Holly's & Sally's Giveaway!

By Anupriya DG - September 06, 2010

Hey people! I've got news!!!

2 of my fav fellow bloggers.........Hippie Holly & Simple Sally..........are hosting a giveaway as part of the celebrations for their blog's first anniversary!

Holly & Sally has this really cool blog which is stylish, fashionable, informative & fun! I simply love their quirky style sensibilities & lovely posts...........it's a must-follow blog on my list of hot favourites........& this blog has just completed one full stylish year in the fashion blogosphere.

And as a "return gift" of their blog's b'day party, they are hosting a smashing giveaway! :)

They have an absolutely awesome goodie bag for the winner...........with amazingly tempting & drool-worthy stuff in it!!! You can get a glimpse of the same below:

You'll find out more about the goodie bag & its contents once you join in the fun!

So, don't waste any more time & participate in the Great Giveaway by clicking here.

All the best to everyone............may the best blogger/non-blogger win!!!

Best wishes,
Polka Princess

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