Doodle do........

Hi people!

I've been doing my vanishing trick again! (I know...I all may think that I'm just playing "price-y"......but trust me, am really & truly too busy with work!)

First of all, I'd like to congratulate my very sweet & very stylish fellow blogger Tanvii for successfully completing her "30 for 30" Challenge!!! For those of you who have no idea about what I'm talking check out Tanvii's "fabulous" blog here & see how she aced a challenge she undertook..........a challenge which required her to stick to 30 items of clothing for 30 days.......& didn't she do it with flair!! She's the undisputed Queen of Mixing & Matching! Here's to you girl..........cheers!!!!!! :))

Well, for a change, I haven't got an outfit post for you guys today (thanks to my ever-increasing work load................did a 12-hour shift at office today........& things are not looking very promising in the near future too!) it's something very non-fashion & boring that I'm going to put up!

Here goes..........

You guys must be wondering what this is all about???'s nothing actually........just a doodling  from my sketchbook......(that doesn't mean that I sketch regularly, it's only a once-in-a-while phenomenon)

Also, there's no particular reason for this's just something I rigged up to pass time on a lazy Sunday afternoon! Pen & Ink on paper.

One more Sunday afternoon spent with pen & paper!! :)
In fact, there's more reason to this one than the previous one. This sketch is supposedly a depiction of my sun-sign (no prizes for's Pisces!!) A li'l elaborate depiction if I must say!! :))

Am too tired to say (or write) anything more, even if I want to! (Rewind to "12-hour shift at work" info) Hope at least some of you will like my mindless works of art (if I can call 'em that!!) pour in the positive as well as negative feedbacks (well.......pls be a li'l less harsh keeping in mind my over-worked state of mind!)......

Till next time (hope that's soon),
Polka Princess


    i'm impressed:)

  2. Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...these are so beautiful!!! Reallly nice! Talented you definetly are. tanvi is a superstar! It's beyond cool how she did the challenge and stuck to her guns, I would have given up after day 12!!

    Awwww..sad about all the long work hours, it should be made illegal to work long hours in December, something sooo wrong about it!

  3. Those doodles are nice!!!
    Just came across and thought of dropping a comment..
    Do drop by mine sometime!!! :)
    Fashion Panache - My 4" heels

  4. hey dear .... interesting welcome back post!! i like ur blogging style !!

    plz join my blog its... i hope u got here somethin new .....

    Jai Ho Manglamay HO

  5. Hi Princess, I LOVE your sketches, you are so talented!!!


  6. the first sketch is too good..The design is very intricate and delicate!! Good job babe :)

  7. @Vinda: Thanx dear! :)
    @Holly: I sooooo agree with you!! Winters are supposed to be enjoyed.......not to be slogged through!!! :(
    @Bhushavali: Thanx for dropping by! I like your blog too!!
    @Vish: Thanx a lot... :)
    @Jemina: are making me blush now dear!! :))
    @Natasha: I like that one too......thanx for the encouragement!!! :)

  8. totally fallin in love with your sketch! teach me how you did, i like drawing too
    wanna follow each other dear? if you dont mind :)


  9. That's really nice! You call that just a doodle? Then what are my hearts and stuff doodled on paper called? Keep em up babe :D

  10. hi polku princess.. they are cute !!! :) :)

  11. Your sketches are great! You are very talented. You should make prints and sell them. Or may be you do already?=)

  12. @Diva: Sure! I'd love to teach you how I "doodle"!! :P Following your lovely blog... :)
    @R: Thanx a bunch babe! BUt ya....I'll still call 'em doodles!!! :P
    @Puja: Thanx..... :))
    @Antonia: No I don't do that yet......but I quite like your idea! :)

  13. Hey gorgeous!!! So sorry that it took me this long to get here. AND THANK YOU! for the compliments here and everywhere and everyday! You are a sweetheart ... And I love your doodling! Isn't it fun! :o)


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