Corporate Militia

Hellooooooo all you lovely people out there!!! Hope you all are having a good having a really really busy one......what with so much work, meeting up with cousins who had come down for Diwali & are once again making their way back to wherever they are located for work, shopping for sister's b'day & party for same at home, so on & so forth..........

By the way, the travel bug has bitten me big time..........and every other moment I feel like running away from all this & roam around the whole & happy!!! Oh! What would I not do to fulfill my  indomitable want of watching the Tower Bridge over the Thames from a pod in the London Eye, remembering the ancient fights & games while roaming in the corridors of the Colosseum in Rome,  shopping to my heart's (or rather my shopaholic soul's) content from the boutiques in Paris & Milan, trying to decipher the fascinating hieroglyphics on the walls of the Great Pyramids in Egypt, watching the fireworks over Sydney Opera House, basking in the glorious sun on the beaches of California............sigh......I could just go on & on & on...................But, alas, that is not to happen! Neither do I have the time to live my fantasies.........nor do I have the money....... :(

But, no worries.......I plan to do all of it one day........maybe bit by bit.........but I'll enjoy & cherish every bit when I do so!!! :))

Anyways, for now, my only travel schedule is from home to office in the morning & back home in the evening.......& I try to enjoy that only as much as I can....& the best way I enjoy my everyday rigmarole of balancing family & work is by dressing up!!! Planning my outfit for each day - clothes, accessories, shoes, hair, make-up - gives a me high which nothing else can! (Yes!! Not even alcohol or drugs, though I haven't tried the latter!!!)

Every once in a while I feel like tweaking the "formal" dress code at my workplace & come up with something not quite in the "formal" category but technically in the "smart casuals" category which is also officially allowed! ;)

I decided to break the monotony of office wear today by wearing these cropped trousers to work. They are super-comfortable & I just love the fit..........stylish & chic!

My grey military-inspired top was the reason for posing in front of the bikes (military.....dudes....bikes........get the drift?).........actually I wanted to pose on one.......but then couldn't quite take the risk for fear of the owner catching me in the action & giving me a piece of his mind!!!

Top: Bandra, Mumbai
Cropped Trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata

I simply love the brass buttons & detailing of the top...also I find the sleeves quite smart...

Even though it's almost mid-November & technically winter should be setting in, we are still having hot days & even hotter nights! Also, the sun shines down with much enthusiasm throughout the day, which makes my shades my most-favored accessory right now........

Shades: Polo Club, Kolkata

I wore my brass colored hoops to match the brass buttons on the top.

Earrings: Vardaan Market, Kolkata
Watch: Fastrack, gifted by friend

I wanted to add a feminine touch to the whole military/corporate feel of the look.......hence the flats. The thing that made me pick up this pair are the striped straps......they came in other combinations too, but I thought these black & white combo is gonna be a sure winner......& I was not wrong......was I??? 

Flats: Indra Market, Bangkok

Last, but not the least, a very big thanks to my boss Soma Bhattacharya for bearing my whims & fancies & being such a great & willing photographer!!! :))

Hope you guys have a great weekend..........& keep the love coming!!

Polka Princess


  1. I love the entire semi casual look..You have got everything right!
    I am drooling over your sandals and that gorgeous nail colour :)

  2. haha i love that your boss took your photos :)

    really cute blog, have enjoyed reading through your posts have some great pictures and a really elegant style! i've always wanted to visit India so its nice to see a little of it in your pictures xox

  3. I love this post! Those cropped trousers are fabulous. You look so great! And I love your hair, by the way!


  4. the military tunic is fabulous... aah! you should've posed riding in them bikes... quite a few to choose from:)))

  5. Your Boss took the pictures! How sweet! Love your top, girl! :)

  6. @Natasha: Thanx babe....the sandals are a personal favorite too! :)
    @A Certain Vintage: Am glad that I'm being able to fulfill your wish of seeing'll get to see more of this lovely country if you keep checking! ;)
    @Zabrinah: Thanx a ton dear... :)
    @L1L2: I know.......well, maybe next time.....what say?? ;)
    @A: Thanx babe!
    @Tanvii: She's one sweet lady.....more of a friend & senior than a boss!! :))

  7. your boss took these!!

    and where did you get the top from..loved it

  8. @Sulagna: Thanx babe.....the top's from Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai. :)

  9. Love the militia look babe, that top is detailed and stunning, and I LOVE your to nails varnish, LOVE your style :)


  10. Thanx a ton honey!!!!!! That's one of my fav shades of nail paint too....... :))

  11. and again lovely flats.... just loved them !!!


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