great Giveaway by clicking here.

All the best to everyone............may the best blogger/non-blogger win!!!

Best wishes,
Polka Princess
September 04, 2010

The Bangle angle

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Hey guys! Almost nearing the end of another week............but sadly, its not the end of my week!!! Can't even bear to think about working on a Sunday..........but am doomed to do that this week.......... :((

Nevertheless, that doesn't give me any reason not to do what I'm liking doing so much...........sharing my thoughts with all you fashionable people!!! Just a few days back, someone commented on my huge collection of bangles, asking that how come I have something or the other matching with whatever I wear......?

That's when I thought that maybe I can do a post on my collection of various types of bangles that has been sourced from all sorts of places........

This is one of my fav shots taken till date........u can see my love for bangles! This was a random shot taken at Colaba Causeway, Mumbai.........LOVE that place for d amazing jewellery that can be picked up from there!!!

And now, presenting to you, my much-loved collection of bangles...............I generally pick up anything that catches my eye anywhere and then mix & match them with my outfits........

These are my ethno-modern pieces.........metal & wooden ones in gold & silver, with a touch of ethnicity, yet with an urban twist to them........bought mostly from Colaba Causeway (Mumbai), Handicrafts Fair (Kolkata), Forum Mall (Bangalore) & even a vintage one from Mom's younger days!

A collection of colorful wooden bangles - thick & thin - these are some of my most versatile & most-used pieces....... :)

This is my collection of tribal inspired wooden pieces.......these are also some of my fav ones........sourced from Colba Causeway (Mumbai), Linking Road (Mumbai) & Pantaloons

These fun & quirky fabric bangles were fav picks from Bangkok...........the store had hundreds of these in every possible color & print!!!!!! Wish I could have bought out the whole shop!!!!

The remaining ones did not fit any particular category, but formed a nice spectrum of colorful wrist-wraps........the materials vary from wood & glass to stone & fibre...........these much-treasured pieces have been picked up from Colaba Causeway (Mumbai), Emami Plaza (Kolkata), New Market (Kolkata), Swabhumi (Kolkata), R City Mall (Mumbai) & Linking Road (Mumbai).

By now, you guys must have realised how crazy I am about bangles...........I'll keep on adding to this collection........& you'll get to see them soon enough!!

Polka Princess

September 02, 2010

Mad about Graphics

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Hiya there guys!
Actually, am having a very boring week.........lots of work............stuffy, hot weather...........nothing interesting or remotely stylish happening around me!
Hence, after giving it much thought, I decided to take one of my most passionate interests as today's topic.......
I've forever had this strange affinity & attraction towards it grungy, funky, pop or arty, graphical art of all kinds is a weakness for me.
I appreciate a good graphic design anytime & anywhere and have even tried my hands at it a few times.........though I still consider myself to be a novice, here are some of the examples of my handiwork.........

Blooming Beauty


Life & Death

Converse Connect


That's all for today..............till next time, keep it stylish!

Polka Princess


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