Hellllllloooooooooooooo people!! Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday! I had a really lazy one...........good breakfast.........lots of TV........checking out my fav blogs............sprucing up my wardrobe........dressing up to go out with family.........dining out.........and finally back home (here I am, sprawled in front of my PC, typing away to glory!)
I have a family friend who stays in London & is currently visiting India with her 2, my mom & sister played host & took them for an outing to the nearby mall for shopping & dinner. It was fun listening to the kids chattering away about whatever interesting & remotely "Indian" caught their wide-open eyes! :)

In case you all don't know, I have this crazy affinity for it on shirts, dresses, sweaters, skirts or even accessories, checks in any form, size & color never fail to attract me.....and my shopaholic soul! After many months of dilemma, deliberation, self-control, market survey & perseverance, I finally saw, liked & bought a shirt-dress in big checks. Both the silhouette & the color combination seemed to be exactly what I was looking for all this while.
So, here's presenting to you another one of my festive buys:

You all have seen my love for shirt-dresses in my earlier posts.........I fell in love with these big checks as soon as I saw them peeping out from beneath a pile of clothes in the shop.......the color combination is also the right mix of bright & balanced. Since, it was a Sunday outing (and I was lazing around most of the day).......I wanted to be in my comfiest best........hence the leggings paired with the loose shirt-dress. These knit leggings are the best picks when comfort is the key for an outfit......they also scrunch up at the bottom for an interesting look.

Also, I had to have bag with a long strap to complete the look. This bag, that looks classy & formal when carried by the short handle (as seen here), can be instantly transformed into casual chic when carried by the long shoulder strap.

Shirt-dress: BK Market, Kolkata
Leggings: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Bag: Metro Plaza, Kolkata

I got together little trinkets to make this was a metal chain with a metal buckle as the original pendant..........I used to wear it just like that for some time..........but then, one fine day, I thought to redecorate it with the ribbon & added the final touch with the crochet brooch.

Neckpiece: Self-made

This pair of black formal kitten heels was another of my festive buys. I was looking for a nice pair of black formal heels for quite some time...........this specific style came in various attractive colors, but I had to stick to my budget.....& hence stick to black (since that was what I actually whimsical buys, I'm keeping a strict check on my expenditure)........not that I resent is always beautiful........not to mention, amazingly sexy & so versatile!

Shoes: Emami Shopping Plaza, Kolkata

Do you guys share my love for the squares??? Do lemme know.......

Getting ready for another long week ahead............have a rocking week guys.......

So long,
Polka Princess


  1. luv d shoes..
    1st pic GORGEOUS!!!

  2. just found ur blog and just wanted to drop by and say hi. love ur shirt! its so colourful and fun!

    xoxo jenna

  3. the outfit rocks.. perhaps I 'll surely get over my slumber and check out b.k. market ...

  4. @Aarti: Thanx dear! :))
    @Jenna: Hi!!! Thanx for dropping by...Your adjectives are precisely the reasons why I picked this shirt!! :)
    @Puja: Thank u......I'll surely recommend BK market.....u may not like evrything there....but u'll definitely find a few stuff worth picking up!!!

  5. Hi Princess, I LOVE your checked dress, besides stripes and polka dots, I love Checked too, and Oh My, you look Brilliant as always, LOVE those finishing touches such as your necklace, and most importantly, your lovely smile :))


  6. loved d shirt dress n shoes...:)

  7. love the shoes :) And the shirt looks perfect for a relaxing day out :) your hair looks fab!

  8. Ooh I'm glad I found another Indian origin blog! :) Will visit you for more!

    The kitten heels are perfect for evryday wear!

  9. I wish I could pull off a shirt dress. Ahhh, the curse of being tiny -- like a Smurf.

    P.S. I love the bag!

  10. @J: Thanx a ton lady!!! U r d one who never fail to bring a smile on my face!!! :D
    @Bhumika: Thanx... :))
    @Natasha:'s just d outcome of recently shampoo-ed hair!! :P And ya....the shirt IS perfect for a relaxed look! :)
    @Tamanna: Thanx girl! U r most welcome here....n I chose the kitten heels exactly for that purpose!! :))

  11. @Bonnie: Thanx dear! Well......I always thought that being "healthy" like me is a curse......wished I was tiny & slim...... :P

  12. what a great ur plaid blouse
    and really adore your bag so much.

    come and visit my blog, hope you can follow me


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  13. Hey Queen D! Thanx for d compliments!!! You've got a lovely blog too!! :)

  14. Love your Check Shirt Dress. The colors are just awesome!

  15. Thanx babe......I luv d colors too!!! :)

  16. Check shirt looks awesome... Looking good dear ...

  17. Thanx hon.....I LOVE check shirts!! :)


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