First Lady of Fashion

I think if any fashion-conscious person is asked about the most fashionable First Lady of the world, the one & only answer will be Jacqueline Kennedy (1 out of 30 people may take any other name), wife of President John F. Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy (or Jackie O as she was also called) was the embodiment of classy chic! Right from her smooth, elegant bob hairstyle & her over-sized sunglasses to her classy skirt-suits & her pearls & brooches.........each & every detail of her stylish look wowed people throughout the swinging 60s & made her the most happening style icon of that decade!!! :))

In fact, no other First Lady could achieve that style status, though the contemporary Michelle Obama comes a close second........... :)

Who do you guys think is the most stylish First Lady? Do lemme know.....

Anyhow, you all may be wondering why this sudden interest in the First Ladies' fashion sensibilities. Actually when I dressed up for office today, the first thing that came to my mind when I looked at myself in the mirror was that my accessories would go as perfectly with a First Lady's classy skirt suit! That doesn't mean that I was wearing anything remotely formal today.......actually I had just borrowed the accessories from the First Lady look & used them to dress up my smart casual outfit!! :))

I love stripes. I think stripes are the most versatile elements of design & aesthetics. they look good in all sizes & colors!!! Ain't it? :)
The slight chill in the air allowed me to happily take out my full-sleeved striped knitted top....I really dig this magenta & grey combo......& the deep V neck gave me a chance to add my pink spaghetti inside! 

V-neck knitted top: Tommy Hilfiger, Kolkata
Spaghetti (worn inside): Pantaloons, Kolkata
Slim fit denims: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata

Now we come to the pearls & brooch that led to the title of the post......don't ya all think that these elements of my outfit look like they are straight out of a First Lady's wardrobe??? I added these pearls to give a formal twist to the casual look of the stripes......also the flower brooch adds a pretty, feminine touch to the whole sporty vibe of the V-neck knits!

I love this string of pearls (it's actually one string wound into 3 lines)......this can be worn in so many different ways to give entirely different looks! :)

String of pearls: Westside, Kolkata
Crochet brooch: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Eeeeee!!!!!!!! Check out my latest buys........cute black pumps/ballerinas from Aldo! :))
They are just perfect for Formal as well as casual looks...specially like the cute li'l buckles!

Shoes: Aldo, Kolkata

The wedding season's started in full swing & I have quite a few invitations lined up! Am going crazy trying to whisk up proper party outfits (am bored of my old party stuff, though I've not worn 'em more than a couple of times each!).........every thing, in the stores, with bling on it is calling out to me........but my pocket refuses to respond! :(

Anyways, now that Friday's almost at least we have the weekend to look forward to! Also, it's my time to go shopping for ready-made clothes or fabrics that I can get stitched. Hope I find something that fits the bill!!

Have a rocking weekend guys!

Polka Princess


  1. Nice! very Michelle O (I know you were aiming for Jackie, but the colors scream Mrs O)(+ I'm biased--she's my fave among first ladies!) :)

  2. Hey GB! I like Michelle Obama too....though my fav is Jackie O! But I was not really aiming for a First Lady just happened that the pearls & the brooch gave me that feel... :)

  3. I think this one is one of your best post till date, everything looks so coordinated . I mean this striped look is quite a casual one but here its looking different and chic!!!

  4. well put together look :)
    i like Carla Bruni's style, such a trend setter

  5. @Puja: Thanx a ton babe! :))
    @Gayatri: You are absolutely right......Carla Bruni's amazingly stylish too!! :)

  6. I LOVE Grace Kelly and Karla Bruni, and you look fabulous as always dear


  7. Thanx J!!! Hmm....Grace Kelly's hot too...! :))

  8. ohh i think jacki would be the queen bee :) and you look like one starlet yourself !!

  9. I completely agree with you! Jackie Kennedy's style is eternal
    Btw, Love your new ballet flats - they're so cute!

    Please check out my blog too, and let me know what you think :) -

  10. @Sulagna: Hey! Thanx a bunch dear!! Muah! :)
    @Masoom: Thanx! I think your blog is really cute sweetheart!! :)
    @Indian Sarees: Thanx a ton!! :))

  11. Wow..Love those pearls! And you read my mind.. I still think she is the most stylish First lady ever..Michelle is great too..but she comes at a time where everything is so readily accessible, you know what I mean..wheres Jackie O was stylish when first ladies were meant to be so formal and stern looking ...Did that make :P

  12. @Eden: Thanx a lot! :)
    @Natasha: It sure makes sense hon! I think you are absolutely right!! Jackie O was rocked in her own way!!! :))

  13. You would make a kickass first lady!! Love the crochet brooch the most. Soooo totally cute and chic to boot! Love that sweater and those shoes are darlinggggggggggggg!! Very nice indeed!

  14. Thanx a bunch Holly babe! That's so sweet of you! :))

  15. You look fabulous! I especially like the flower and the pearls=)

  16. nice photo shoot- great blog- nice to 'meet' you

  17. you look fresh and great. i love the color of the top and the pearls, of course.
    great style, love!!

  18. @Ren: The pleasure's all mine dear! Am glad you like my blog... :)
    @Vinda: Thanx a bunch babe!! :))

  19. You have such gorgeous locks and again that smile!!! Of course loving the outfit and those pearls! :)


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