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Hola there guys!!!
Hope you all are having a great week.........mine is as busy as usual......though did a spot of shopping too! :)

Since I'm having a very hectic, busy & no-nonsense week......hence, didn't get much chance of dressing up or clicking pictures (when I did look half decent!).......

As a result, you guys will have to do with another one of my photography posts!!! After the most encouraging response on my first one here, I was more confident while putting up this one. At least, you all can't blame me even if you don't like the all bought it onto yourself with all those flattering comments! :P

Anyways, am not sharing snaps from any particular place or period of time.......these are all randomly selected from my collection. Oh! Another thing that I forgot to mention in my earlier post is that all these pictures have been clicked with my Sony Cyber Shot digital no high-end techno tool there!

Now, just sit back & enjoy the pics........ :))

Beach Blues......:
All set to relax on the beach

Haphazard Horizon:
The Pattaya skyline against the backdrop of the blue sky & the blue-er sea!

Which way do you wanna go???

Tall Twins:
The Petronus Twin Towers loom large on the city of Kuala Lumpur

Sky High:
The KL Tower stands tall in all it's elegance & splendor

Unity in Diversity:
Not one pebble is same as the other.......still they all blend so well together!

The Hanging Garden:
Plants hung & flung in a nursery...

Colorful Chaos:
Oooh! The bangle-lover in me is spoilt for choice!!!

Soooooooo.........whaddya think guys??? I've shared quite an assorted lot pour in your feedbacks!!!

Love you all,
Polka Princess


  1. You have a really good eye.

  2. oh love the pics specially that of the pattaya skyline !!

  3. Oh My....... what's not to love sweetie. These pictures are AMAZING, they are beautiful... more pics please :)

    Love, Hugs & Kisses dear

  4. Wow...I can't believe you shot all these pics with just a digital camera..Am I impressed or what? These pictures are awesome..Breathtaking is the word and I should also add that the captions you give them makes it even more deep :)

  5. @R: Thanx babe! :)
    @Ninjagaiden78: :D
    @Puja: The Pattaya skyline is a fav of mine too!
    @Jemina: Thanx a bunch J!!! Keep posted for more pix! :))
    @Natasha: You are just too generous with all those compliments dear!! :)

  6. i think you are one big bunch of talent !!

  7. lovely pics.
    i have been following your blog for quite some time, though i read and see all the posts, i don't comment coz i am too lazy...!

    but dis particular post, reminded me of my recent trip to malaysia and bangkok. i too have added pics do check...!

    these are thailand pics, will be uploading malaysia pics soon...!

  8. @Sulagna: Now...that's just too sweet of you dear... :))
    @Sepo: Thanx babe......your pics are cool! Looks like you had a fun time there!!! :)

  9. stunning pictures



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