November 26, 2010

First Lady of Fashion

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I think if any fashion-conscious person is asked about the most fashionable First Lady of the world, the one & only answer will be Jacqueline Kennedy (1 out of 30 people may take any other name), wife of President John F. Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy (or Jackie O as she was also called) was the embodiment of classy chic! Right from her smooth, elegant bob hairstyle & her over-sized sunglasses to her classy skirt-suits & her pearls & brooches.........each & every detail of her stylish look wowed people throughout the swinging 60s & made her the most happening style icon of that decade!!! :))

In fact, no other First Lady could achieve that style status, though the contemporary Michelle Obama comes a close second........... :)

Who do you guys think is the most stylish First Lady? Do lemme know.....

Anyhow, you all may be wondering why this sudden interest in the First Ladies' fashion sensibilities. Actually when I dressed up for office today, the first thing that came to my mind when I looked at myself in the mirror was that my accessories would go as perfectly with a First Lady's classy skirt suit! That doesn't mean that I was wearing anything remotely formal today.......actually I had just borrowed the accessories from the First Lady look & used them to dress up my smart casual outfit!! :))

I love stripes. I think stripes are the most versatile elements of design & aesthetics. they look good in all sizes & colors!!! Ain't it? :)
The slight chill in the air allowed me to happily take out my full-sleeved striped knitted top....I really dig this magenta & grey combo......& the deep V neck gave me a chance to add my pink spaghetti inside! 

V-neck knitted top: Tommy Hilfiger, Kolkata
Spaghetti (worn inside): Pantaloons, Kolkata
Slim fit denims: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata

Now we come to the pearls & brooch that led to the title of the post......don't ya all think that these elements of my outfit look like they are straight out of a First Lady's wardrobe??? I added these pearls to give a formal twist to the casual look of the stripes......also the flower brooch adds a pretty, feminine touch to the whole sporty vibe of the V-neck knits!

I love this string of pearls (it's actually one string wound into 3 lines)......this can be worn in so many different ways to give entirely different looks! :)

String of pearls: Westside, Kolkata
Crochet brooch: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Eeeeee!!!!!!!! Check out my latest buys........cute black pumps/ballerinas from Aldo! :))
They are just perfect for Formal as well as casual looks...specially like the cute li'l buckles!

Shoes: Aldo, Kolkata

The wedding season's started in full swing & I have quite a few invitations lined up! Am going crazy trying to whisk up proper party outfits (am bored of my old party stuff, though I've not worn 'em more than a couple of times each!).........every thing, in the stores, with bling on it is calling out to me........but my pocket refuses to respond! :(

Anyways, now that Friday's almost at least we have the weekend to look forward to! Also, it's my time to go shopping for ready-made clothes or fabrics that I can get stitched. Hope I find something that fits the bill!!

Have a rocking weekend guys!

Polka Princess
November 25, 2010

Hot Shots

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Hola there guys!!!
Hope you all are having a great week.........mine is as busy as usual......though did a spot of shopping too! :)

Since I'm having a very hectic, busy & no-nonsense week......hence, didn't get much chance of dressing up or clicking pictures (when I did look half decent!).......

As a result, you guys will have to do with another one of my photography posts!!! After the most encouraging response on my first one here, I was more confident while putting up this one. At least, you all can't blame me even if you don't like the all bought it onto yourself with all those flattering comments! :P

Anyways, am not sharing snaps from any particular place or period of time.......these are all randomly selected from my collection. Oh! Another thing that I forgot to mention in my earlier post is that all these pictures have been clicked with my Sony Cyber Shot digital no high-end techno tool there!

Now, just sit back & enjoy the pics........ :))

Beach Blues......:
All set to relax on the beach

Haphazard Horizon:
The Pattaya skyline against the backdrop of the blue sky & the blue-er sea!

Which way do you wanna go???

Tall Twins:
The Petronus Twin Towers loom large on the city of Kuala Lumpur

Sky High:
The KL Tower stands tall in all it's elegance & splendor

Unity in Diversity:
Not one pebble is same as the other.......still they all blend so well together!

The Hanging Garden:
Plants hung & flung in a nursery...

Colorful Chaos:
Oooh! The bangle-lover in me is spoilt for choice!!!

Soooooooo.........whaddya think guys??? I've shared quite an assorted lot pour in your feedbacks!!!

Love you all,
Polka Princess

November 21, 2010


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Hi there people! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I had a pretty relaxed one.........just lazed around at home & didn't do much. And of course, that means that I did not dress up to go out & hence have no outfit pix to share with you all...

But not to guys just have to make do with snaps clicked way back in the middle of the week gone by.....!

But before going on to the pictures, I'd really like to thank every one of you for liking my photographs (my effort at better photography can be seen in my last post here) & encouraging me to share more from my collection! Your comments & feedbacks were much appreciated!! Hope I can keep up to your expectations & share more pictures that you all will like equally or maybe even better!!! :)
Keep checking this space for more such photography posts......

But till then, let's focus on fashion...

First of all, please excuse my drab look.......but it's mid-week, it's an office day and I just took a 10-minute break from an ever-growing & never-diminishing workload to take these pics! Hence, no enthusiasm left in my weekend-craving soul for touching up my make-up... :(

See what I mean? These clients & vendors won't even leave me in peace for 10 minutes!!! Sigh!
Clotheswise, I decided to pair my very comfy & very favourite zouaves with a kurta for work (I generaly wear them with a tee) & green, being complimentary colors, make for a bright & zingy combo (in fact, now you know what the title of the post refers to)..... :)

Cotton pintuck kurta: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Cotton zouaves/dhoti pants: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

I kept a touch of ethnicity in my accessories too......also the touch of gold in the accessories balances the gold zari border in the kurta. Am currently in love with this fish pendant that I picked up from a handicrafts exhibition recently (Holly!! I got one too!!!) And this is one of my favourite rings - bright & big! 

Dokra* neckpiece: Karigar Haat, Kolkata
Kashmiri painted wooden bangle: Forum, Bangalore
Gold metal bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Red wooden bangle: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Coral & silver ring: Shoppers Stop. Kolkata

These nice, ethnic chappals completed my outfit. I wanted to pick these colorful sandals in all colors possible......but restricted myself at the last moment! At times, I wish I had more colors to wear with different outfits!!! 

Chappals: Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai

*Dokra - An art of metal casting using brass. This technique is used widely in Eastern India to make figurines, jewellery, wall hangings & various other knick-knacks.

Hope I can put up current outfit snaps in my next post. 

Have a rocking week ahead guys!!!

Lots of love,
Polka Princess

November 18, 2010


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That's not the sound of a lighter being lit.........neither of some door getting shut......nor of some heel tapping away on the floor.........

It's actually the sound of the camera being short a picture is being CLICKED!!! :)

You all may wonder why this sudden hullabaloo about the click of a camera? Well........clicking pictures, or in fact, photography, has been my hobby & passion from ever since I've started handling a camera. Whenever I look at anything in front of my eyes, I construct an imaginary frame around a particular part of the scene, the part which I want to capture...& even if I don't have a camera in my eyes become the lens & I capture that scene & store it in the data card of my memory! :)

And when I happen to look through the lens of a camera, every scene in front of me turns into a story, every object in that particular frame becomes a character that makes that story interesting & beautiful!!

Thus is my passion with photography......I can & do click anything & everything under the sun.......& whenever I come across an interesting/aesthetic subject or scenario, my hands itch for my camera, my eyes long to look into the view-finder & my fingers die to click that magical button.

My collection of pictures clicked till date is my treasure trove of beautiful memories & interesting's presenting to you some of my treasures from the collection which is one of my most precious possessions, a collection which is my life & my love! :))

Make Hay While The Sun Shines: 
An unfinished idol of a Hindu Goddess with its crude structure of hay & bamboo sticks basking in the golden glows of the afternoon sun...

Green Cover:
The dense foliage throws a green shadow on the still waters of a pond

The Flying Dragon:
A dragonfly perched on the green leaf of a rice plant in a field

Sparkling Grandeur:
Fireworks at a pre-diwali bash 

The Blue Roof:
The evening sky creates a vivid backdrop for the dark structures of a mall

Treasure Isle:
Trash to some...treasure to others...

A cartload of hay waiting to be taken to some unknown destination

Literary, literally...:
The intellectual crowd at the Kolkata Book Fair

Lost & lonely:
A solitary staircase stranded in the middle of the runway at Langkawi Airport

Photographs clicked & edited by: Yours only

Hope you guys liked my efforts at interesting photography...........your valuable suggestions & opinions are much awaited!

Will surely share more from my collection with you if you like this first edition. :)

Here's welcoming the's almost Friday! And unlike me, many of you have 2-day weekends!! 

Till next time, 
Keep it stylish!
Polka Princess

November 14, 2010

Leopard Print Retro

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Another Sunday's come.........& gone............! Oh!! Why do these Sundays rush so??? I'on! By the time I realise that it's my off's almost gone! :(

I think it should be law for all organisations to have 5 working days per week.........I mean if I'm slogging my a** off for 5 whole days........shouldn't I be entitled to at least 2 days off? I mean, am just asking for only 28% time off! Is that too much to ask for???

Anyways, I try to manage my Sunday time as best as possible..........what with friends and family all wanting a share of my Sunday, let alone some time off that I need for myself!! Today I had gone for Social Network (the movie) with friends. It was a nice flick.........something 500 million people around the world can actually connect to (that's the supposed no. of Facebook users as of now). Had iced tea & blueberry muffin afterwards & browsed around the mall for a while before heading back home.

I like to make my Sunday dressing bright & cheery! And today, I wanted to do bright sans the prints......hence the solid blocks of colors from top to bottom. The yellow top has a deep neck & I love pairing it up with peeps of contrast colored inners! Also, these brown corduroy cropped trousers are very versatile & very comfy!!

I thought I'll ditch my neckpieces today in favour of this leopard-print scarf.......this scarf is one of my favourite accessories, but unfortunately I don't get to flaunt it as much as I'd like to! I'd picked it up almost 5-6 years back & together with my big, brown shades, it adds the perfect retro touch to my whole Sunday ensemble!!!

Yellow top with pleat details on neck & shoulders: United Colors of Benetton, Kolkata
Turquoise spaghetti top: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Cropped corduroy trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata

I love animal prints........but never too much of it. I used the li'l bit of printed scarf to add some highlight to the whole solid colors combo...

I dug out this leopard print scarf from my wardrobe after a long time & once I donned it, I just didn't wanna take it off! I fell in love with it all over please excuse me if you all see it repeated in the near future!! :)
Psst.....also notice similar patterns on the frame of my shades!! :))

Leopard print scarf: Nik-Nish, Kolkata
Shades: H&M, gifted by friend, from Dubai

By now, you guys must have become familiar with my obsession of bangles & how I like mixing & matching different colors & materials with my outfits! Also, this is one of my fav bags that I had picked up from I had mentioned in an earlier post, I was so besotted by this li'l cane & wood beauty that I picked it up in 5 different colors!!! You can see me carrying the green version of this bag here

Wooden bangles with metal studs: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Fabric bangles: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Blue wooden bangle: New Market, Kolkata
Cane & wood bag: Indra Market, Bangkok

What better way to jazz up my Sunday outfit than these beads & mirror-work sandals??? It was love at first sight for me when I saw these colorful beauties on the shelf of the shoe store........& I knew my love was reciprocated when I found out that this was the last pair & it was in my size! Two other ladies were eying these chappals eagerly while I tried them on.......ready to pounce on 'em the moment I let go.......but I never gave them a chance!!! ;)

Beads & mirror-work chappals: Inc.5, Kolkata

Hope all of you have had a wonderful that you are now fresh & ready to take on the coming week!!! :))

Have a fabulous week ahead, lovelies!

Till next time,
Polka Princess
November 11, 2010

Corporate Militia

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Hellooooooo all you lovely people out there!!! Hope you all are having a good having a really really busy one......what with so much work, meeting up with cousins who had come down for Diwali & are once again making their way back to wherever they are located for work, shopping for sister's b'day & party for same at home, so on & so forth..........

By the way, the travel bug has bitten me big time..........and every other moment I feel like running away from all this & roam around the whole & happy!!! Oh! What would I not do to fulfill my  indomitable want of watching the Tower Bridge over the Thames from a pod in the London Eye, remembering the ancient fights & games while roaming in the corridors of the Colosseum in Rome,  shopping to my heart's (or rather my shopaholic soul's) content from the boutiques in Paris & Milan, trying to decipher the fascinating hieroglyphics on the walls of the Great Pyramids in Egypt, watching the fireworks over Sydney Opera House, basking in the glorious sun on the beaches of California............sigh......I could just go on & on & on...................But, alas, that is not to happen! Neither do I have the time to live my fantasies.........nor do I have the money....... :(

But, no worries.......I plan to do all of it one day........maybe bit by bit.........but I'll enjoy & cherish every bit when I do so!!! :))

Anyways, for now, my only travel schedule is from home to office in the morning & back home in the evening.......& I try to enjoy that only as much as I can....& the best way I enjoy my everyday rigmarole of balancing family & work is by dressing up!!! Planning my outfit for each day - clothes, accessories, shoes, hair, make-up - gives a me high which nothing else can! (Yes!! Not even alcohol or drugs, though I haven't tried the latter!!!)

Every once in a while I feel like tweaking the "formal" dress code at my workplace & come up with something not quite in the "formal" category but technically in the "smart casuals" category which is also officially allowed! ;)

I decided to break the monotony of office wear today by wearing these cropped trousers to work. They are super-comfortable & I just love the fit..........stylish & chic!

My grey military-inspired top was the reason for posing in front of the bikes (military.....dudes....bikes........get the drift?).........actually I wanted to pose on one.......but then couldn't quite take the risk for fear of the owner catching me in the action & giving me a piece of his mind!!!

Top: Bandra, Mumbai
Cropped Trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata

I simply love the brass buttons & detailing of the top...also I find the sleeves quite smart...

Even though it's almost mid-November & technically winter should be setting in, we are still having hot days & even hotter nights! Also, the sun shines down with much enthusiasm throughout the day, which makes my shades my most-favored accessory right now........

Shades: Polo Club, Kolkata

I wore my brass colored hoops to match the brass buttons on the top.

Earrings: Vardaan Market, Kolkata
Watch: Fastrack, gifted by friend

I wanted to add a feminine touch to the whole military/corporate feel of the look.......hence the flats. The thing that made me pick up this pair are the striped straps......they came in other combinations too, but I thought these black & white combo is gonna be a sure winner......& I was not wrong......was I??? 

Flats: Indra Market, Bangkok

Last, but not the least, a very big thanks to my boss Soma Bhattacharya for bearing my whims & fancies & being such a great & willing photographer!!! :))

Hope you guys have a great weekend..........& keep the love coming!!

Polka Princess
November 07, 2010

Things to do before I die!

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Well.........the other day, I was having a psychologically interactive session with myself (don't think I'm one of those mad people who talk to themselves more than they do to others, it's just that I was having a tete-a-tete with my inner self regarding my achievements in life so far) ........and I suddenly realized that there are so very few things in my life that makes me feel that I've done something worthwhile! And simultaneously I could think up of a million things that I'd have loved to do.......& which would have made me feel like I've lived life completely!!! That whole soul-searching sort of shook me up & I decided to plot & plan my way of doing at least some of those things which'll make me smile on my deathbed & say that "Yes! I've lived!"

Hence, the following must-do list (not in order of preference) where I've jotted down 10 things that are high on my agenda right now:
1. Going to visit the Pyramids of Egypt.
2. Going trekking with friends to some obscure Indian hills.
3. Buying a Chanel suit, a Louis Vuitton bag, Jimmy Choo shoes & an Hermes scarf.
4. Being a well-known stylist.
5. Taking some time off from friends, family & work and going on a trip to some little-known place......all alone.
6. Creating my own personal library & filling it up from floor to ceiling with books, books & more books.
7. Being proposed to by a rich & handsome eligible bachelor on the top of Eiffel Tower. (Ok....maybe this one's taking it a bit too far......but then, one should aim high to achieve high...right?)
8. Buying a high-end digital SLR camera with full set of lens & clicking some out-of-this-world pictures with it. Even exhibiting my best shots in India & abroad.
9. Being a part of Paris Fashion Week & Milan Fashion Week. (I don't know how I'm gonna achieve that!)
10. Travelling to each & every nook & cranny of the world and learning about all the different places & cultures.

Actually, maybe some of the things in the list are a bit difficult to achieve........but still, these are the things I really want to do in life, even if it takes me quite some years to live my dreams! So, guys........what do you all really want to do in life??? Do lemme know..... :)

I had to go visit my brothers & sisters-in-law today who've come down from Bangalore for the, I dressed up casually for a fun day out with family!!!

I love the gathered balloon sleeves of the top, the boat neck & the pretty print on it.......the silhouette is super comfy & looks perfect with drainpipe denims.

Top: Sepia, Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Denim: Lee Cooper, Mumbai

During my college days, I used to be a die-hard believer in hoops........I had hoop earrings in all sizes, colors & materials..........I still find hoops very versatile, since they go with almost all kinds of looks & outfits..........and this silver one is a personal favourite of mine.

Silver hoops: An exhibition, Pune, gift from mom

The green accessories were put on to compliment the green accents of the top. This bag is one of my fav picks from fact, I was so besotted by this cute bag that I picked it up in 5 different colors!!!

Printed fabric bangle: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Jade bangle & Wooden bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Bamboo & Wood Bag: Indra Market, Bangkok

This is one of my favourite shades of green........specially when it comes to accessories, this color makes it's presence felt instantaneously & fashionably. These snakeskin shoes are perfect for both casual and corporate looks..........not to mention smart & stylish!

Snakeskin Shoes: Snake Farm, Bangkok

Well.....that's all for now pour in your must-do-before-I-die list.........waiting to hear from you all!!!

Till next time, stay stylish!

Lots of love,
Polka Princess


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