Leopard Print Retro

Another Sunday's come.........& gone............! Oh!! Why do these Sundays rush so??? I mean...com'on! By the time I realise that it's my off day.....it's almost gone! :(

I think it should be law for all organisations to have 5 working days per week.........I mean if I'm slogging my a** off for 5 whole days........shouldn't I be entitled to at least 2 days off? I mean, am just asking for only 28% time off! Is that too much to ask for???

Anyways, I try to manage my Sunday time as best as possible..........what with friends and family all wanting a share of my Sunday, let alone some time off that I need for myself!! Today I had gone for Social Network (the movie) with friends. It was a nice flick.........something 500 million people around the world can actually connect to (that's the supposed no. of Facebook users as of now). Had iced tea & blueberry muffin afterwards & browsed around the mall for a while before heading back home.

I like to make my Sunday dressing bright & cheery! And today, I wanted to do bright sans the prints......hence the solid blocks of colors from top to bottom. The yellow top has a deep neck & I love pairing it up with peeps of contrast colored inners! Also, these brown corduroy cropped trousers are very versatile & very comfy!!

I thought I'll ditch my neckpieces today in favour of this leopard-print scarf.......this scarf is one of my favourite accessories, but unfortunately I don't get to flaunt it as much as I'd like to! I'd picked it up almost 5-6 years back & together with my big, brown shades, it adds the perfect retro touch to my whole Sunday ensemble!!!

Yellow top with pleat details on neck & shoulders: United Colors of Benetton, Kolkata
Turquoise spaghetti top: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Cropped corduroy trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata

I love animal prints........but never too much of it. I used the li'l bit of printed scarf to add some highlight to the whole solid colors combo...

I dug out this leopard print scarf from my wardrobe after a long time & once I donned it, I just didn't wanna take it off! I fell in love with it all over again.........so please excuse me if you all see it repeated in the near future!! :)
Psst.....also notice similar patterns on the frame of my shades!! :))

Leopard print scarf: Nik-Nish, Kolkata
Shades: H&M, gifted by friend, from Dubai

By now, you guys must have become familiar with my obsession of bangles & how I like mixing & matching different colors & materials with my outfits! Also, this is one of my fav bags that I had picked up from Bangkok........as I had mentioned in an earlier post, I was so besotted by this li'l cane & wood beauty that I picked it up in 5 different colors!!! You can see me carrying the green version of this bag here

Wooden bangles with metal studs: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Fabric bangles: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Blue wooden bangle: New Market, Kolkata
Cane & wood bag: Indra Market, Bangkok

What better way to jazz up my Sunday outfit than these beads & mirror-work sandals??? It was love at first sight for me when I saw these colorful beauties on the shelf of the shoe store........& I knew my love was reciprocated when I found out that this was the last pair & it was in my size! Two other ladies were eying these chappals eagerly while I tried them on.......ready to pounce on 'em the moment I let go.......but I never gave them a chance!!! ;)

Beads & mirror-work chappals: Inc.5, Kolkata

Hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend.........so that you are now fresh & ready to take on the coming week!!! :))

Have a fabulous week ahead, lovelies!

Till next time,
Polka Princess


  1. Nice and bright! :) I love yellow of all kinds.. a lot of people find it iffy, but I think that if worn properly, yellow is such a happy colour! :)

  2. Those shoes are fabulous, just the perfect way to brighten up any outfit. That bag is seriously lovely, I totally get why you'd buy it many many colours! :D

  3. love the entire look...you are like a rainbow, bright and colorful :)

  4. @Sally: I also like yellow a lot! It cheers up your day instantly!!! :)
    @Holly: I know.....those shoes are my mood uplifters whenever I feel low! And the bags in all different colors were too tempting to resist!! ;)
    @Sulagna: Thanx a bunch babe!! I feel all the more happy & bright now!!! :))

  5. i love your indian colours!! some really nice pics dear!!! Will you check out my blog? It's new and i'd love to have you as a follower!

    Hope to hear from you soon:

  6. Thanx a lot Silvia!!! You have a cool blog out there....all the best! :))

  7. nice ethnic chappals, love the bag as well.


  8. I love all your sandals *drool* :)

  9. ohhh yeaahh !! whaat a header line !!!
    and i like your bag !!! and colorful chappals... !

  10. @Gayatri: Thanx a ton!! :)
    @Natasha: Lolz!! Thanx babe! :)
    @Sandhyaa: Thanx a bunch dear!! Glad you like 'em! :)

  11. Oooohhhh LA LA, all of my favourites are here, TURQUOISE, GOLD, LEOPARD PRINT & BLING!!!

    You ROCK girl!!!!!!


  12. Oh J!! You always make my day!!! :))
    Lots of love...

  13. Hot damn! You look purrfect... :)

    Love the pop of turquoise teamed with yellow! Love the quirkiness of the leopard print, I like this kind of 'edge'. Gorgeous!

  14. Thanx a ton lady!!! Your comments mean a lot! :)

  15. You want to wear boots and I want to wear your footwear! Can't wear it here. See!!! Life is not fair to either of us ;)

  16. Lolz!!! Well.......it's always greener on the other side of the river! ;)

  17. luv those beaded chappals!!
    is this the same chappal in d 1st pic in ur header..

  18. Yes dear.........it's the same one.......good observation girl!!! :)

  19. I have the same but pink!!!
    my name's martina and I come from italy...I would like you visit my blog and if yopu want...follow me!I wait you and your tips!kiss kiss ^^

  20. Thanx a bunch Martina!! Your blog's sooo pretty! :)

  21. Hi! I'm new here, as one of my readers linked to you saying that you and me look very much like each other!.. Personally, I don't see it, but I really like your blog (anyway;))=)


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