Back with a bang! (Or rather, quite a few of them!!)

Well.........those of you who are my friends on FaceBook or those of you who have too eagerly jumped my incessant chatter & taken peek at the pictures below, will be knowing by now that there have been a major (nothing earth-shattering or phenomenal) change in my appearance between this post & my last one! Yes!! I've got a haircut!!!!!!!!!!! And this time round, I've got something which I had last when I was in the second standard...........bangs!!! :))

I've been getting all kinds of comments since I came out of the hairdresser's..............some nice, some funny, some absolutely depressing & some down-right weird!! Now am apprehensive about what all of my blogger friends will have to say about my new look!

Anyways..........I've had such a busy week! (You may ask when I do I not have one? Since every week I crib about how busy I have been! But trust me, this week beat 'em all!!) Attended two weddings, been to a movie with colleagues, went gadget shopping & bought a new digital camera (Nikon L110), had loads of work to catch up on............& of course, visited all my fav blogs and commented on each & every one of 'em (not to mention, read & replied to all of the lovely comments I got on my last post!)............Phew!! can see I'm not fibbing...........right?

Apart from all this, I've to go to a family friend's place today and have to complete all my work before I take my leave from Saturday! heard (or should I say saw?) it right............I'm going on a week long vacation from Saturday!!! Yiiiippppiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!! Me & mom are gonna have a great time together in Bangalore..........that's where am going to chillax & take a much-needed break! :)

And I've not even started packing yet..........that's how busy I am!!

Anyways, so if any of you are from Bangalore, or are gonna be there anytime next week, do mail me..........& maybe we can catch up over a cup of coffee!!!!

I haven't got that many pictures today..............just something I wore to office yesterday..........& of course, the highlight of the post: my new haircut!! :))

 *Drumrolls* Presenting to you: the return of the bangs!!
In fact, one of my childhood friends said (right after seeing the first snap of my new hairdo) that these bangs reminded her of the7-year old me!! :P

I love this blue cardi of mine! The color is sooooo soft & romantic.............& of course, it's very very comfortable & warm! But the only frustrating thing with it is that it gets dirty very easily & I don't feel like wearing it twice without laundering!

*Drumrolls once again* For the first time in the history of this blog, Polka Princess is posting pictures of herself wearing a Polka-dotted top!!! (Though I have quite a few of 'em.......till now, I haven't got around to putting up any outfit snaps wearing one of my precious polka prints!)
This cotton top is also very comfy, has super-cute overlapped petal sleeves (sorry no snaps of same........but maybe you all can see that sometime next summer) & has two pretty li'l pockets on the sides!
My all time favorite brooch perched pretty on the cardi & my most comfortable pair of heels in snakeskin rounded off the whole outfit nicly............ :))

Blue woolen cardigan: Fancy Market, Kolkata
Green polka-dotted top: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Grey slim fit trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata
Grey crochet flower brooch: Suan Lim night bazaar, Bangkok
Silver teardrop earrings: Only, Mumbai
Green snakeskin pumps: Snake Farm, Bangkok

So.................most probably this is my last post before I take off........& I'll be off the net for most of the next week (apart from FB status updates from the phone & stuff like that).............but I promise I'll have loads of stuff to put up for you guys once I'm back in town on the 30th!

Till then guys.............have a great weekend & an even greater week ahead!!!

Will miss all of you for a while..........please pardon me if I fail to check your posts or comment on the same.........I'll make up for all of it once am back!

Lots of love,
Polka Princess


  1. hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice shoot....

    Jai Ho Mangalmay Ho

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! So cute, totally loving the bangs! I had bangs as a kid too and have some even now, longer but still bangs. The sweater is such a soothing colour! Love it!

  3. Princess,
    I LOVE your new hair do, and the bang really suits you
    and that top really lives up to your name :)
    Enjoy your break dear, and please make sure you use that new Nikon to good use :), pictures and more pictures pleasseeeee :)


  4. Such fresh colours! Looking nice.
    do drop by my blog.

  5. I love the bangs!!!!! I have always wanted them, but never had the courage to do! Looks Awesome!!!!


  6. @Vish: Hmmmmmmm..... :)
    @Holly: Thanx babe! :))
    @Jemina: I'll going all trigger-happy with my new'll get to see lots of snaps! :)
    @Gayatri: Sure dear! Thanx...
    @Copious Couture: Thanx babe! Am glad you all liked my bangs! :)

  7. The bangs are a hit! And the cardi is one, that if we lived nearer to eachother, I'd be trying to borrow. LOVE that color!

    Have a good time in Bangladesh, enjoy your adventures. We'll be right here. And waiting for your new pictures. Have fun! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  8. what a darling cardigan you've got there! =)

  9. @Bella: Wish we stayed near each other! Then I'd have happily swapped that cardi for any of YOUR amazing stuff! And I'm going to Bangalore...not Bangladesh! :P
    @Simple Girl: Thanx dear... :)
    @Hope Adela: Yeah! I love it too!! :))

  10. Love the bangs ... love the color of the cardi and top! Have fun in Banglore with you Mum!!!! :)

  11. aren't they? i love them! thanks for your comment! :)

    love, polly

  12. @Tanvii: Thanx hon! You enjoy Delhi too!! :)
    @Vera: Lolz!! :))
    @Polly: The pleasure's all mine dear!

  13. You're beautiful!
    You're Blog is amazing!
    Following you lovely ♥
    I hope you'll stop by and follow me too!

  14. yay!! you look so cute with the bangs!!


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  15. First time visitor :)
    Your haircut is really cute! I never dared to get bangs till now... shud try out sometime!

  16. Aw, you look so adorable with bangs! It's suits you quite perfectly actually :) But wow, you are one busy girl! Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself though! Hope you have fun on your trip to Bangalore, and be sure to keep us all updated with photos!

    xoxo Tami at

  17. Didi - Khub e cute lagche. Ekdom shundor kore shamner gula straight kore pichon ta curl kore ektu uchu kore badhle aro mishti lagbe. :)

    And I love your top....such a sweet colour.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  18. Have fun on your trip! The bangs and blue cardi are too cute!

  19. love your cardigan!


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