Blue, green....& all things in between...

When I woke up yesterday morning & looked out of the window, for a moment I thought I'd been transported (by some magic/ in my dream) to some hill station! Fog hung thick & low over the whole city like some mysterious intruder waiting to pounce on the early morning risers unawares...
And poor me had to brave the thick haze & trudge to office early in the morning.............coz we were going for a picnic!!! The foggy & cold morning made the 2 hours trip to the farmhouse near the river Ganga all the more exciting & fun! Everyone was supposed to meet at the office building & then set off together for the journey to the picnic spot. Walking through the clouds, that had descended on earth yesterday, gave me an ethereal & beautiful feeling ( not to mention a cold numbness in the parts of my body that were exposed to the caressing touches of the mist) & as I neared my office, here's what greeted my eyes:

This is a residential building right next to my office which is 35 stories high & which generally looms large over the other smaller buildings around.........but yesterday, it was shrouded almost fully by the thick veil of fog........wonder what the residents of the higher floors are feeling like up there, lost in the clouds!!

So.......amidst the low temperature, the chilly winds & the thick fog, we set off for the day-long outing. In fact, we had a lovely day..........laughing, gossiping, eating, pulling each others' legs, enjoying in the out-of-town farmhouse, watching boats go by on the river adjacent to the house & of course, clicking lots & lots of pictures!!! :)

Here's few of the shots clicked by the hobbyist photographer in me (my friends & colleagues have tired of my affinity towards doors, windows, plants & other knick-knacks whenever I have a camera in hand!!):


Green & Yellow

Tinted sunlight

Bare essentials...

Life crack'd through... we come to the fashionista me!! Early morning chill & the ever-spreading mist all around compelled me to pile on the layers........the bright colors on me represented my jovial mood & the exciting day that lay ahead......with the right amount of black to balance the vibrant blue & green!

I absolutely love this combo of turquoise & lime!!! It's one of my favorite color combinations of all what better could I choose for a fun day out with friends???

In fact, this striped sweater in bright colors is borrowed from my sister's wardrobe (almost without her knowledge! I mean, when she'll see it's missing........she can guess that I have worn it.....right?)
P.S.: That's the river behind me.......with steps leading down to it from the gates.

I simply adore the slightly flared sleeves & the zig zag stripes on the body of the sweater!
Also, you all can see what a blast I had............climbing trees & having fun, posing all over the place!!! :)

The black knit jacket with the asymmetric hemline is a recent winter purchase. It's stylish, it's warm & it's black! So full marks to this piece from my winter wardrobe!!!

I fell in love with this tree! It stood tall & strong, flaunting its winter avatar - bare, brazen & beautiful!

Sitting on the banks of the river....lost in thought (though I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking about).......
One could not even see the other side of the river through the mist.......the opposite bank is just a blur........while the river reflects the grey & foggy sky......

This turquoise woolen scarf is one of my fav pieces...........doesn't it match perfectly with the sweater???
It was an absolute saviour, guarding my Bronchitis-afflicted throat & chest from the chill in the air, while at the same time upping the style quotient of the whole outfit! :))

Couldn't think of anything other than a pair of Converse to wear with a bright blue pair of socks (unfortunately, not visible in any of the snaps!) to keep my feet warm & dry. Love the way the pop of yellow laces gives the shoes a funky twist! In fact, I owe my sister big time as this part of my outfit is also courtesy her wardrobe!!! :))

Striped sweater: Pantaloons, borrowed from sis
Black asymmetric jacket: Max, Kolkata
Straight fit denim: Levi Strauss, Bangalore
Woolen scarf: Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi
Black shades: Polo Club, Kolkata
Green canvas shoes: All Star Converse, borrowed from sis

All in all, I had a fun day...........came back home terribly tired & sleepy..........but happy nevertheless! 
An awesome end to a pretty boring week.........have another wedding party to attend tomorrow.........the wedding season just doesn't seem to end this time.......isn't it so???

Have a rocking weekend people!

Polka Princess


  1. Love the shot (Green and Yellow) ... Also, you have an infectious smile. How adorable are those shoes. Love! :)

    Come visit me in Delhi, no? ;)

  2. Beautiful and artistics pics...all of them. You look all happy and chirpy just like the gorgeous colours you have on :) Really pretty :)

  3. yo baby yo .. great pics..specially the 'remembrance' and the 'tinted sunlight' and totally love the outfit !! keep enjoying the foggy wintry days !!

  4. Darling
    that fog looks so ominous
    and WOW!!! your pictures are getting better and better
    as for your outfit, I LOVE your sweater, the pattern, the colour and your batttered down shoes, you nailed it every time dear

    Enjoy your weekend babe


  5. LOVE that yellow wall+green door. And love your converse sneaks!

  6. @Tanvii: Baby! You always make my day with your sweet words!! Wish I could meet up with you! Sigh!
    @Bhumika: :)
    @Holly: Thanx a lot dear! :))
    @Simple Girl: Thank you!!! Happy winters to you too!
    @Jemina: You are just too generous with the compliments J!!! You have a lovely weekend too! Mwah!! :)
    @GB: Thanx dear.....I love that pic too!!

  7. I love your artsy pictures, especially the green and yellow :) photographer waiting to be discovered ;)
    LOVE the addition of the black layered cover to the blue and green.FAB!

  8. @A Lot Like Fashion: Thanx a lot dear! It's just a hobby!! :)
    @Fashion Bombay: Thanx girls.....much appreciated! :))

  9. Great pictures!!!!!! Lovely!


  10. This is awesome, we wish and crave for such weather in Bombay..people think 15 degrees is cold here and start lighting up bonfires, it is hilarious for someone like me who comes from north India.Anyway,enjoy the cold till it lasts, you wouldn't know and the scorching summers will be back again!!

  11. @Vera: Thank u dear... :)
    @Copious Couture: Thanx a bunch!!
    @Street Style: I know..........Bombay doesn't have ANY winter! Am enjoying the cold, all right!! :))

  12. I'm always anxious to see what amazing photos I will find on your blog next. This one absolutely blew me away, and you have become one of the top blogging sites I visit. :) Great post, and I can't wait for more!

    xoxo Tami at

  13. How crazy is that mist! Your outfit is such a nice bright pop and the turquoise and lime is a great color combo!

  14. Hello Polka Princess! I came by to let you know that I may be reposting 2 of your images on my blog, with links and credits of course, and am treated to even more amazing photos.! Yah!
    will have to come back and take a longer time, as right now it's late and time to go to sleep.

    xo. -bella Q

  15. I love this electric colours.. Your outfit is gorgeous.. and those photos are very pretty too
    Lee x

  16. I love love love love LOVE your photographic eye honey!! I LOVE the green and yellow 'Doors' pic and that mirror pic... Remembrance... WOW!!! So powerful!

    You are adorable, love that pic of you next to the window and I love that crazy cool sweater! Turq & lime is a favourite combination of mine too!

  17. nice blog........subscribe to subscribe to my blog.....tks..kiss

  18. @Tami: You are such a sweetheart!! Thanx! :)
    @Chic 'n Cheap Living: Ya........that mist was real freaky!!!
    @Bella: Thank you so much for all the support! I'd love your readers to see some of my pictures!!! :))
    @Lee: Than a bunch dear!
    @Dusk: You are just too generous with the compliments honey!!! Thanx a lot for all the encouragement! :))
    @Coco: Thanx!

  19. Ah nobody does colours like us desi girls. It's good to see you....another Bengali girl blogging directly from Kolkata. I've never been but dream of visiting someday.

    Didi tomar chobigulo khub shundor btw......ami to blog e notun....aro ashobo dekhte. Khub bhalo laglo tomake khuje peye.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  20. i love your shoes!!!! :) I am your new follower! return the favor? ;D

    love, polly

  21. Hi hon! First of, those photographs are awesome. I love misty and foggy weathers! :)

    As far as the outfit goes, I really like your black sweater vest however, I feel, which is only a personal opinion and you need not buy it at all, that the outfit looks really busy. Since the stripes are very statement-making, I think you could have skipped everything else or worn a closed black jacket instead of a vest. Buuuuttt, that's just me. :)

    And yes, I agree with Tanvi about your smile!


  22. love the photographs..
    your lonf sleeves strippes shirt is so cute!!


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  23. @Tashrin: Wow! Am seriously overwhelmed by such sweet Bengali compliments coming all the way from Toronto! :)
    @Polly: Thank you sweetie! :))
    @Tamanna: Thanx a lot for the feedback! All kinds of opinions are welcome here! Will definitely keep it in mind next time!! ;)
    @QueenD: Thanx a lot dear! :)

  24. cute! im sick from the cold too =(

    hope you can follow me back dear!

  25. i hate fog, it makes me feel all depressed :( lol.
    stunning pictures.

  26. You are such a great photographer. And the image of "Life crack'd through" is phenom. I love plants that insist on growing anywhere. Life can not be denied!

  27. I am soo lovin' colours these days so your sweater is brilliant for me!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  28. @Fashioneggplant: Lolz! Am following you! ;)
    @Nesha: Thanx!!
    @Bella: Thank you so much babe! I also love the way nature seeps out through a tough man-made mass...
    @20 York Street: Thanx a lot dear!! :))

  29. My my! I *love* the pictures of the walls. Very very fascinating. And you look cute in that outfit. :)

  30. Polka Princess, here's the link to my post featuring some of your beautiful pictures. I hope you don't mind!

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