Stress-busters needed!

The festive season is a maddening time for the employees of the retail industry!! On the one hand, the industry is at its peak time right now, what with people shopping like crazy for Durga Puja & Diwali......while on the other hand, we are the sufferers slogging under a mountain of never-ending workload!!! Since the past 3 weeks, I've been working my a** off, sometimes working straight 12 hour shifts (with no overtime......mind you!)....Not to mention my vendors who have been driving me up the wall with their stupid mistakes & goof-ups, which can end up costing me my job (they have no consideration for my career, I tell you...) :(

So, right now, am completely stressed out........what with so much work pressure, horrible mixed-up weather (either it's hot & humid...or it's raining), dwindling state of finances (after paying off huge credit card bills)........and in dire need of some tips of how to release the stress & relax a bit (in spite of afore-mentioned issues).

Whoever has some good stress-busting tips.........pls share the same........

NOTE: Tips should not include much money-spending (keep in mind dwindling financial status mentioned above) & should not take too much time (as I don't have much of that either!).

Don't worry, am not here only to crib to you guys abut the miserable issues of my are some pix of how I dressed up for LFW Day 4.....and also some pix of Bollywood celebs I caught glimpses of that day, thanx to Manish Malhotra's show! 

Red alert! ;)
My fav location for taking pictures there..the LFW 3D cutouts in the lobby of the Hyatt.. :)

Top: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Cutwork Leggings: New Market, Kolkata
Bag: Sian Lim Night Market, Bangkok

I love long knit dresses.......pretty, comfy, nice fall, fits all body types! :)
Can wear this piece with cropped leggings, full leggings, stockings or just like that with nice heels!

I also like the button & keyhole cuts in the sleeve. This neckpiece is one of my favourite latest buys...I simply fell for the cluster of pearls & gold chains combo at first look! 

Neckpiece: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Bangles: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

I simply have a soft corner for gladiators.......I think they are fully worthwhile just for their versatility! They can be worn just with anything & everything, provided the color & style are right. And these yellow ones were my prized picks from Bangkok. Nothing like red & yellow to complement each other.

Gladiators: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

 And now, lets move on to celeb-spotting. All these Bollywood beauties had turned up for Manish Malhotra's show. Here's what I could click after jostles & fights with the hordes of media people:

Sameera Reddy poses pretty for the flashbulbs

Priyanka Chopra shows of her manicured fingers while adjusting her beautifully done up luscious locks

Sonakshi Sinha gives a mysterious smile to one of the numerous questions thrown at the débutante Bolly babe

Ameesha Patel doesn't know where to look.......the cameras are here darling!

Hope you guys also looked at my pix & not only at the celebs..... :-P
Pls pour in the tips.......I totally need 'em!

Polka Princess