October 31, 2010

A sporty splash of colors!

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Hey there everyone!
Hope you all had a good weekend! Diwali's knocking on the door & am sure everyone (at least in India) are busy with Diwali shopping & sprucing up of homes, et all. This is one of the brightest festivals in India, being the Festival of Lights & Crackers........all around we can see the buildings, the malls, the shops, the streets lighting up & we can even hear a few bursts of crackers here & there occasionally! In fact, there are quite a few Pre-Diwali events happening around the city (I was part of one this very evening) where they are celebrating the upcoming festivities with fun, games, food, drinks & beautiful fireworks that light up the dark night sky....
Also, a few days back, on Facebook, I was going through the pictures in the album of a friend who's currently located in London & I came across this pic where I see Christmas preparations going on at full swing! So, for my friends across the oceans, you all must have started preparing for a beautiful, cheerful, big,  white Christmas!!!
So....while the countdown for both festivals begin.........I bring to you a colorful sporty look that I put together for a Sunday afternoon outing (to the pre-Diwali bash, as mentioned earlier)...

Well, for starters, I had to have some colors to brighten up my lazy Sunday afternoon......& it's been a while since I've gone le sport, hence this outfit. This colorful Shades tee instantly brightens up any look....& to balance the same, I thought of pulling out one of my favourite wardrobe staples - the White Shirt! I really can't survive without one!! And this one is a special favourite because of the interesting lace yoke & tucks detailing in front. Layered casuals, rolled up sleeves & comfortable straight fit denims and I was all set to enjoy an evening of fireworks, food & fun!!!

White Shirt: Thrifted, Kolkata
Shades Tee: Pepe Jeans, Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Denims: Levi's, Bangalore


Well, well, well.........I was really confused about my accessories today & had tried on 2 neckpieces with this outfit & rejected both! Nothing in my jewelry box seemed to make me happy......so I decided to do some impromptu accessory-making........and ta da! I whipped up this neckpiece in 2 mins flat!!! :))
A shoelace & some trinkets from my "Badges & Brooches" box & I was sorted! This neckpiece added to the sporty & casual feel of the whole look, while the flower brooch & the lace in the shirt added the right touch of feminity.

Neckpiece: Self-made

P.S. - I even like the back of the tee, isn't it cute??? :)

More colors to complete the look. This is one of my favs from my sister's collection of canvas shoes (she has them in all colors - red, green, pink, yellow, purple).......I love the different colored eyelets......quite funky! I added the yellow laces (it originally had white ones) for contrast & that vibrant splash! :))

Canvas Shoes: All Star Converse, borrowed from sis

I had a great Sunday evening & am all geared up for the coming week...........Happy Diwali to all!!! 

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Polka Princess
October 28, 2010

Another one of Life's lessons

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"You already possess everything necessary to become great..."

This is another of those lessons Life taught me through a one-of-it's-kind experience. A couple of days back, I visited the Dominique Lapierre Centre of Excellence for Disabled, a home for disabled & orphaned children, in order to celebrate the Foundation Day of the organisation I work for with those who are less fortunate than us. We spent the whole day there, gave gifts to the children, sang, danced, organised a Magic Show for the kids, cut a cake, clicked pictures & enjoyed every minute of it. Looking at those children....some sightless, some speechless, most homeless.......yet all with a smile on their innocent faces......I realised that in a way they are braver, stronger & more extraordinary than any of us! Their lit up faces & toothless, yet hearty smiles made a lasting impression on my mind & heart.........I had to hold back my tears while parting from them.......that day I understood - we may possess many things that they don't...but they posses everything necessary to be great - & I would request all of you out there to spend some time with such sections of humanity who need our wishes, our support & us.......spread the smile guys......it doesn't cost you anything, yet it's invaluable! :D

Coming back to fashion, today was one of the rare days when I dressed up for office. Though the official dress code at my workplace is 'formal', we generally adhere to the unofficial 'semi-formal' one. But today, I went down another notch & flaunted a 'smart-casual' look......proper, yet with li'l elements of fun!

This white cotton top is one of the most versatile pieces of my wardrobe.......it looks equally chic with corduroys, denims as well as formal trousers, hence can be used for both casual & semi-formal looks. Also, being white and cotton, it's perfect for a hot day spent at work (even though the air around us in the office is conditioned, still, have to think of the journey to & from home too!). The peep of yellow adds the fresh & bright touch to the whole sober white & beige combo. 

Cotton Top: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Yellow Tank Top: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Corduroys: Shopper Stop, Kolkata

I added the grey brooch for a fun twist to the whole "going-to-work" feel of the look!

Shades: H&M, gifted by friend
Crochet Brooch: Suan Lim Night Market, Bangkok
Earrings: An exhibition, Pune

My bangles always help me to add a dash of color to my outfits. And a no-nonsense watch with a MOP dial maintains the corporate connection.

Bangles: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Shoppers Stop, Kolkata

My favourite pair of yellow gladiators were an obvious choice for finishing off the look.

Gladiators: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Nearing the end of the week always brings a smile to my face....... :)

Till next time, keep it stylish guys!

Polka Princess

October 25, 2010


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Hellllllloooooooooooooo people!! Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday! I had a really lazy one...........good breakfast.........lots of TV........checking out my fav blogs............sprucing up my wardrobe........dressing up to go out with family.........dining out.........and finally back home (here I am, sprawled in front of my PC, typing away to glory!)
I have a family friend who stays in London & is currently visiting India with her 2 kids........me, my mom & sister played host & took them for an outing to the nearby mall for shopping & dinner. It was fun listening to the kids chattering away about whatever interesting & remotely "Indian" caught their wide-open eyes! :)

In case you all don't know, I have this crazy affinity for checks..........be it on shirts, dresses, sweaters, skirts or even accessories, checks in any form, size & color never fail to attract me.....and my shopaholic soul! After many months of dilemma, deliberation, self-control, market survey & perseverance, I finally saw, liked & bought a shirt-dress in big checks. Both the silhouette & the color combination seemed to be exactly what I was looking for all this while.
So, here's presenting to you another one of my festive buys:

You all have seen my love for shirt-dresses in my earlier posts.........I fell in love with these big checks as soon as I saw them peeping out from beneath a pile of clothes in the shop.......the color combination is also the right mix of bright & balanced. Since, it was a Sunday outing (and I was lazing around most of the day).......I wanted to be in my comfiest best........hence the leggings paired with the loose shirt-dress. These knit leggings are the best picks when comfort is the key for an outfit......they also scrunch up at the bottom for an interesting look.

Also, I had to have bag with a long strap to complete the look. This bag, that looks classy & formal when carried by the short handle (as seen here), can be instantly transformed into casual chic when carried by the long shoulder strap.

Shirt-dress: BK Market, Kolkata
Leggings: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Bag: Metro Plaza, Kolkata

I got together little trinkets to make this neckpiece..........it was a metal chain with a metal buckle as the original pendant..........I used to wear it just like that for some time..........but then, one fine day, I thought to redecorate it with the ribbon & added the final touch with the crochet brooch.

Neckpiece: Self-made

This pair of black formal kitten heels was another of my festive buys. I was looking for a nice pair of black formal heels for quite some time...........this specific style came in various attractive colors, but I had to stick to my budget.....& hence stick to black (since that was what I actually needed.....no whimsical buys, I'm keeping a strict check on my expenditure)........not that I resent it........black is always beautiful........not to mention, amazingly sexy & so versatile!

Shoes: Emami Shopping Plaza, Kolkata

Do you guys share my love for the squares??? Do lemme know.......

Getting ready for another long week ahead............have a rocking week guys.......

So long,
Polka Princess
October 23, 2010

Desi girl

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Well.........actually, when I sat down to write a new post (feeling that it's been quite some time since my last one), I had no clue what I was gonna put up. That's from the lack of style & fashion in my life for the past few days - what with the festivities being over & done with and full-fledged work taking up most of my time, I haven't really been able to put together a decent look at all (also, special thanks to the formal dress code at my workplace). Also, I've not been keeping well since the last couple of days & hence couldn't work up the enthusiasm to dress up...So, I thought the only way I can put up a new post is to share some of my old pix with you all. Thus started my search through the folders which are treasure troves of pictures (it felt so like leafing through digital picture albums) & thus I decided to do a post on all pictures Desi*.
Indian ethnicwear is one of the major looks that I sport during festivals, occasions or marriages. This post is a compilation of various Indianwear ensembles that I've sported for various occasions , where I've felt that I should go all ethnic & desi! Most of these ensembles have been designed by me (do I hear an applause? :P) & tailored to fit (coz I like my ethnic clothes bespoke & NOT ready-to-wear).
Some of these pix are from a couple of years back, while some are fairly recent. This is a look you all have never seen me in before.......so, hope you like it......feedback eagerly awaited!!

*Desi - a Hindi term meaning 'of the country'. Generally referred by Indians to all things Indian.


This combination of white, gold & bronze is so perfect for an occasionwear........this self-designed dress was made for a cousin's marriage......I simply love this pretty motif & the net sleeves....what say guys?

Another of my treasured ethnicwear suits that has been designed by yours only...this was also made for a first cousin's wedding....I have a pretty pair of silver chappals to go with it.......also, the silver oxidised earring I'm wearing with it is one of my fav picks from my jewelery box. For this occasion (it was a friend's marriage), I had taken a contrast turquoise bag with it to add some color to the whole look.

The kurta on the left is designed by a friend, Shruti Agarwal (she's a fellow fashion designer who was a classmate in college)...........I like the collar of this piece & it's casual, yet can-be-worn-for-a-occasion-in-the-afternoon look! :) The short sleeves allow me to pile up on the bangles...

This gorgeous white georgette saree was worn for my brother's wedding reception. This pretty length of fabric has been borrowed from one of my Mom's friends (thank you once again Aunty!).......I fell in love with the colorful embroidery on the off-white base. The turquoise stone & silver neckpiece complements the blue piping of the saree.

These two looks were donned by me for office during the recently concluded festivities (Durga Puja is one of the rare occasions when people can cajole me into wearing a saree). The blue saree was worn on the 1st day of the festival....this hand block print in Indigo is one of my most favourite prints in the whole universe!!! Anything that comes in this particular type of print & in this color wins my vote instantly! Also, since I wore it to work, I couldn't pile up much jewelery, except for my bangles (on which I can always rely to add glamour to my outfits).
This beautiful printed black & magenta silk saree was picked from my Mom's festive shopping bag (both sarees: courtesy my Mom). I totally adore black sarees........just drape one on & you can't fail to feel sexy! I did not want accessories to divert the attention away from this pretty saree.........so, I kept my jewelery to a bare minimum.

Now that you've seen me in these avatars.........which one of 'em do you prefer? Do vote for your favourite look........

Hope I don't have to scrounge about in my old albums for my next post! Have a happy Sunday guys!!!

Luv & hugs,
Polka Princess

October 16, 2010

Nice & Navy

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My city is at its prettiest best right now.......all decked up in lights & colors........festivities all around........."theme" decors..........beautiful idols of Gods & Goddesses.........newly-clothed hordes of people everywhere........these 4 days of festivity are the most awaited days of the year for true-blue Bengalis* like me!!! 

Sadly enough, I've been working for the 1st 2 days of the festival, thus celebrating only at night. This is the only time when you can see throngs of enthusiastic men, women & kids filling up every road, lane & by-lane throughout the night. I had a lovely time going around the city with family on one night & with friends on the next! 

Thankfully, I had leave today......it's the most auspicious of the 4 days. So, went all ethnic in the morning, being the nice, traditional Indian girl to family & elders. Post-lunch, I dressed up in new clothes (we are supposed to wear new clothes on all 4 days!!! Can anything get better than that???) & stepped out for a fun evening with friends............walked about, fooled around, gossiped, went to a Hookah Bar, clicked lots of pix.......basically made merry!!

*Bengalis - for those of u who don't know, Bengalis are a sect of people of any religion, whose origins are in Bengal, a place in East India.

This is how I dressed up for the outing. Navy is the new black for me.........am absolutely in love with the color right now!!!

I knew I had lots of crowd-jostling & walking to do.......so dressed up in a comfy cotton top & cotton gabardine trousers.......the flats added to the comfort factor.

I love the feminine silhouette of this Navy cotton blouse.......& these powder pink cotton trousers were a fav pick bcoz of the pleats at the waist & tapering legs, a hot silhouette for a pair of trousers!

Blouse: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Trousers: Zara, The Palladium, Mumbai

This bag is a new one picked up during the festive shopping stint! Loved the classy look of it.........spacey, yet chic.

Bag: Metro Shopping Plaza, Kolkata
Bangles: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Shoppers Stop, Kolkata

I'm not much of a make-up person..........a streak of black kohl on the lower lids, sometimes a liner on the upper ones & a dash of gloss on the lips & am raring to go!! This string of pearls is an eternal fav piece from my jewellery box......I wear this knotted, as a long string & also as multiple strings........I have used this to up the style quotient of many a look & outfit..... :)

Neckpiece: Westside, Kolkata

This quirky, bright pair of flats is a festive gift from Mom.......... :))

Flats: Hamlyn, Metro Shopping Plaza, Kolkata

All in all, a comfy & fuss-free look for hanging out with friends, shopping trips to the mall or for Sunday brunch.

Will be back with more updates of my festive days...........till then, stay stylish!!

Polka Princess

October 10, 2010

Stress-busters needed!

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The festive season is a maddening time for the employees of the retail industry!! On the one hand, the industry is at its peak time right now, what with people shopping like crazy for Durga Puja & Diwali......while on the other hand, we are the sufferers slogging under a mountain of never-ending workload!!! Since the past 3 weeks, I've been working my a** off, sometimes working straight 12 hour shifts (with no overtime......mind you!)....Not to mention my vendors who have been driving me up the wall with their stupid mistakes & goof-ups, which can end up costing me my job (they have no consideration for my career, I tell you...) :(

So, right now, am completely stressed out........what with so much work pressure, horrible mixed-up weather (either it's hot & humid...or it's raining), dwindling state of finances (after paying off huge credit card bills)........and in dire need of some tips of how to release the stress & relax a bit (in spite of afore-mentioned issues).

Whoever has some good stress-busting tips.........pls share the same........

NOTE: Tips should not include much money-spending (keep in mind dwindling financial status mentioned above) & should not take too much time (as I don't have much of that either!).

Don't worry, am not here only to crib to you guys abut the miserable issues of my life.........here are some pix of how I dressed up for LFW Day 4.....and also some pix of Bollywood celebs I caught glimpses of that day, thanx to Manish Malhotra's show! 

Red alert! ;)
My fav location for taking pictures there..the LFW 3D cutouts in the lobby of the Hyatt.. :)

Top: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Cutwork Leggings: New Market, Kolkata
Bag: Sian Lim Night Market, Bangkok

I love long knit dresses.......pretty, comfy, nice fall, fits all body types! :)
Can wear this piece with cropped leggings, full leggings, stockings or just like that with nice heels!

I also like the button & keyhole cuts in the sleeve. This neckpiece is one of my favourite latest buys...I simply fell for the cluster of pearls & gold chains combo at first look! 

Neckpiece: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Bangles: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

I simply have a soft corner for gladiators.......I think they are fully worthwhile just for their versatility! They can be worn just with anything & everything, provided the color & style are right. And these yellow ones were my prized picks from Bangkok. Nothing like red & yellow to complement each other.

Gladiators: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

 And now, lets move on to celeb-spotting. All these Bollywood beauties had turned up for Manish Malhotra's show. Here's what I could click after jostles & fights with the hordes of media people:

Sameera Reddy poses pretty for the flashbulbs

Priyanka Chopra shows of her manicured fingers while adjusting her beautifully done up luscious locks

Sonakshi Sinha gives a mysterious smile to one of the numerous questions thrown at the débutante Bolly babe

Ameesha Patel doesn't know where to look.......the cameras are here darling!

Hope you guys also looked at my pix & not only at the celebs..... :-P
Pls pour in the tips.......I totally need 'em!

Polka Princess

October 04, 2010

Purple legs

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Hey there everybody! Hope u all had a great weekend! I sure had one...........a rare 2-day weekend (thanx to Bapu for being born on 2nd Oct!).......a treat I wouldn't mind more often!

Anyways, today I've got some pix for u all of the outfit I wore on Day 2 of Lakme Fashion Week.........I luv the shorts & stockings look........but unfortunately, can't really wear it much in India, specially Kolkata! So, I took the opportunity of trying out the look while I was holidaying in Mumbai..... :)

This is a very casual & pop-inspired look.........The beige complements the purple & black combo quite well & balances the whole look. These beige shorts are one of my hot favourites.......this can be used for a laidback, casual look as this one........while paired with a formal white shirt & gold flats, these shorts will exude total classy chic! 

Tee: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Waistcoat: Remanika, Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Shorts: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole

Fabric bangle: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Purple bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

This pair of stockings are amongst quite a few that I picked up in Bangkok. The purple & black checkered pattern is in your face & at the same time, not so bright. This can also be worn with a simple black shift & black/purple heels for an effortless evening look!

Stockings: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Shoes: Tresmode, Mumbai

Keep it stylish till next time guys,
Polka Princess


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