Welcoming winter...& a noble giveaway...

Helloooooooo lovelies..........wassup with y'all??? Hope you guys are having a nice week!

I'm back after a long, long time (though I regularly visited and commented on the amazing posts of my blogger friends!).....I was just too busy to think about or put together pictures for a post......*hope-you-don't-mind-and-even-I-missed-you-all grin*

I had & am still having an awfully hectic & busy week!! What with the party season & Christmas being around the corner.......I have my hands full! In fact, I've been wanting to put up a post since the last 3 days......but was just too lazy to dig up an outfit that'll be good enough to be photographed! Moreover.......I heralded the arrival of winter with a terrible & frustrating cold!!! :(

But not to worry........am better (though still sniffling) now.......& today I had woken up with a strong resolve of putting up a new post before hitting the bed tonight! :))

Though my city experiences one of the mildest versions of winter in the country......& we are still watching the teasers of the main movie.......a journey out of the house still demands a light jacket & of course, a stole/muffler. (More so, thanks to my vulnerable blood cells - my white ones put up a specially weak fight in this season)

But all in all.........I'm loving the chill in the air.........the slightly foggy streets of the early morning (though that's not something I see often......late to bed & late to rise is my mantra!).........the cozy warmth of the blanket.........the musty smell of the woolens..........& of course, the ultimate excitement of layering!!! :D

It was a particularly glum morning (you all must be thinking, "Glum?? But then what's all this sunshine???"......well, when I had the time to pose for pictures, it was well past afternoon!).....& all my thoughts about the workload waiting for me at office made it more so! So, I thought of putting together bright colors........it served as an instant uplifter of my mood!! :))

This jersey knit shrug is light & was just perfect for the slight nip in the air. And the muffler was much needed to protect my sore throat from the chill! Since both my top & shrug were of contrast solid colors, I  donned the multi-colored scarf to complement the multi-colored embroidery of the top.

A look at the colorful embroidered front of my top sans the scarf......I fell in love with these bright & cheery paisleys as soon as I saw 'em! The top also has very cute honeycombed neckline & hem. Also, don't you think this shade of cobalt strikingly sets off the green of the top? 

Embroidered cotton top: Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai
Jersey knit shrug: Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai
Beige corduroys: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata

What's with my weird expression? Can't really remember what I was doing thinking trying to express at that particular moment!!! :P

Since I had a scarf around my neck, I had to deny my neckpieces their day out! Hence, went all out with the bangles........piled 'em on as usual......my regular dose of bright colors! :)

Multicolored metal bangle & Jade bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Blue & white wooden bangle: Commercial Street, Bangalore

These are a pair of my most comfortable heels.........they are original snake-skin leather that I had picked up from a Snake Farm in Bangkok! The green is a really chic shade that goes with a lot of colors.......& the whole look is very smart.......I feel! What do you guys think???

Snake-skin pumps: Snake Farm, Bangkok

Sooooooooooo..............that's how I'm ushering in winter this year.........have lots planned for the season - cool parties, fun outings with friends & family, stylish layerings and enjoying Christmas & New Year!!! :))

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Have a wonderful winter friends..........not to mention a rocking weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love,
Polka Princess