Hi there people! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I had a pretty relaxed one.........just lazed around at home & didn't do much. And of course, that means that I did not dress up to go out & hence have no outfit pix to share with you all...

But not to guys just have to make do with snaps clicked way back in the middle of the week gone by.....!

But before going on to the pictures, I'd really like to thank every one of you for liking my photographs (my effort at better photography can be seen in my last post here) & encouraging me to share more from my collection! Your comments & feedbacks were much appreciated!! Hope I can keep up to your expectations & share more pictures that you all will like equally or maybe even better!!! :)
Keep checking this space for more such photography posts......

But till then, let's focus on fashion...

First of all, please excuse my drab look.......but it's mid-week, it's an office day and I just took a 10-minute break from an ever-growing & never-diminishing workload to take these pics! Hence, no enthusiasm left in my weekend-craving soul for touching up my make-up... :(

See what I mean? These clients & vendors won't even leave me in peace for 10 minutes!!! Sigh!
Clotheswise, I decided to pair my very comfy & very favourite zouaves with a kurta for work (I generaly wear them with a tee) & green, being complimentary colors, make for a bright & zingy combo (in fact, now you know what the title of the post refers to)..... :)

Cotton pintuck kurta: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Cotton zouaves/dhoti pants: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

I kept a touch of ethnicity in my accessories too......also the touch of gold in the accessories balances the gold zari border in the kurta. Am currently in love with this fish pendant that I picked up from a handicrafts exhibition recently (Holly!! I got one too!!!) And this is one of my favourite rings - bright & big! 

Dokra* neckpiece: Karigar Haat, Kolkata
Kashmiri painted wooden bangle: Forum, Bangalore
Gold metal bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Red wooden bangle: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Coral & silver ring: Shoppers Stop. Kolkata

These nice, ethnic chappals completed my outfit. I wanted to pick these colorful sandals in all colors possible......but restricted myself at the last moment! At times, I wish I had more colors to wear with different outfits!!! 

Chappals: Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai

*Dokra - An art of metal casting using brass. This technique is used widely in Eastern India to make figurines, jewellery, wall hangings & various other knick-knacks.

Hope I can put up current outfit snaps in my next post. 

Have a rocking week ahead guys!!!

Lots of love,
Polka Princess


  1. Could I please have your TOP, PANTS, and SANDALS please, the PHONE is welcome too :)

    Seriously you ROCK darlin' BIG time :)

    Mwah Mwah Mwah

  2. You are most welcome to all of 'em hon!! :D

    Thanx for all the generous comments! Muuuaaah to u too!!!

    Love... :)

  3. Love the burst of colour, very bright and happy- just the thing one needs to get through a day at work!!! Love it! And the fishy is wayyyyy cute:) Also love the rest of the jewelry you have on!

  4. absolutely loved this red and green color combination ! hint to ethnicity you gave is v nice.
    liked all your pieces of accessory but specially loved loved that beautiful fish necklace !

  5. @Smrithi: I know......I, being a Piscean, was very happy to find this fishy pendant! :)
    @Holly: The fishy's inspired by you big time darling! I was on the lookout for one ever since I saw that post of yours.. :))
    @Sandhyaa: Thanx babe! The fish is getting more compliments than me!!! :P

  6. You look great! :) Love the dhoti pants and your necklace is gorgeous! :) Great blog!
    Check mine and follow, maybe?

  7. Hi, Found you via tanvi's blog! LOLVE LOVE LOVE those chappals, the name of your blog and OMG your fish necklace! I'm SO signing up to follow!


  8. @A Lot Like Fashion: Thanx a ton dear! Your blog seems quite interesting! :)
    @GB: Thanx a bunch!!! Your encouragement keeps me going! :))

  9. Love the red and green combo! So pretty. xo style, she wrote

  10. lovely necklace hunny... btw sorry about not responding to ur email about being in calcutta..i was there only for half a day effectively and spent most of my time in the US i didn't have much time at i didn't even see ur email till after i got back due to little internet access..

    but it was super sweet of u to offer... thanku ..i really appreciate it

  11. @Style: Thanx dear! :)
    @Urban Fashion Gal: Thanx a lot!!
    @Prutha: It's absolutely ok sweetie.....I know you had a hectic schedule! I'd have loved to meet up with you though! :))

  12. Title reminded me of that song 'Hai Hai Mirchi' from Biwi No.1 Hehe :) Love your Desi Avatar! :)


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