January 29, 2011

A quick 'Hi' from Bangalore!

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Hi guys!!

Just a quickie post from Bangalore....am having awesome fun here!!! The last week has been spent chilling......gossiping...........hanging out with friends............going to see lovely places............& of course, lots & lots of shopping!! :))

But am feeling really sad as I'm writing this.......coz the end of my week-long holiday is just round the corner.......& I'll be flying home on Sunday......... :(

Till then, am going to enjoy to the fullest!! So.......not much for today, except for a few snaps from my trip to see the Hoggenekkal Falls (which is about 150 kms. from the city)...........I went there with friends, cousin, mom & aunt.........& we sure had a blast out there!!! :)

Black tee: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Polka dotted knit top: Max, Bangalore
Denims: BK Market, Kolkata
Black shades: Polo Club, Kolkata
Bangles: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Denim bag: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Digital camera: Nikon L110

Photos courtesy: Sujoy Bhadra

Aren't the falls simply gorgeous??? The views were mesmerizing & we had lots of fun getting drenched under some of the smaller falls!!!

The weather here is majorly hot & the sun is scorching in the afternoon..........hence, you can see how tanned I look!!!

I haven't gotten around to uploading any of my pics yet..........will do so once I reach home......till then, I'll be using these beautiful shots taken by my friend to impress you all!

I've been missing all of you hugely.........& have been dying to check out all the lovely posts by my blogger friends............but I had absolutely no way of connecting to the net for the last few days! Am really sorry for not being able to reply to all your encouraging comments & also for not being able to comment on your beautiful posts.............please bear with me for a couple of days more.......I promise to be back in full swing soon!!! :))

Will be back soon with more pictures & stories!!!

Lots of love till then,
Polka Princess
January 20, 2011

Back with a bang! (Or rather, quite a few of them!!)

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Well.........those of you who are my friends on FaceBook or those of you who have too eagerly jumped my incessant chatter & taken peek at the pictures below, will be knowing by now that there have been a major (nothing earth-shattering or phenomenal) change in my appearance between this post & my last one! Yes!! I've got a haircut!!!!!!!!!!! And this time round, I've got something which I had last when I was in the second standard...........bangs!!! :))

I've been getting all kinds of comments since I came out of the hairdresser's..............some nice, some funny, some absolutely depressing & some down-right weird!! Now am apprehensive about what all of my blogger friends will have to say about my new look!

Anyways..........I've had such a busy week! (You may ask when I do I not have one? Since every week I crib about how busy I have been! But trust me, this week beat 'em all!!) Attended two weddings, been to a movie with colleagues, went gadget shopping & bought a new digital camera (Nikon L110), had loads of work to catch up on............& of course, visited all my fav blogs and commented on each & every one of 'em (not to mention, read & replied to all of the lovely comments I got on my last post!)............Phew!! So.....you can see I'm not fibbing...........right?

Apart from all this, I've to go to a family friend's place today and have to complete all my work before I take my leave from Saturday! Ya.............you heard (or should I say saw?) it right............I'm going on a week long vacation from Saturday!!! Yiiiippppiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!! Me & mom are gonna have a great time together in Bangalore..........that's where am going to chillax & take a much-needed break! :)

And I've not even started packing yet..........that's how busy I am!!

Anyways, so if any of you are from Bangalore, or are gonna be there anytime next week, do mail me..........& maybe we can catch up over a cup of coffee!!!!

I haven't got that many pictures today..............just something I wore to office yesterday..........& of course, the highlight of the post: my new haircut!! :))

 *Drumrolls* Presenting to you: the return of the bangs!!
In fact, one of my childhood friends said (right after seeing the first snap of my new hairdo) that these bangs reminded her of the7-year old me!! :P

I love this blue cardi of mine! The color is sooooo soft & romantic.............& of course, it's very very comfortable & warm! But the only frustrating thing with it is that it gets dirty very easily & I don't feel like wearing it twice without laundering!

*Drumrolls once again* For the first time in the history of this blog, Polka Princess is posting pictures of herself wearing a Polka-dotted top!!! (Though I have quite a few of 'em.......till now, I haven't got around to putting up any outfit snaps wearing one of my precious polka prints!)
This cotton top is also very comfy, has super-cute overlapped petal sleeves (sorry no snaps of same........but maybe you all can see that sometime next summer) & has two pretty li'l pockets on the sides!
My all time favorite brooch perched pretty on the cardi & my most comfortable pair of heels in snakeskin rounded off the whole outfit nicly............ :))

Blue woolen cardigan: Fancy Market, Kolkata
Green polka-dotted top: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Grey slim fit trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata
Grey crochet flower brooch: Suan Lim night bazaar, Bangkok
Silver teardrop earrings: Only, Mumbai
Green snakeskin pumps: Snake Farm, Bangkok

So.................most probably this is my last post before I take off........& I'll be off the net for most of the next week (apart from FB status updates from the phone & stuff like that).............but I promise I'll have loads of stuff to put up for you guys once I'm back in town on the 30th!

Till then guys.............have a great weekend & an even greater week ahead!!!

Will miss all of you for a while..........please pardon me if I fail to check your posts or comment on the same.........I'll make up for all of it once am back!

Lots of love,
Polka Princess
January 16, 2011

Blue, green....& all things in between...

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When I woke up yesterday morning & looked out of the window, for a moment I thought I'd been transported (by some magic/ in my dream) to some hill station! Fog hung thick & low over the whole city like some mysterious intruder waiting to pounce on the early morning risers unawares...
And poor me had to brave the thick haze & trudge to office early in the morning.............coz we were going for a picnic!!! The foggy & cold morning made the 2 hours trip to the farmhouse near the river Ganga all the more exciting & fun! Everyone was supposed to meet at the office building & then set off together for the journey to the picnic spot. Walking through the clouds, that had descended on earth yesterday, gave me an ethereal & beautiful feeling ( not to mention a cold numbness in the parts of my body that were exposed to the caressing touches of the mist) & as I neared my office, here's what greeted my eyes:

This is a residential building right next to my office which is 35 stories high & which generally looms large over the other smaller buildings around.........but yesterday, it was shrouded almost fully by the thick veil of fog........wonder what the residents of the higher floors are feeling like up there, lost in the clouds!!

So.......amidst the low temperature, the chilly winds & the thick fog, we set off for the day-long outing. In fact, we had a lovely day..........laughing, gossiping, eating, pulling each others' legs, enjoying in the out-of-town farmhouse, watching boats go by on the river adjacent to the house & of course, clicking lots & lots of pictures!!! :)

Here's few of the shots clicked by the hobbyist photographer in me (my friends & colleagues have tired of my affinity towards doors, windows, plants & other knick-knacks whenever I have a camera in hand!!):


Green & Yellow

Tinted sunlight

Bare essentials...

Life crack'd through...

Aaaaaaaannnnnnndddddd........now we come to the fashionista me!! Early morning chill & the ever-spreading mist all around compelled me to pile on the layers........the bright colors on me represented my jovial mood & the exciting day that lay ahead......with the right amount of black to balance the vibrant blue & green!

I absolutely love this combo of turquoise & lime!!! It's one of my favorite color combinations of all times........so what better could I choose for a fun day out with friends???

In fact, this striped sweater in bright colors is borrowed from my sister's wardrobe (almost without her knowledge! I mean, when she'll see it's missing........she can guess that I have worn it.....right?)
P.S.: That's the river behind me.......with steps leading down to it from the gates.

I simply adore the slightly flared sleeves & the zig zag stripes on the body of the sweater!
Also, you all can see what a blast I had............climbing trees & having fun, posing all over the place!!! :)

The black knit jacket with the asymmetric hemline is a recent winter purchase. It's stylish, it's warm & it's black! So full marks to this piece from my winter wardrobe!!!

I fell in love with this tree! It stood tall & strong, flaunting its winter avatar - bare, brazen & beautiful!

Sitting on the banks of the river....lost in thought (though I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking about).......
One could not even see the other side of the river through the mist.......the opposite bank is just a blur........while the river reflects the grey & foggy sky......

This turquoise woolen scarf is one of my fav pieces...........doesn't it match perfectly with the sweater???
It was an absolute saviour, guarding my Bronchitis-afflicted throat & chest from the chill in the air, while at the same time upping the style quotient of the whole outfit! :))

Couldn't think of anything other than a pair of Converse to wear with a bright blue pair of socks (unfortunately, not visible in any of the snaps!) to keep my feet warm & dry. Love the way the pop of yellow laces gives the shoes a funky twist! In fact, I owe my sister big time as this part of my outfit is also courtesy her wardrobe!!! :))

Striped sweater: Pantaloons, borrowed from sis
Black asymmetric jacket: Max, Kolkata
Straight fit denim: Levi Strauss, Bangalore
Woolen scarf: Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi
Black shades: Polo Club, Kolkata
Green canvas shoes: All Star Converse, borrowed from sis

All in all, I had a fun day...........came back home terribly tired & sleepy..........but happy nevertheless! 
An awesome end to a pretty boring week.........have another wedding party to attend tomorrow.........the wedding season just doesn't seem to end this time.......isn't it so???

Have a rocking weekend people!

Polka Princess
January 12, 2011

Winter layers

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It's the middle of a really busy & cold week............Kolkata hasn't been this chilly in the last few years.......& though we all were craving for cold winters (back when the luke-warm beginning of the season didn't hold much promise)........we didn't ask for this sudden plummet of the temperatures (it's as if the the numbers are on a downward slide leading into a bottomless pit!)

So, for the time being, the heavy woolens, shawls & socks are the saviors while fashion (which calls for something not quite so practical) has to almost take a back seat! Though every night, before drifting off to sweet & warm sleep (under layers of blankets) I try to think up of practical, warm, comfortable, yet stylish outfits for the next day (sometimes I succeed, sometimes I give up after half an hour of restless tossing & turning).............most days, I end up wearing whatever will keep me covered & very, very warm, while slipping on my thickest socks & covered shoes!!! Sigh!

Severe winter is so not the time for being fashionable.........specially in places used to having mild winters (coz then you are not stylishly equipped to brave the chill, as you would have been had your city experienced the same drop in temperatures every year!)

Anyways, all my above ranting doesn't mean at all that the fashionista in me has gone into hibernation!! In fact, I'm still bringing out old sweaters, cardigans, jackets & jumpers from the dark recesses of my closet, so that I can do more of mix & match as well as layering!!

Sooooooo.........here's what I whipped up in an almost-asleep state of mind yesterday night (not the details of the outfit, but the key pieces)..........it turned out to be quite passable on the fashion front (if the numerous comments/compliments by colleagues are anything to go by) while at the same time keeping me warm & comfy!!! Now that's an accomplishment, I must say! :))

Well.....well......well............what do you guys think of my latest buy? Isn't this grey woolen tunic/dress from Mango absolutely awesome??? This can be worn layered with a top/dress inside & also with a jacket worn over it! I simply love the boat neck & the turned up raglan sleeves of the piece!! Also, the light & loose knit of the wool ensures that this dress can be worn throughout the year (without the layers during summer!).......isn't that just lovely??? :)

Grey is one of my latest favorite color (I have this phases of liking a certain color for a certain period of time) & anything in basic grey appeals to me in a way I just can't ignore! I was actually eyeing 2 other grey cardis at Mango, but once I spotted this one, all the others went back to the rack........this was a clear winner because of the length, neck, sleeves & the loose, comfy silhouette!!

The navy (yes, it's not black) turtle neck ribbed top worn inside kept off the chill all right. Thank God for high-necked tops...........nothing beats 'em in this chill........specially when you are just recovering from a bout of Bronchitis! Also, I had originally planned to pull on a bright colored pair of stockings to bring some jazz to the outfit.........but the fact that I was dressing for office coupled with the low temperature made me take out my leggings instead. The color was thus added by my favorite multi-colored muffler/stole along with the cute li'l blue bow!!! :)

Ain't that bow super-cute??????? I absolutely heart it!! It's cute, funky & enough to jazz up any outfit! It's one of my first buys from Etsy............it's from a store by Venus11 where you'll find some of the cutest & loveliest brooches/headbands/flowers!!! In fact, my package from Venus held all the gorgeous brooches I had ordered along with a free one sent by her as a gift............now isn't that awfully sweet of her??? :))

Ribbed turtle-neck top: New Market, Kolkata
Grey woolen tunic: Mango, Kolkata
Black leggings: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Black pumps: Aldo, Kolkata
Muffler/stole: Thrifted, Kolkata
Bow brooch: Etsy

How is the week going for all of you??? Hope you guys are having a lovely winter..........

Lots of love,
Polka Princess
January 09, 2011

$plurge vs $teal!

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I'm back after almost a week.............& I've got a very good reason for my absence. I've been down for most of the week with fever & breathing troubles, that was later diagnosed by the doc as stemming from an acute bout of bronchitis! After having to swallow numerous medicines in different forms (from pills to syrups)(Note: I HATE medicines!!), I'm feeling better now (read: able to sit up & walk about). Hence, for most part of the past week, I was tucked up in bed, under layers of blankets (courtesy: mom), with nothing to do other than watch movies & read.........& of course, follow the fabulous blogs & comment on the stylish prowess of my fashionable blogger friends!!

And I'm not complaining.............since this sudden lack of immunity gave me the chance to take a much-needed rest, not to mention giving me ample time & leisure to catch up on some of my fav chick flicks such as Sex & The City (Parts 1 & 2), Valentine's Day, Music & Lyrics, Breakfast At Tiffany's...... :)

And when I was not watching movies or re-runs of reality shows on TV, I had a stack of my collection of fashion magazines by my side, randomly flipping through innumerable issues of Elle, Vogue & Harper's Bazaar, drooling over beautifully crafted designer pieces & sighing at the perfection of the amazing styling & photo shoots spread out over the glossy pages!

Well............during these lazy & not-feeling-so-well hours, I came across various items (in the magazines & also on the net) which I found absolutely drool-worthy, but way out of my league as far as prices were concerned!! As a result, I made use of my sick-leave finding out other pieces very similar to my coveted picks, but with much reasonable/affordable price tags!!! :))

So, today, I bring to you a Splurge vs Steal post..........where you'll find a list of very similar pieces sporting very different price tags! (My little research also gave me an excuse to put up a post in spite of not having any worthwhile outfit pictures, thanks to the state of my health)

This simple yet attractive DVF LRD (Little Red Dress) caught my eye on Style.com, but of course, the price tag lived up to the designer status of the dress. So, I went off on a mission to find something similar, but more affordable & trust me, the search was a really difficult one as I faced thousands of red dresses in all shapes & sizes and finding out something similar to the DVF one was like searching for a needle in a really confusing haystack! Finally I came across this Asos piece which didn't have the chic boat neck of the original one, but had a becoming deep-cut square neckline. But the silhouette & the bow in the middle was absolutely like the one that caught my eye in the first place! Score!!!

Well.......I think these two pieces speak for themselves.........don't they? Unnervingly similar at a glance, the two are at opposite poles as far as brand & price are concerned! But I must say that I'm proud of the result of this search! :)

I think a Gothic lip print on a long tee is way too cool! And even though the original one was not too pricey, I still managed to find a similar but tweaked version for much less!!

Of course, nothing can be compared to a classic Hermes birkin, that too a Python skin one, but this Michael Kors tote (also Python) comes a close second & provides a fashion relief for those who sadly cannot afford the exorbitantly priced Hermes one, but wants to make a style statement almost as in-your-face as the original birkin makes! 

I love plaid..............& I think a plaid shirt is a wardrobe must-have! I loved the red & cream combination of the Isabel Marant shirt. But Old Navy provided me with a similarly smart yet way more reasonably priced version.

These Jimmy Choo gladiators got me lusting like crazy!! Aren't they simply gorgeous??? But of course, they are Jimmy Choo........so bye bye fantasy! After much search, I came across this BCBG pair, which are not so hot, but quite drool-worthy, not to mention pocket-friendly, nevertheless!!! 

The moment I set my eyes on this Missoni metallic tank, my imagination started to run haywire thinking all that can be done with this versatile piece!! As a result, a search for a cheaper version continues.........& Voila! I stumble upon this sexy French Connection number that's high on oomph & low on the price-point! :))

This Alexander McQueen leopard print scarf came into my notice in a fellow fashion blogger's post. But of course, if I could ever afford McQueen, then this post wouldn't have been written in the first place! Hence, the funkier & less expensive Tolani version....

Last but not the least, a true pick of the season! Leather gloves personify class & chic.......& if they are in camel (which is so very the color of the season), then who can resist slipping on a pair in these chilly times?? This Dooney & Bourke pair looks perfect for adding a glamorous edge to an otherwise simple outfit, but at the same time, making the pocket much lighter! Enter the Pelle pair - equally stylish, while lighter on the pocket!!! :))

Images courtesy: Google Images, Style.com, Old Navy

Well...........what do you guys think of my hand-picked treasure trove of exclusive pieces.....& their won't-burn-a-hole-in-the-pocket avatars??? Do you think this post will help you guys choose better, pocket-friendly versions of your eye-candies? Would you rather splurge??? Or go for the steal????? 

Do lemme know your much-valued opinions.........

Love & luck,
Polka Princess
January 03, 2011

Fashion....& my other passion

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My first post of the year (the last one was written on 31st night) has a bit of both my passions - fashion & photography. I had an exhilarating 1st Sunday of the decade........went for a photo walk with a hobbyist photographer friend of mine.......had a gala time roaming around the city capturing whatever interested us!! The sadhus/sages in the former snaps are the ones who are originally from pilgrim spots in North India & who come down to Kolkata at this time of the year for Gangasagar (that's a fair-cum-pilgrim ritual that takes place on the river Ganga near my city). Each one of these people were so interesting & unique that we just couldn't stop clicking!! The latter snaps were taken from Princep Ghat (a harbour on the banks of the river Ganga that flows through the city) as the sun was setting. This is one of the favorite places & subjects of photographers around the country who come here to capture the twilight on the river under the bridge. The bridge is known as the Second Hooghly Bridge or the Vidyasagar Setu & it is one of the major architectural splendors of my city. All in all, I had an awesome afternoon of playing shutterbug before running off to catch "Gulliver's Trvaels" with a friend. (The movie was a good laugh!!) :))

Coming to the fashion front, I sported a casual denim & tee look for the day (since I had to roam about & walk a lot), with a jacket thrown in for good measure (keeping in mind my outdoor pursuit & also the chill of the movie theater).....

Since I knew I'll be spending a lot of time in the open, braving the cold wind, grassy fields & muddy river-banks, I went for a simple denim & tee outfit with a smart jacket for cover.

This outfit ensured comfort, warmth & less of penetrating stares from a group of people who followed us consistently as we went around taking pictures! Of course the floaters were ineveitable considering the amount of walking I was planning to do....& one of my colorful socks to keep my feet clean against all the mud & dirt.

Striped tee: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Denim: BK Market, Kolkata
Corduroy jacket: thrifted, Kolkata
Floaters: Puma, Kolkata

I love this corduroy jacket of mine......the pale pink color is subdued & goes with a lot of other colors.......also love the way the bright tee is peeping out from beneath!! :)

All of you who've read this blog for some time will know about my love for badges & buttons! I used these badges to pep up the subdued hue of the jacket.........these are some of my favs from my collection!!! :)

Che Guevara pop-art badge: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Don't Bug Me badge: Archies Gallery, Kolkata
Initial badge: Langkawi, Malaysia

I love the zipper detail on the sleeves of the jacket. Also, check out my nail art........ain't it cute??? :))

Hope you guys had a wonderful start to the new decade!!! Thank you all so much for supporting me & being there to boost my morale always!!!!!! Love you all!!

Have a great start to 2011!
Yours fashionably,
Polka Princess


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