Things to do before I die!

Well.........the other day, I was having a psychologically interactive session with myself (don't think I'm one of those mad people who talk to themselves more than they do to others, it's just that I was having a tete-a-tete with my inner self regarding my achievements in life so far) ........and I suddenly realized that there are so very few things in my life that makes me feel that I've done something worthwhile! And simultaneously I could think up of a million things that I'd have loved to do.......& which would have made me feel like I've lived life completely!!! That whole soul-searching sort of shook me up & I decided to plot & plan my way of doing at least some of those things which'll make me smile on my deathbed & say that "Yes! I've lived!"

Hence, the following must-do list (not in order of preference) where I've jotted down 10 things that are high on my agenda right now:
1. Going to visit the Pyramids of Egypt.
2. Going trekking with friends to some obscure Indian hills.
3. Buying a Chanel suit, a Louis Vuitton bag, Jimmy Choo shoes & an Hermes scarf.
4. Being a well-known stylist.
5. Taking some time off from friends, family & work and going on a trip to some little-known place......all alone.
6. Creating my own personal library & filling it up from floor to ceiling with books, books & more books.
7. Being proposed to by a rich & handsome eligible bachelor on the top of Eiffel Tower. (Ok....maybe this one's taking it a bit too far......but then, one should aim high to achieve high...right?)
8. Buying a high-end digital SLR camera with full set of lens & clicking some out-of-this-world pictures with it. Even exhibiting my best shots in India & abroad.
9. Being a part of Paris Fashion Week & Milan Fashion Week. (I don't know how I'm gonna achieve that!)
10. Travelling to each & every nook & cranny of the world and learning about all the different places & cultures.

Actually, maybe some of the things in the list are a bit difficult to achieve........but still, these are the things I really want to do in life, even if it takes me quite some years to live my dreams! So, guys........what do you all really want to do in life??? Do lemme know..... :)

I had to go visit my brothers & sisters-in-law today who've come down from Bangalore for the, I dressed up casually for a fun day out with family!!!

I love the gathered balloon sleeves of the top, the boat neck & the pretty print on it.......the silhouette is super comfy & looks perfect with drainpipe denims.

Top: Sepia, Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Denim: Lee Cooper, Mumbai

During my college days, I used to be a die-hard believer in hoops........I had hoop earrings in all sizes, colors & materials..........I still find hoops very versatile, since they go with almost all kinds of looks & outfits..........and this silver one is a personal favourite of mine.

Silver hoops: An exhibition, Pune, gift from mom

The green accessories were put on to compliment the green accents of the top. This bag is one of my fav picks from fact, I was so besotted by this cute bag that I picked it up in 5 different colors!!!

Printed fabric bangle: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Jade bangle & Wooden bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Bamboo & Wood Bag: Indra Market, Bangkok

This is one of my favourite shades of green........specially when it comes to accessories, this color makes it's presence felt instantaneously & fashionably. These snakeskin shoes are perfect for both casual and corporate looks..........not to mention smart & stylish!

Snakeskin Shoes: Snake Farm, Bangkok

Well.....that's all for now pour in your must-do-before-I-die list.........waiting to hear from you all!!!

Till next time, stay stylish!

Lots of love,
Polka Princess