Bon Jour 2011!!!

By Anupriya DG - December 31, 2010

Hello all you beautiful people out there..............hope all of you are really geared up to dance/sing/make merry away the last few hours of 2010 & to welcome 2011 with a bang!! Everyone has planned this night since months......& everyone wants to make it perfect, down to the last detail! So, out there, people are dressing up, looking great, setting off in hordes towards the clubs & pubs around town, having grand feasts, shopping till the shutters are downed in malls, laughing, singing, dancing, having house parties, eating, drinking, toasting, cheering, so on & so forth............loud music can be heard from all corners of the city & brightly clad females & males (men don't shy away from color & bling nowadays) can be seen thronging the roads, malls & all the happening joints of the city!! And, away from it whiling away the last few hours of this year, all ready to welcome the next one with eagerness, hope & doing the most important & interesting thing that 2010 has gifted me........writing my blog....... :))

That doesn't mean that I'm one of the boring types & don't like partying, dancing, eating, drinking &'s just that this whirlwind of an year has had so many ups & downs, excitements, incidents, festivities & new happenings, that I wanted to spend the last few moments of it by reliving all the beautiful memories of the year gone by & relaxing in the reassuring warmth of those cherished moments... enough of reminiscing about it's time to look forward to 2011.......
What do you guys think this coming year's gonna bring for all of us? And what are your new year's resolutions???

I've listed down 11 resolutions for lemme know yours......:
1. To lose weight. Period.
2. To control my urges of splurging on food, clothes, music, stationaries, books, accessories, shoes (in short, all things that one can spend money on!).....& save some money!!! (Actually, lots of it..)
3. To go on vacation twice a year...& not even to any place I've already been to. I want to visit new places......learn their culture, taste their food, explore the nooks & crannies.......& of course, click lots of picture!!!
4. To finally decide whether I'm ready to fulfill my want of doing Masters in Fashion Styling. 
5. If the answer to the above is in the positive, then need to decide on a good college for the same in the UK or the USA & enroll for the 2011 session.
6. To eat, pray, love...
7. To learn one new thing every month.
8. To work hard......& party harder!!
9. To smile..........even when it pains to do so.....
10. To listen to my heart........always.....
11. And last but not the least (sorry for the cliche), to write numerous more posts (hopefully better than the ones I came up with in 2010)........share interesting outfit ideas with you all..........& make lots of awesome blogger friends!!! 

So, on that note, I welcome 2011 with outstretched arms...........ready to accept & enjoy whatever the year brings with it..........Happy New Year guys!!!!!! :))

Sorry I don't have much of outfit snaps today.....just sharing some pictures taken while I was out with family on Christmas day!

It was not too this light pullover did the trick.........along with the floral print stole to keep off the chilly breeze.....

We had a planned a whole day out........hence, a handy bag, that looks small but holds a lot of things, and a comfortable pair of shoes were utter necessities! 

V-neck striped pullover: Tommy Hilfiger, Kolkata
Washed denims: Lee Cooper, Kolkata
Printed stole/scarf: New Market, Kolkata
Black patent bag: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Fabric & jute shoes: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Lastly, a BIG thanks to all my lovely followers & blogger friends for encouraging me, patiently listening to (reading) all my chatter, complimenting (truly or falsely) me in all the outfit posts (& non-outfit ones too), egging me on & helping me make this blog from good to better (hope it is!) all of you.........mwwaaaahh!! :))

Hope all of you will have a rocking & amazing year ahead! See you all next year!! (It's not that far away it???) ;)

Happy New Year 2011 guys!!!!! Rock it! 

Till next year,
Yours fashionably,
Polka Princess

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  1. First of all happy new year .. and you know what the first resolution in list is also the one in my list .. I sincerely wish to stick to my fitness regime..
    P.S.: Nice pullover ..

    i just pray for you to go ahead with your 2011 resolutions....the 1st one... losing weight... looking at pics, don't think its needed....:P

    read more at my Blog & give ur views plz....

  3. Happy 2011 you beautiful woman you!

    What a lovely post and what lovely and noble resolutions you have made. I love resolutions... they are intentions and they must be set in order to be achieved.

    Thank you for your support and blog friendship and your wonderful lovely warm presence in the blogosphere! It is a privilege to have 'met' you.

    May 2011 be as blessed and blissful as you wish and make it to be! xo

  4. Dearest Princess
    Happy New Year darling, my resolution is to lose weight too ha ha ha :)
    Btw, I LOVE your outfit, you are fabulous

    Miss you so much & keep in touch babe


  5. liking your sixth resolution to eat, pray, love:)) have a wonderful year ahead!

  6. @Puja: I wish I can stick to it too!!! Sigh!
    @Irfanuddin: Happy New Year to you too!! :)
    @Dusk: It was nice "meeting" you too, you gorgeous lady!!!! And once again, I do intend to stick to my resolutions..... :)
    @Jemina: You don't need to lose weight are perfect! I'll definitely keep in touch even if you don't want too! :P
    @L1L2: You guys have a rocking year ahead too!! :)

  7. Honestly, I don't think #1 is necessary either, haha. BTW I absolutely love your scarf :). It looks so fun to wear!

    teri at

  8. White color combination scarf is looking good and this pink pullover too.I like the way you have presented your dress at a good place.


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