That's not the sound of a lighter being lit.........neither of some door getting shut......nor of some heel tapping away on the floor.........

It's actually the sound of the camera being short a picture is being CLICKED!!! :)

You all may wonder why this sudden hullabaloo about the click of a camera? Well........clicking pictures, or in fact, photography, has been my hobby & passion from ever since I've started handling a camera. Whenever I look at anything in front of my eyes, I construct an imaginary frame around a particular part of the scene, the part which I want to capture...& even if I don't have a camera in my eyes become the lens & I capture that scene & store it in the data card of my memory! :)

And when I happen to look through the lens of a camera, every scene in front of me turns into a story, every object in that particular frame becomes a character that makes that story interesting & beautiful!!

Thus is my passion with photography......I can & do click anything & everything under the sun.......& whenever I come across an interesting/aesthetic subject or scenario, my hands itch for my camera, my eyes long to look into the view-finder & my fingers die to click that magical button.

My collection of pictures clicked till date is my treasure trove of beautiful memories & interesting's presenting to you some of my treasures from the collection which is one of my most precious possessions, a collection which is my life & my love! :))

Make Hay While The Sun Shines: 
An unfinished idol of a Hindu Goddess with its crude structure of hay & bamboo sticks basking in the golden glows of the afternoon sun...

Green Cover:
The dense foliage throws a green shadow on the still waters of a pond

The Flying Dragon:
A dragonfly perched on the green leaf of a rice plant in a field

Sparkling Grandeur:
Fireworks at a pre-diwali bash 

The Blue Roof:
The evening sky creates a vivid backdrop for the dark structures of a mall

Treasure Isle:
Trash to some...treasure to others...

A cartload of hay waiting to be taken to some unknown destination

Literary, literally...:
The intellectual crowd at the Kolkata Book Fair

Lost & lonely:
A solitary staircase stranded in the middle of the runway at Langkawi Airport

Photographs clicked & edited by: Yours only

Hope you guys liked my efforts at interesting photography...........your valuable suggestions & opinions are much awaited!

Will surely share more from my collection with you if you like this first edition. :)

Here's welcoming the's almost Friday! And unlike me, many of you have 2-day weekends!! 

Till next time, 
Keep it stylish!
Polka Princess