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Well.........actually, when I sat down to write a new post (feeling that it's been quite some time since my last one), I had no clue what I was gonna put up. That's from the lack of style & fashion in my life for the past few days - what with the festivities being over & done with and full-fledged work taking up most of my time, I haven't really been able to put together a decent look at all (also, special thanks to the formal dress code at my workplace). Also, I've not been keeping well since the last couple of days & hence couldn't work up the enthusiasm to dress up...So, I thought the only way I can put up a new post is to share some of my old pix with you all. Thus started my search through the folders which are treasure troves of pictures (it felt so like leafing through digital picture albums) & thus I decided to do a post on all pictures Desi*.
Indian ethnicwear is one of the major looks that I sport during festivals, occasions or marriages. This post is a compilation of various Indianwear ensembles that I've sported for various occasions , where I've felt that I should go all ethnic & desi! Most of these ensembles have been designed by me (do I hear an applause? :P) & tailored to fit (coz I like my ethnic clothes bespoke & NOT ready-to-wear).
Some of these pix are from a couple of years back, while some are fairly recent. This is a look you all have never seen me in, hope you like eagerly awaited!!

*Desi - a Hindi term meaning 'of the country'. Generally referred by Indians to all things Indian.


This combination of white, gold & bronze is so perfect for an occasionwear........this self-designed dress was made for a cousin's marriage......I simply love this pretty motif & the net sleeves....what say guys?

Another of my treasured ethnicwear suits that has been designed by yours only...this was also made for a first cousin's wedding....I have a pretty pair of silver chappals to go with it.......also, the silver oxidised earring I'm wearing with it is one of my fav picks from my jewelery box. For this occasion (it was a friend's marriage), I had taken a contrast turquoise bag with it to add some color to the whole look.

The kurta on the left is designed by a friend, Shruti Agarwal (she's a fellow fashion designer who was a classmate in college)...........I like the collar of this piece & it's casual, yet can-be-worn-for-a-occasion-in-the-afternoon look! :) The short sleeves allow me to pile up on the bangles...

This gorgeous white georgette saree was worn for my brother's wedding reception. This pretty length of fabric has been borrowed from one of my Mom's friends (thank you once again Aunty!).......I fell in love with the colorful embroidery on the off-white base. The turquoise stone & silver neckpiece complements the blue piping of the saree.

These two looks were donned by me for office during the recently concluded festivities (Durga Puja is one of the rare occasions when people can cajole me into wearing a saree). The blue saree was worn on the 1st day of the festival....this hand block print in Indigo is one of my most favourite prints in the whole universe!!! Anything that comes in this particular type of print & in this color wins my vote instantly! Also, since I wore it to work, I couldn't pile up much jewelery, except for my bangles (on which I can always rely to add glamour to my outfits).
This beautiful printed black & magenta silk saree was picked from my Mom's festive shopping bag (both sarees: courtesy my Mom). I totally adore black sarees........just drape one on & you can't fail to feel sexy! I did not want accessories to divert the attention away from this pretty, I kept my jewelery to a bare minimum.

Now that you've seen me in these avatars.........which one of 'em do you prefer? Do vote for your favourite look........

Hope I don't have to scrounge about in my old albums for my next post! Have a happy Sunday guys!!!

Luv & hugs,
Polka Princess


  1. hi polka princess .. loved the churidars .. they are really good, u look gorgeous !!!

  2. I LOVE all of your ethnic wear Princess, each one is so unique and beautiful, they are all my favourites, Brilliant & Amazing

    Keep in touch


  3. @Bhumika: Thanx's one my favs too! :)
    @Puja: Thanx a ton!!! :))
    @J: Thanx sweetheart......your com(pli)ments mean a lot! ;)

  4. Princess darling, I LOVE your new lay out, and should you decide to come to Singapore or Surabaya, just give me a holler :))

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your Sunday


  5. Wow, you tailored them all yourself?!!

    The first 2 and the last 2 looks are my favourite. I couldn't pick just one. The colours and the textures in the fabrics are so pretty. I really like the sheer coat/sleeves on the first outfit :)

    ~Em K

  6. loved both chudidhars in white :)

  7. @Emmett: Thanx a bunch are just too generous with the compliments!! :)
    @Dimple: Thanx babe!!! Your comments mean a lot! :))

  8. am loving the indigo block printed sari!!...its is so earthy yet so elegant!!!
    love all ur self designed suit pieces!!!

  9. Your shining eyes make you look so enchanting,you've got such a pretty face!!Adore you specially!!When you are in India long dress,you look so tender,so delicate,but the one in short sleeves is another great job!!!also loved!!

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  12. awesome ... simple and sweet too really nice you have accompanied with shimmer leggings it really suits well on you ... please add clutch purse so it will really complete your look

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