Nice & Navy

My city is at its prettiest best right now.......all decked up in lights & colors........festivities all around........."theme" decors..........beautiful idols of Gods & Goddesses.........newly-clothed hordes of people everywhere........these 4 days of festivity are the most awaited days of the year for true-blue Bengalis* like me!!! 

Sadly enough, I've been working for the 1st 2 days of the festival, thus celebrating only at night. This is the only time when you can see throngs of enthusiastic men, women & kids filling up every road, lane & by-lane throughout the night. I had a lovely time going around the city with family on one night & with friends on the next! 

Thankfully, I had leave's the most auspicious of the 4 days. So, went all ethnic in the morning, being the nice, traditional Indian girl to family & elders. Post-lunch, I dressed up in new clothes (we are supposed to wear new clothes on all 4 days!!! Can anything get better than that???) & stepped out for a fun evening with friends............walked about, fooled around, gossiped, went to a Hookah Bar, clicked lots of pix.......basically made merry!!

*Bengalis - for those of u who don't know, Bengalis are a sect of people of any religion, whose origins are in Bengal, a place in East India.

This is how I dressed up for the outing. Navy is the new black for absolutely in love with the color right now!!!

I knew I had lots of crowd-jostling & walking to dressed up in a comfy cotton top & cotton gabardine trousers.......the flats added to the comfort factor.

I love the feminine silhouette of this Navy cotton blouse.......& these powder pink cotton trousers were a fav pick bcoz of the pleats at the waist & tapering legs, a hot silhouette for a pair of trousers!

Blouse: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Trousers: Zara, The Palladium, Mumbai

This bag is a new one picked up during the festive shopping stint! Loved the classy look of it.........spacey, yet chic.

Bag: Metro Shopping Plaza, Kolkata
Bangles: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Shoppers Stop, Kolkata

I'm not much of a make-up person..........a streak of black kohl on the lower lids, sometimes a liner on the upper ones & a dash of gloss on the lips & am raring to go!! This string of pearls is an eternal fav piece from my jewellery box......I wear this knotted, as a long string & also as multiple strings........I have used this to up the style quotient of many a look & outfit..... :)

Neckpiece: Westside, Kolkata

This quirky, bright pair of flats is a festive gift from Mom.......... :))

Flats: Hamlyn, Metro Shopping Plaza, Kolkata

All in all, a comfy & fuss-free look for hanging out with friends, shopping trips to the mall or for Sunday brunch.

Will be back with more updates of my festive days...........till then, stay stylish!!

Polka Princess


  1. nice blog nice representation. i jst have one thing to say abt the defn of a bengalee. a bengalee is not necessarily a hindu. a bengalee is a person who hails fm bengal...

    take care


  2. Hey Mayurakshi.....thanx for the correction.....yes, the person can be of any religion, but from mistake!!

  3. luv d bangles!!!
    naice blog:)

  4. This is amazing.. u blogging..!! i am proud..!!! :)i love this navy blue look..super chic..!! :)

  5. @Aarti: Thanx... :)
    @Boudi: Thank follow ma blog! :))

  6. interesting bangels...cute shoes

    follow if u like what u see?


  7. You look absolutely gorgeous, and I adore those flats

    Wishing you a beautiful day sweetie


  8. @Prutha: Lovely blog u hav thr gurl!! And thanx! :)
    @J: Thanx cr.... :)

  9. your necklace is amazing and you look so cute on these photos!

  10. This bag is amazin:D Really i like it...that's a piece of history :DD

  11. @Annie: Thanx sweetheart..... :)
    @Christine: Gosh! Thanx a bunch! :))

  12. Love your bag!! :) and I just noticed your header on your blog..It actually has chappals for 'L' and stilletoes for some of the alphabets..that is soo cool!! did you design that ??? wow!! Im so impressed :)

  13. Hi sweetie, I'd like to say thank you for your kind and sincere words that you have given me at my comments sections, you are amazing, brilliant, and I respect you for just being the greatness that you are. Thank you so much...


    PS: I need to go to Zara for some trousers, yours are impeccable, I love all the small details and silhouette :), Kisses, J

  14. @Natasha: Thanx babe! And ya........I've made the header myself..... :)
    @Jemina: U r most welcome dear......luv u for being urself & for all ur lovely thoughts....... :))
    This trouser is one of my fav picks from Zara.....luv d color, the pleats, the al!
    Do keep writing more interesting posts......can't wait do read ur blog everyday!

  15. Dearest PP, thank you so much for being so kind and sincere, your kind words, and support really mean a lot to me, thanks for having my back, you are a friend indeed

    Love always

  16. This festival sounds wonderful!

    And I love your outfit. Especially, the top! So lovely, you look very feminine and well put together.



  17. heya! came here through hippy holly simple sally's blog!!...
    im liking da red flats!!.....

  18. @Zabrinah: Thanx a bunch girl! This is my most favourite festival in the whole universe!!! You should come 2 Kolkata at this time of d year 2 experience d magic! :)
    @Shooting Star: Well, I should thank Holly & Sally for making me known 2 others! ;)
    But I didnt really get whr u saw "red flats"?? I think u meant d navy ones! :)

  19. Hi Princess, I can't thank you enough for your wonderful support and brilliant comments, you are an amazing friend indeed. Keep in touch and LOVE always darling, Jemina, XOXO

    PS: Wishing you a magical weekend
    With LOVE,


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