A sporty splash of colors!

Hey there everyone!
Hope you all had a good weekend! Diwali's knocking on the door & am sure everyone (at least in India) are busy with Diwali shopping & sprucing up of homes, et all. This is one of the brightest festivals in India, being the Festival of Lights & Crackers........all around we can see the buildings, the malls, the shops, the streets lighting up & we can even hear a few bursts of crackers here & there occasionally! In fact, there are quite a few Pre-Diwali events happening around the city (I was part of one this very evening) where they are celebrating the upcoming festivities with fun, games, food, drinks & beautiful fireworks that light up the dark night sky....
Also, a few days back, on Facebook, I was going through the pictures in the album of a friend who's currently located in London & I came across this pic where I see Christmas preparations going on at full swing! So, for my friends across the oceans, you all must have started preparing for a beautiful, cheerful, big,  white Christmas!!!
So....while the countdown for both festivals begin.........I bring to you a colorful sporty look that I put together for a Sunday afternoon outing (to the pre-Diwali bash, as mentioned earlier)...

Well, for starters, I had to have some colors to brighten up my lazy Sunday afternoon......& it's been a while since I've gone le sport, hence this outfit. This colorful Shades tee instantly brightens up any look....& to balance the same, I thought of pulling out one of my favourite wardrobe staples - the White Shirt! I really can't survive without one!! And this one is a special favourite because of the interesting lace yoke & tucks detailing in front. Layered casuals, rolled up sleeves & comfortable straight fit denims and I was all set to enjoy an evening of fireworks, food & fun!!!

White Shirt: Thrifted, Kolkata
Shades Tee: Pepe Jeans, Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Denims: Levi's, Bangalore


Well, well, well.........I was really confused about my accessories today & had tried on 2 neckpieces with this outfit & rejected both! Nothing in my jewelry box seemed to make me happy......so I decided to do some impromptu accessory-making........and ta da! I whipped up this neckpiece in 2 mins flat!!! :))
A shoelace & some trinkets from my "Badges & Brooches" box & I was sorted! This neckpiece added to the sporty & casual feel of the whole look, while the flower brooch & the lace in the shirt added the right touch of feminity.

Neckpiece: Self-made

P.S. - I even like the back of the tee, isn't it cute??? :)

More colors to complete the look. This is one of my favs from my sister's collection of canvas shoes (she has them in all colors - red, green, pink, yellow, purple).......I love the different colored eyelets......quite funky! I added the yellow laces (it originally had white ones) for contrast & that vibrant splash! :))

Canvas Shoes: All Star Converse, borrowed from sis

I had a great Sunday evening & am all geared up for the coming week...........Happy Diwali to all!!! 

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Polka Princess