Winter layers

It's the middle of a really busy & cold week............Kolkata hasn't been this chilly in the last few years.......& though we all were craving for cold winters (back when the luke-warm beginning of the season didn't hold much promise)........we didn't ask for this sudden plummet of the temperatures (it's as if the the numbers are on a downward slide leading into a bottomless pit!)

So, for the time being, the heavy woolens, shawls & socks are the saviors while fashion (which calls for something not quite so practical) has to almost take a back seat! Though every night, before drifting off to sweet & warm sleep (under layers of blankets) I try to think up of practical, warm, comfortable, yet stylish outfits for the next day (sometimes I succeed, sometimes I give up after half an hour of restless tossing & turning).............most days, I end up wearing whatever will keep me covered & very, very warm, while slipping on my thickest socks & covered shoes!!! Sigh!

Severe winter is so not the time for being fashionable.........specially in places used to having mild winters (coz then you are not stylishly equipped to brave the chill, as you would have been had your city experienced the same drop in temperatures every year!)

Anyways, all my above ranting doesn't mean at all that the fashionista in me has gone into hibernation!! In fact, I'm still bringing out old sweaters, cardigans, jackets & jumpers from the dark recesses of my closet, so that I can do more of mix & match as well as layering!!'s what I whipped up in an almost-asleep state of mind yesterday night (not the details of the outfit, but the key pieces) turned out to be quite passable on the fashion front (if the numerous comments/compliments by colleagues are anything to go by) while at the same time keeping me warm & comfy!!! Now that's an accomplishment, I must say! :))

Well.....well......well............what do you guys think of my latest buy? Isn't this grey woolen tunic/dress from Mango absolutely awesome??? This can be worn layered with a top/dress inside & also with a jacket worn over it! I simply love the boat neck & the turned up raglan sleeves of the piece!! Also, the light & loose knit of the wool ensures that this dress can be worn throughout the year (without the layers during summer!).......isn't that just lovely??? :)

Grey is one of my latest favorite color (I have this phases of liking a certain color for a certain period of time) & anything in basic grey appeals to me in a way I just can't ignore! I was actually eyeing 2 other grey cardis at Mango, but once I spotted this one, all the others went back to the rack........this was a clear winner because of the length, neck, sleeves & the loose, comfy silhouette!!

The navy (yes, it's not black) turtle neck ribbed top worn inside kept off the chill all right. Thank God for high-necked tops...........nothing beats 'em in this chill........specially when you are just recovering from a bout of Bronchitis! Also, I had originally planned to pull on a bright colored pair of stockings to bring some jazz to the outfit.........but the fact that I was dressing for office coupled with the low temperature made me take out my leggings instead. The color was thus added by my favorite multi-colored muffler/stole along with the cute li'l blue bow!!! :)

Ain't that bow super-cute??????? I absolutely heart it!! It's cute, funky & enough to jazz up any outfit! It's one of my first buys from's from a store by Venus11 where you'll find some of the cutest & loveliest brooches/headbands/flowers!!! In fact, my package from Venus held all the gorgeous brooches I had ordered along with a free one sent by her as a isn't that awfully sweet of her??? :))

Ribbed turtle-neck top: New Market, Kolkata
Grey woolen tunic: Mango, Kolkata
Black leggings: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Black pumps: Aldo, Kolkata
Muffler/stole: Thrifted, Kolkata
Bow brooch: Etsy

How is the week going for all of you??? Hope you guys are having a lovely winter..........

Lots of love,
Polka Princess


  1. Nicely done! :) I love the blue, grey combo a LOT! :) And hey, congrats on your first Etsy purchase!

  2. It is been exceptionally cold in the whole Northern Hemisphere this year.

  3. looking good ....!!happy winters

    Jai hO Mangalmay HO

  4. Amazing Anu..i must say:) i love your style

  5. Princess Sweetie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the extra details, the bow, the scarf and of course I LOVE your grey mango tunic too, I can imagine you wear it in Spring too, you ROCK babe!!!!


  6. @Sally: Thanx babe! I love Etsy just like you all!! :)
    @A: I know........brrr!
    @Vish: Thank you......happy winters to you too!
    @Geetu: Thanx sweetie!!!! You are the best! :))
    @Jemina: Awwww........ hon, you are simply too sweet!! Your encouragement is much appreciated! :))

  7. What a cute little bow darling ... You look adorbss!!!

  8. loove your scarf!!xx

  9. I love the bow! It's so cute! -xxoo

  10. love the tunic from mango .. its really stylish .. wishing that you remain in the pink of health and enjoy the dip in mercury levels to the fullest.. an amazing winter this one is !! loving it :)

  11. I love pieces in grey, and a good wool cardi is one of them. I also love grey jersey knit dresses. They seem so classic and the perfect foil to a bold print or bright color. Both of which we both seem very partial to. Looking good, Princess!

  12. Nice dress,, Excellent for this freezing winter..

  13. @Tanvii: Thanx hon!! Mwaaaah! :)
    @Z: I love it too!!
    @Fashion Tales: Thank you dear!!
    @Simple Girl: Am much better now...thank you! Hope you enjoy the lovely weather too! :)
    @Bella: Thanx a bunch babe!! Great minds think alike! :))
    @Salwar: Thank you...... :)

  14. Love your outfit!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


  15. Looks good babe! the scarf adds just the right amount of colour

    F. ( x

  16. @Copious Couture: Thanx dear.......the pleasure's all\ways mine! :)
    @Francesca: Thanx a lot hon! :)

  17. Polka Princess, just added you to my blogroll. Finally. <3


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