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Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!! Hope you all had a rocking Christmas........& are gearing up for an even more rocking New Year!!! :)

A couple of days before Christmas, we had a program (arranged by the company I work for) at St. Joseph's Home, where we went & put up a show for the old & ailing senior citizens who stay there and then distributed gifts & cake among them. The smiles on those wrinkled faces was the best gift I could have for Christmas..........felt blessed, all right! :))

Christmas Day was lovely..........hung out with family after a long time........just the folks & us sisters. And boy! Did we have fun or what!! :D

And of course! Christmas was super-duper-awesome coz it was on a Saturday!! So..........could wake up late next day too! It should always be like this, if you ask me..........Boxer Day is meant to be spent relaxed & home with a good, home-cooked meal (as I had for lunch)...............or hanging out with friends & catching a movie (as I did in the afternoon!)........ :))
"The Tourist" is a must-watch, if you ask me! Angelina Jolie is smouldering hot & sexy........just couldn't take my eyes off her (though I had originally planned to watch a lot more of Depp than her).........I think she's just getting hotter with age.........what do you guys think???

This outfit was put together specially keeping in mind the cold movie theater I was headed for! The rolled-necked wrap/poncho was as warm & comfortable as of my newest buys!! :)

Had to wear a full-sleeved top inside for the chill in the wind (though it was quite a sunny afternoon that greeted me as I stepped out of the house)........the pink of the top contrasted brightly with the navy of the poncho & added the right dash of color!!

Navy woolen poncho: Max, Kolkata
Pink knit top: Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai
Light blue denims: BK Market, Kolkata

The string of beads adds some glamor to the outfit & breaks the monotony of the big block of navy all along the front.........I also wore my blue studs which are actually Peace signs (sorry don't have better pix of 'em).
Also, excuse the terrible state of hair..........but it was still wet (& my hair goes all unmanageable curls when wet)...

Necklace: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Earrings: New Market, Kolkata

My blue gladiators were a natural choice for finishing off this outfit..........after buying these & wearing 'em on an outing with friends, one of the friends (who's a Shoe designer) asked me where I got these shoes from & when replied to, said that he had actually made it for them!!! How cool is that??? :))

Gladiator flats: Hamlyn, Kolkata

Well.........that's all for today........hope you guys are having a great year-end!! Let's work hard, party harder, smile, laugh, give, receive, enjoy, love........& make the most of the last few days of the year!!! 

Till next time,
Keep it stylish......

Polka Princess


  1. Glad you had a good Christmas! :) I had a good relaxing time at home too! You look cute as always!!

  2. So comfy and stylish! Love the look:) Great blog.
    Check out mines when you can.

  3. @Tanvii: Lolz!! Thanx hon! :)
    @Tami: You are's super-comfy!! You've got a cute blog there! :))
    @Puja: Thanx a lot dear... :)
    @Smrithi: Thanx a bunch babe!!! :))

  4. I love the poncho and the blue color. So pretty :)

  5. Love your poncho!!!
    Have a great 2011 dear!!!
    Fashion Panache

  6. How cool that yout friend made the shoes! Your poncho is too fun and love the color!

  7. @Lia: Thanx babe! :)
    @Bhushavali: Happy New Year to you too dear!! :))
    @Chic 'n Cheap Living: sure glad I have a Shoe designer friend! :))

  8. The gladiators are lovely! :) Great outfit post!:)

  9. Cute colour of the shoes! Merry Christmas!

  10. @A Lot Like Fashion: Thanx babe!!! Much appreciated!
    @Tamanna: Aren't they cute?? Merry Christmas to you too sweetie! :))

  11. Sorry late for Christmas.

    But I wish you a very happy new year 2011

  12. hi darling. just found your blog! looking cute dear
    hope you're having a good week
    happy new year

  13. happy new year! nice blog, hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

  14. @A: A very Happy New yEar to you too dear!!
    @Ediot: Hey! Thanx for stopping by.....i like your Etsy shop! Happy new year to you too! :)
    @Theonlyfashionprincess: Happy New Year to you too dear!!! :))


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