What a waist(coat)!!!

Hello people!!!!!!!
As promised, here I am to update you guys with my latest style story............I had a lovely day - got up later than usual, had late breakfast, went out shopping with mom, read some chick-lit, listened to some fav soundtracks and of course, clicked some pix!!!!!!

This being one of the rare mornings, when I didn't have to pull something formal out of my wardrobe, I had no two thoughts about the fact that I wanted to wear denims (which I hardly get the chance to wear nowadays). Since it was drizzling outside all morning, I had to put on a bright colored tee..........which, paired with my newly bought waistcoat, gave the perfect bright & casual look I wanted & I was sorted!!!

Ok......so, I LOVE Waistcoats! But had to try, think over & reject innumerable ones, before I fell in love with this one..........the color, the fit, the detailings - everything was just perfect! In fact, I have already thought up of so many ways of wearing this..........Can't wait to show u guys how much versatile this pieces is gonna be!!!

Waistcoat: Remanika, Shoppers Stop
Denim: Levi's, Bangalore

I also have a weakness for striped tees.......though usually I steer clear of broad horizontal stripes (since they make you look broader), I couldn't resist picking up this one - firstly for its colors & secondly for the chest foil print! This tee has also evoked in me a liking for the pink-purple combo. And this printed fabric bangle has all the shades of the tee in it!

T-shirt: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Bangle: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Watch: Fastrack, Kolkata

My relationship with badges go back a long way............since college days, I have been an avid collector of badges.......there's hardly any place in Kolkata that sells badges from where I haven't got one to add to my collection! In fact, if any of you know of any good place that sells nice ones, pls do let me know!!!

Che Guevara badge: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Smiley badge: Just Linc, Kolkata
Don't Bug Me badge: Archies Gallery, Kolkata

Photos courtesy: My sister

Eid holiday (which was scheduled for tomorrow) has been shifted to Saturday........so, have to drag myself to office tomorrow..........but then will have a 2 day weekend after a looooooooooonnnnnngggg time!!! 

Enjoy the rest of the week guys!!!

Take care,
Polka Princess