$plurge vs $teal!

I'm back after almost a week.............& I've got a very good reason for my absence. I've been down for most of the week with fever & breathing troubles, that was later diagnosed by the doc as stemming from an acute bout of bronchitis! After having to swallow numerous medicines in different forms (from pills to syrups)(Note: I HATE medicines!!), I'm feeling better now (read: able to sit up & walk about). Hence, for most part of the past week, I was tucked up in bed, under layers of blankets (courtesy: mom), with nothing to do other than watch movies & read.........& of course, follow the fabulous blogs & comment on the stylish prowess of my fashionable blogger friends!!

And I'm not complaining.............since this sudden lack of immunity gave me the chance to take a much-needed rest, not to mention giving me ample time & leisure to catch up on some of my fav chick flicks such as Sex & The City (Parts 1 & 2), Valentine's Day, Music & Lyrics, Breakfast At Tiffany's...... :)

And when I was not watching movies or re-runs of reality shows on TV, I had a stack of my collection of fashion magazines by my side, randomly flipping through innumerable issues of Elle, Vogue & Harper's Bazaar, drooling over beautifully crafted designer pieces & sighing at the perfection of the amazing styling & photo shoots spread out over the glossy pages!

Well............during these lazy & not-feeling-so-well hours, I came across various items (in the magazines & also on the net) which I found absolutely drool-worthy, but way out of my league as far as prices were concerned!! As a result, I made use of my sick-leave finding out other pieces very similar to my coveted picks, but with much reasonable/affordable price tags!!! :))

So, today, I bring to you a Splurge vs Steal post..........where you'll find a list of very similar pieces sporting very different price tags! (My little research also gave me an excuse to put up a post in spite of not having any worthwhile outfit pictures, thanks to the state of my health)

This simple yet attractive DVF LRD (Little Red Dress) caught my eye on Style.com, but of course, the price tag lived up to the designer status of the dress. So, I went off on a mission to find something similar, but more affordable & trust me, the search was a really difficult one as I faced thousands of red dresses in all shapes & sizes and finding out something similar to the DVF one was like searching for a needle in a really confusing haystack! Finally I came across this Asos piece which didn't have the chic boat neck of the original one, but had a becoming deep-cut square neckline. But the silhouette & the bow in the middle was absolutely like the one that caught my eye in the first place! Score!!!

Well.......I think these two pieces speak for themselves.........don't they? Unnervingly similar at a glance, the two are at opposite poles as far as brand & price are concerned! But I must say that I'm proud of the result of this search! :)

I think a Gothic lip print on a long tee is way too cool! And even though the original one was not too pricey, I still managed to find a similar but tweaked version for much less!!

Of course, nothing can be compared to a classic Hermes birkin, that too a Python skin one, but this Michael Kors tote (also Python) comes a close second & provides a fashion relief for those who sadly cannot afford the exorbitantly priced Hermes one, but wants to make a style statement almost as in-your-face as the original birkin makes! 

I love plaid..............& I think a plaid shirt is a wardrobe must-have! I loved the red & cream combination of the Isabel Marant shirt. But Old Navy provided me with a similarly smart yet way more reasonably priced version.

These Jimmy Choo gladiators got me lusting like crazy!! Aren't they simply gorgeous??? But of course, they are Jimmy Choo........so bye bye fantasy! After much search, I came across this BCBG pair, which are not so hot, but quite drool-worthy, not to mention pocket-friendly, nevertheless!!! 

The moment I set my eyes on this Missoni metallic tank, my imagination started to run haywire thinking all that can be done with this versatile piece!! As a result, a search for a cheaper version continues.........& Voila! I stumble upon this sexy French Connection number that's high on oomph & low on the price-point! :))

This Alexander McQueen leopard print scarf came into my notice in a fellow fashion blogger's post. But of course, if I could ever afford McQueen, then this post wouldn't have been written in the first place! Hence, the funkier & less expensive Tolani version....

Last but not the least, a true pick of the season! Leather gloves personify class & chic.......& if they are in camel (which is so very the color of the season), then who can resist slipping on a pair in these chilly times?? This Dooney & Bourke pair looks perfect for adding a glamorous edge to an otherwise simple outfit, but at the same time, making the pocket much lighter! Enter the Pelle pair - equally stylish, while lighter on the pocket!!! :))

Images courtesy: Google Images, Style.com, Old Navy

Well...........what do you guys think of my hand-picked treasure trove of exclusive pieces.....& their won't-burn-a-hole-in-the-pocket avatars??? Do you think this post will help you guys choose better, pocket-friendly versions of your eye-candies? Would you rather splurge??? Or go for the steal????? 

Do lemme know your much-valued opinions.........

Love & luck,
Polka Princess


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog a while ago and i think you are doing an awesome job :)

    Also i totally love the idea behind this post!
    Great deals...
    That Asos dress is a real steal and i so so love it!

  2. Hail Google! The hermes and Michael Kors looks unnervingly similar. ahem ahem

    classic pieces can be splurged upon, while the 'trendy' / 'in' ones can be thrifted.

    get well soon :)


  3. Damn!!
    i want those LRD!!
    so effin sexy :))))))))))))
    Lovely post dear!!
    just love your body shape :)
    skinny isn't always look beautiful.
    when you try to live in healthy way,
    i believe you will look fabulous.
    my fave models come from Victoria Secret Angel.
    they look fabulous with that gorgeous body shape.
    the key is, they try to live in healty way..
    of course they have diet..but diet with a right way (diet = balance nutritions not less your food) and the always have some sport routine..
    so you can see the result.. they look so young (their age up to 25) and if you compare with young models such as Abbey, Frida, etc.. this Victoria models (Karolina Kurkova, Miranda Kerr) still look as young as the teenager models.

    my point is we can dream for a perfect body, but never try the wrong way..it can kill ourselves.


    in Love&Light
    Queen d

  4. love the Kors bag!! and the red dress is just wow!!

  5. @Streak Hue Fall: Thanx dear.....you've got a lovely blog too! :)
    @Gayatri: You are sooooooo right! And am much better now....thank you!
    @Queen D: I completely agree with you babe! We should love the way we are.......& not try anything dangerous or unhealthy just for the sake of fashion/style/popularity!
    @Bollywoodstylediaries: Ya......aren't they??? :))

  6. I love the red dress! Unfortunately I like the DVF more then the Asos. But I'm not sure my piggy bank will agree on that one. Ha ha ha....

    Love from Dubai!

  7. good post!!!!xx


  8. I'd actually really just go for the DVF dress! The deal with brands is not just the looks but the quality and the more you use them, the more you don't want to settle for anything less! :)


  9. Interesting post!!!
    How about comparing designer with high street and also thrift!!! :P
    Fashion Panache - Experimenting Leopard Prints

  10. @Lisa L.S: Me love the DVF one more too! But then, same restritions!! :)
    @Z: Thanx!!
    @Tamanna: I totally agree with you on that point......brands do seem to grow on you once you start wearing 'em! I've started wearing more brands since I've started to earn my own moolah.......& now I seldom settle for anything less!! That's precisely why I've done a more expensive brands vs less expensive brands post......& not a brands vs thrifted one! :))
    @Bhushavali: Thanx dear! Maybe I'kll do that sometime too!! :)

  11. Darling, Im sorry you fell ill, I hope you are OK now, and OF COURSE I would son love the SPLURGE but seriously, if I can save, why not, right? so STEAL definitely wins :)

    Kisses to you darling

  12. i know...for ppl like us who cant always afford the originals these r geat options..but i really don't like fakes!!!

  13. @J: Thanx hon......am much better now! :)
    @Prutha: Oh! I abhor fakes too! But then, I guess the more reasonably priced good brands are better substitutes when we can't afford the high-priced thing! Isn't it so???

  14. quite a good pick i must say!!
    i need your help big time...you see i might be e in kolkata for some time soon and i really need addresses of good salons, like shehnaz hussain and hairdressers there....do you have any recommendations??
    i asked my current salon(which is shehnaz hussain btw!!) but they did not know if they had brancehs in kolkata...
    plz plz plz help me!!!


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