A quick 'Hi' from Bangalore!

Hi guys!!

Just a quickie post from Bangalore....am having awesome fun here!!! The last week has been spent chilling......gossiping...........hanging out with friends............going to see lovely places............& of course, lots & lots of shopping!! :))

But am feeling really sad as I'm writing this.......coz the end of my week-long holiday is just round the corner.......& I'll be flying home on Sunday......... :(

Till then, am going to enjoy to the fullest!! So.......not much for today, except for a few snaps from my trip to see the Hoggenekkal Falls (which is about 150 kms. from the city)...........I went there with friends, cousin, mom & aunt.........& we sure had a blast out there!!! :)

Black tee: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Polka dotted knit top: Max, Bangalore
Denims: BK Market, Kolkata
Black shades: Polo Club, Kolkata
Bangles: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Denim bag: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Digital camera: Nikon L110

Photos courtesy: Sujoy Bhadra

Aren't the falls simply gorgeous??? The views were mesmerizing & we had lots of fun getting drenched under some of the smaller falls!!!

The weather here is majorly hot & the sun is scorching in the afternoon..........hence, you can see how tanned I look!!!

I haven't gotten around to uploading any of my pics yet..........will do so once I reach home......till then, I'll be using these beautiful shots taken by my friend to impress you all!

I've been missing all of you hugely.........& have been dying to check out all the lovely posts by my blogger friends............but I had absolutely no way of connecting to the net for the last few days! Am really sorry for not being able to reply to all your encouraging comments & also for not being able to comment on your beautiful posts.............please bear with me for a couple of days more.......I promise to be back in full swing soon!!! :))

Will be back soon with more pictures & stories!!!

Lots of love till then,
Polka Princess


  1. Have fun darling and enjoy your weekend :) The polka dot overload is sooooo cute!!!!!!

  2. I am glad you are having fun!!! You look real cute and I am DYING to visit Bangalore soon ... some day! :) Can't wait to hear more about your travels.

  3. lovely pics babe . and the holiday tan looks refreshing !!!

  4. You reminded me of my precious cherishing memories of Hogenakkal
    Anyways, great top!!!
    Fashion Panache now Sells!!!

  5. Amazing photography! The polka vest is so darn cute!

    On my next visit to India, I'm dropping by this lovely city for sure.


  6. @Holly: Thanx babe.....I had fun all right! :)
    @Tanvii: Thank you........you definitely should visit soon....there are lots of awesome places to see nearby!! Hope you are having fun in Delhi too! :))
    @Simple Girl: Now does it??? ;)
    @Bhushavali: Thanx...it is a lovely place... :)
    @Tamanna: You sooooooooo should dear......it's amazing! :))

  7. Polka: what gorgeous pictures! You are such a good photographer.

    Good to hear that you had a great time. Vacations can be so charging and invigoratiing, and it sounds like yours really got your batteries juiced up. Looking forward to your return, and more of your crystal clear photography.

  8. Oh WOW.. this place is beautiful.. love the picture
    lee x

  9. Have fun and I hope u meet the Bangalore beauties -- Smrithi and Ruhi :)

  10. You were in Bangalore? Damnnnnnnn. You should've told me!
    I hope you didn't miss any of the awesome places! :)


  11. @Bella: Thanx dear...photographs coming up soon!! :)
    @Lee: Yaaaa.....this place was mesmerizing!
    @Fashion Bombay: I sure did meet up with Smrithi! We had a great time catching up!!! :D
    @A Lot Like Fashion: Shit yaar!! I didn't know you are from Bangalore.......or else we could have met up! I had a great week there......I met up with Smrithi of Vintage Obssession too!

  12. Lovely pictures! :)


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