February 27, 2011

Lace love....

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Hey guys!

How has the weekend been??? Hope you all had rocking plans & had a lovely time with friends or family!!! :)

I, for one, had a relatively lazier weekend (for me, the weekend consists of only one day - Sunday)..............what with a late breakfast, an even later lunch, a self-done manicure & a fun evening spent at a friend's place....... :)

Well...........right now, in a warm country like ours (and am sure in many others as well), Spring has made it's grand entry for the year........& we all are reveling in it's glorious freshness! So.........it's time to review/look up the SS '11 trends & welcome the season in style!!!

One of the biggest trends of Spring Summer 2011 is Lace! The likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Christopher Kane, Balenciaga, Oscar De La Renta and Alberta Ferreti had embraced this trend for their SS '11 collections...........& the mass fashion fraternity is not to be left behind! In fact, I've always been in love with lace as it represents feminism, beauty, romanticism & glamour all rolled in one! So, I'm super-excited at the resurrection of this beautiful detail & am sure gonna follow this trend to death!

Just the other day, I received my very first package from ASOS..........& guess what it had inside??? A pair of beautiful black lace footless tights!!! :))
And undoubtedly, this has become my very favorite item of clothing for the time being.............so be ready to see a lot of it on this blog all summer!

I didn't want to make the outfit too dressy (which lace generally tends to do) as I was only heading towards a friend's place for chilling.........hence I wanted to wear the lace in a more casual way. 
And what better way to dress casually than wearing denim??? I thought that the denim & lace will go well together, at the same time, making the outfit perfect for hanging out with friends!

This denim skirt is quite smart & was the perfect length for showing off my new lace tights! I paired it with the casual printed sleeveless tee layered on a basic one (as it's not yet warm enough to wear sleeveless)........the funky graphic print on the tee contrasted with the dressy girliness of the lace & helped in maintaining the casual vibe of the outfit! :)

This black structured bag went well with the lace tights & stopped the outfit from becoming too casual/sporty. I added the long strap so that it could be casually slung on the shoulders (I carry it by the short handle when am dressed up or wearing a more classy/formal outfit).

The current favorite among my collection of sunnies is this pair of wayfarers.......I love the black & red combination and the tinted lens......& the best thing is that this pair is a very early b'day gift from a friend!!! :))

See the flashes of red on the inside frame of my shades??? Cool........ain't it? :)
The purple wooden cuff was worn to go with the purple tee.........& I added a bit of color in the form of my cute red bow ring from Accessorize............doesn't it look just adorable???

Aaaaaaahhh!! The more am looking at this pair of tights........the more I'm falling in love with them..........again & again! I'm gonna pair 'em with dresses, skirts, shorts & tunics for different looks.......& I think they'll look as smashing in all the avatars!!! :)
P.S.: Check out my self-done french mani..... :))

And finally.........my newest pair of shoes...........I fell for them the moment I saw them on a shelf at a store.........& immediately called for a pair to try on (though I hadn't planned on buying shoes at all on that particular shopping expedition!). Of course, they looked great & I brought them home to add to my ever-growing collection ( much to the chagrin of my mom!!).
I mean..........I just couldn't not buy 'em.........right? They are flats (those of you who have not read my earlier posts....I prefer flats to heels any day! In fact, that's the main reason behind the name of my blog), thay are black (utilitarian, very versatile color) & they are freaking awesome (specially the cuff around the ankle)!!! Not to forget that they were on 60% discount! What more can a girl want??? ;)

Black shades tee: Pepe Jeans, Kolkata
Purple basic tee: United Colors of Benetton, Kolkata
Denim skirt: Tommy Hilfiger, Bangalore
Black lace tights: ASOS
Black bag: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Purple wooden cuff: New Market, Kolkata
Red bow ring: Accessorize, Bangalore
Red & black wayfarers: Idee, gifted by friend
Silver watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Black shoes: Tresmode, Kolkata

Well..........now am getting sleepy........& the thought of a Monday morning looming large in my mind isn't helping either! So am gonna crash...........& try not to dream of all the work I need to get done in the upcoming week. Though, in a way, I am looking forward to the coming week (for once)........coz it's my b'day week!!! Yes girls (and guys)........my b'day is sometime this week.......& as far as b'days are concerned, I think I show the Benjamin Button syndrome every year (am always as excited about my b'day as a 10-year old is)! 

So.......keep an eye open for the b'day post next.......and if anybody wants to send me gifts, mail me & I'll mail you back my wishlist!!! ;))

Till then,
Take care lovelies......

Polka Princess
February 23, 2011

A wonderful wedding!!!

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Hey guys!!

How's the new week treating you all??? I don't know about the lot of you, but I had a rocking weekend enjoying the wedding of one of my closest friend's from college!!! Oh. My. God. It was so much fun, you won't believe it! And the best part is that I still can't come to terms with the fact that she has actually got married!!! ^_^

And as promised in my last post, am here to share the pictures from my crazy & fun weekend with all you lovely people..........hope you all love the snaps as much as I do, coz each one of these pictures carry the most beautiful & heart-warming memories for me! :)

My sweet friend Shreya gears up for her wedding! These pix are from the ceremony held to celebrate her last lunch as a spinster (the day before the wedding) - called "Aaiburobhaat" in Bengali - there's a grand feast laid out for her, which includes almost 15-20 types of dishes & she is fed a bit of everyhting by the elders of the family.........the younger siblings/cousins/friends who sit at lunch with her suppossedly get married soon!!! :)

P.S.: Check out her expression in the 1st pic - she was continuously being fed sweets by her uncles/aunts for the last half-an-hour! :P

Chilling out after a very very heavy lunch! Check out the intricate mehendi (henna tattoo) on her hands.........they say the darker the color of the henna on the hands of the bride, the more her husband's gonna love her! :))

Shreya, of course, had to wear a saree for the ceremony (the bride has to wear sarees only for all the different ceremonies of a Bengali wedding)........and I took out my ethnic outfits for the weekend.........this kalamkari print kurta is one of my fav ethinc suits - it's just right for a festive lunch do - the right amount of bling (on the embroidered neck & border) & a very nice flared cut (which sadly can't be seen here).

Kalamkari kurta: Designed by friend, Kolkata
Golden cotton-silk dupatta: Exhibition, Pune
Bangles: Assorted, Kolkata/Mumbai/Bangalore

The bride in traditional Bengali wedding outfit - a red Benarasi saree with gold motifs & border, brocade blouse & gold tissue veil - and of course, swathed in gold jewelry with a white shola crown on the head. The chandan (sandalwood paste) designs on her forehead is part of the wedding make-up. Isn't she looking amazingly lovely??? I guess they are right about girls looking their most beautiful on their wedding days......

Posing for pictures with the bride!! :)

The other girl in the picture is Natasha, a colleague of my friend. She's not an Indian (I really forgot to ask which country she's from), but still she so cutely wore a Fabindia saree to the occasion!

Here, the bride sits on a wooden base & is lifted up by her brothers/uncles & taken round the groom 7 times.........she has to cover her face with betel leaves all the while (so that she can't see the groom - it's considered a bad omen to see the groom before the "shubhodrishti")........after the last circle, she's brought to a halt in front of the groom & only then can she remove the leaves & see her man!

This is the garland exchange ceremony (called "Mala bodol") where the bride & groom garland each other 3 times - this is one of the most important wedding rituals of the Hindus.

Having fun with the designer dudes - all these 3 friends are fashion designers & they all are showing at the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week to be held in Mumbai in March!
From right to left: Amalraj Sengupta - Established Designer
Rohan Arora - Accessory Designer (he designs the most awesome shoes!!)
Shivaji Dutta - Genext Designer
So, all you Mumbaiites (& others who'll be visiting LFW), be sure to check out their shows!!!

Gossiping with the girl gang! :))
The lady in green saree is Sinjini, sister of designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.....while the sweet girl in peach & brown is Swati, who got engaged just 10 days back! I think it's the season of celebration all right!!!

Throughout the ceremony, Shreya was more interested in our gossip & conversations than in the wedding rituals!! ;)

This ritual requires the groom to hold the bride's hands from behind while she throws puffed rice into the ceremonial fire........they also have to continuously chant prayers & mantras throughout the ceremony!!

The bride & groom circles the fire 7 times while reciting the wedding vows......this is another very important ritual of Hindu weddings! :)

The cameramen jostled with each other for this shot!! The wedded couple poses & chats with the bride's boss - famous designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee (She worked on his design team)! This man is one of my greatest idols as far as Fashion is concerned.........I'd even reverently mentioned him in my first blog post!!! (I can say I've been lucky enough to be a friend of his sister's......hence I've seen my idol up close quite a few times & even spoken to him!) :))

Black, white & blue : What a color co-ordinated shot!! ;)
Friends posing with the newly weds!
(Sorry the pic is a li'l blurred.......but then you all know that I'm not to be blamed!)

Me & Riya (my friend's sister) posing with the bride & groom!

Kodak Moment : Just Married!!! :))
Awwww...........aren't they looking cute?????? I think the dash of vermillion (sindoor) on a bride's head really makes her look so lovely!

This ethnic suit that I'm wearing for the wedding has been designed by me & locally tailored. I love the vibrant hues of the raw silk & the peep of print from beneath (yes, that's not a separate jacket, but just two layers attached on the side)........also the collar is quite interesting & has been embroidered taking motifs from the design of the print.

Ethnic suit (kurta & churidar): Self-designed
Polki earrings: Sakshi, Kolkata
Rings: Aldo, Kolkata
Cane bag: Indra Market, Bangkok
Slip-on heels: Inc.5, Kolkata

By now, you all must have understood how much fun I've had over the weekend!!! Felt so tired & exhausted at work on Monday.............sigh! And now my friend's moving away to Hyderabad after marriage (since her hubby works there).........I don't even know when I'll meet her next!!! :(

Anyways............hope you all are having a good week! Am looking forward to the weekend just like the rest of you!!!

Polka Princess
February 19, 2011

Check it out!!

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Did I ever tell you guys about my fatal (for my pocket) attraction towards checks??? Sigh! Checks in all sorts, colors & sizes hold an I-can't-ignore appeal for me!!! So much so that sometimes I really have to control myself from ending up buying all those Men's casual shirts that come in maddeningly awesome checks - if I'd have had a boyfriend, his wardrobe would have been chock full of those preppy checked shirts by now! (As it is, I pick up as much as possible for my dad & cousins!!!)
Also...........don't you all just get fascinated by the varieties of checkered patterns available all around??? I can almost build up a separate wardrobe with just all types of checks!
Tartan - check.
Plaid - check.
Gingham - check.
Argyle - check.
Houndstooth - check.
Burberry - check.
(Got the pun? ;))
Gimme one of 'em any day! In fact, checks is my second most favorite pattern right after polka dots!!! :))

Tra la la........my latest checkered love that I picked up during the recent end-of-season-sales!
This plaid shirt-dress was absolute love-at-first-sight!! The fact that I got it at half the price sure helped!!! :))

The white tee inside was to brighten up the outfit to befit the fast-approaching summer!! I think basic solid-colored tees in white, black, red & grey are absolute wardrobe staples! 

Wore it with cropped black trousers to office. 
It can also be paired with denims or leggings for a more casual look.

I love love love the these cotton trousers - slim, cropped just the right length & fits beautifully - what more can one ask for??? 

Out for lunch, yet busy attending work calls! Sigh!! Aren't breaks meant to be enjoyed off-duty??? :(

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddd........my latest obsession - my new silver mirror-coated aviators!!!!!! 
Wheeeeee.........I finally got a pair that suits my face and looks killer!!! :))

Not to miss this cute & quirky pendant that I picked up during my Bangalore trip. It has lovely etchings & designs with coral stones on the silver body. And the cutest part is that the tiny lid of the thingie can be taken off & put back on it again - ain't that adorable???
Also, I love the way the coral stones of the pendant complement the orange lines in the plaid pattern.
My fast friends - this pair of snakeskin pumps - round up the look nicely. I like the way the small heels go with the cropped trousers. :)
P.S.: Note the cute button & placket detail on the hem of the trouers!!

Checkered Shirtdress: AND, Kolkata
White tee: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Cropped cotton trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata
Neckpiece: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Silver mirror-coated aviators: Aldo, Kolkata
Snakeskin pumps: Snake Farm, Bangkok

More or less, I had a busy week. Highlight of the week - met up with fellow blogger Sushmita (aka the Shooting Star) of My Unfinished Life. It's always lovely meeting up with blogger buddies & talking about our shared passion. Also, it's such a nice way of getting to know so many interesting people from all around! 

And I'm super-excited about the weekend coz:
1. I'm getting a 2 day weekend (Boss granted leave for tomorrow..........yeah!)
2. One of my closest friends from college is getting married!!! Yes! Isn't a friend's wedding one of the best/most exciting/most fun-filled times??? 

In fact, almost the whole weekend will be spent at the friend's house or wedding venue............and am planning to have loads of fun!!! Will share snaps of the madness with you guys soon! :))

Hope you all have rocking plans for the weekend too!
Have a great one fellas!!!

Polka Princess
February 13, 2011

Arm candy: Lady Dior

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Guess what??? Right now....as I'm typing this....am also watching a typically Bollywood romantic movie & going all mushy-mushy & teary-eyed! Sigh!! It's gonna be such a waste of a romantic heart this Valentine's.........somebody out there is such a loser! ;)

So........as I don't have some hot, dishy arm candy to flaunt this V-Day (and am not regretting!)........I've settled for a much more classy & loyal version - something I've had my eyes on since a long time!!!

One of the most coveted items in my "Dream Wish List of Things That I Can't Afford" is the Lady Dior bag from the house of Christian Dior! It's quilted leather body, smart handle & structured shape is perfect for teaming with all sorts of outfits..........and I've been longingly staring at the images of the same on magazines, TV (on the arms of Page-3 celebs) & of course on the net since I can remember!! I've come across various versions of knock-offs of the same, but somehow those have never appealed to me much. But that was until my recent trip to Bangalore, where, in a shop I never fail to visit whenever I'm in the city, I came across this perfect substitute for my much-coveted Lady Dior. It looks quite authentic at first glance! :))

I took my lovely for it's second outing yesterday night when I had to go to a gathering at a cousin's place. (The first outing was while I was on vacation in Bangalore only)
In fact, my whole outfit was planned keeping this beauty in mind! I had picked up this bag in this shade of purple coz this had caught my eye the most from amongst the other black, grey & brown versions.

The black & white canvas of the outfit is perfect for setting off the dash of purple of the bag & mauve of the waistcoat. The waistcoat was thrown on to balance the color of the bag. 

This white cotton blouse is a favorite piece of mine.........it has a pretty & feminine silhouette and being cotton, is very comfortable & perfect for the upcoming summers! I also like it's sort-of-lantern sleeves & the self-striped fabric. Also, it's very versatile & can be teamed with denims, capris, cotton trousers, skirts & shorts!!!

My cute li'l fabric button earrings added a bit of girlie fun! The tiny floral print on these are absolutely adorable!!!

I love love love this string of pearls of mine! They instantly up the glam quotient of any outfit!!! And lo & behold.......my latest purchase from Accessorize - this beautiful ivory rose ring.........ain't it absolutely pretty??? :))

Sigh! Doesn't it look great? :)
In fact, this is the most perfect & well-finished knock-off of the approx $3000 original Lady Dior that I have ever come across..........the quality of the materials of this one is quite good & sturdy and this seems to be one bag am gonna hold on to for a long time to come!!!
My black pumps finished off the outfit nicely..... :))

Off-white cotton blouse: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Waistcoat: Remanika, Kolkata
Denims: Lee Cooper, Kolkata
Fabric button earrings: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
String of pearls: Westside, Kolkata
Rose ring: Accessorize, Bangalore
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Quilted bag: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Black pumps: Aldo, Kolkata

Sooooooo........how has your weekend been??? Mine was spent lazing around, watching TV & of course, writing up this post! :)

The next week's starting on a romantic note with a very special Monday  - Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovely people out there!!! :))

Keep loving.........& keep rocking!

Lots of love & best wishes,
Polka Princess

February 07, 2011

So.........who's gonna be your valentine???

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Wassup with all you lovelies out there??? Hope all of you have had a rocking weekend!

At least, I sure had one! Caught up with friends on Sat evening.........one of them is getting married within a fortnight.......all of us others (who are currently very eligible bachelors/spinsters & intend to remain so for quite some time) were teasing her & discussing the utter unbelievability of it (her getting married, that is)!!!
Sunday saw me heading towards a leather goods expo being held in town (where I picked up a couple of amazing bags at an awfully good bargain!) followed by the annual party held by Chevrolet (yes...I'm the proud owner of a Chevrolet Aveo U-va car) for it's customers & dealers.

Anyways, now that the 2nd month of the year has already started, the feel of 2011 being another brand new year has kinda worn off......and as we all know, February is the month of Love........
Yes! It's Valentine's month once again..........so those of you lucky ones who are hitched & hooked all right - what special plans for the V Day??? And the luckier ones who are single & ready (or maybe not-so-ready) to mingle - what are you guys planning to gift yourselves??? Or are you planning to change the state of things before the 14th????? ;) 

Well..........I, for one, am just gonna enjoy the power & allure of today's retailing & marketing ploys making the most of the good saint's death (Poor St. Valentine didn't even have an inkling that his was going to be one of the most famous parting signatures in history!)..........& pamper myself with some chocolates & maybe a relaxing mani & pedi!! (Well....for all I know.......I may get an anonymous, albeit, surprise valentine gift! High hopes.........but never say never!!) :))

So guys.........who's gonna be your valentine this year??? Do share if you have any exciting/out-of-the-way/romantic plans for your special one! Would love to hear all of it (am actually a die-hard romantic at heart! ;))

And here's what I wore for my Sunday outing.............there's still a slight chill in the wind, specially in the early morning & evenings, hence I'm still working the layers & not baring the legs!

This dress was picked up by me almost 3 years back...........& that was the first time I fell in love with this shade of green! My love affair with this color still continues.............but as they say, first love is always special!!! :)

This black & white checked legging was a very versatile pick of my Bangalore trip..........I can mix & match so many colors with this one.........in fact, I had paired it with a purple dress while in Bangalore & it had rocked as well then also!

The wide neckline of the dress always makes it necessary to be layered........& I've layered it earlier with round neck tees, shirts & even turtle neck pullovers! But this time around, I stuck to a basic black collared tee with puff sleeves & am happy with the outcome.... :)

I simply adore the big buttons & the belt of the dress.........these details make this piece smart as well as girly!! Also, not miss the two li'l pockets on the sides.........perfecto!!
Also, as you can see, my just-shampoo-ed hair is all over the place!!! :P

Lo & behold!! My fav piece of jewelry from my Bangalore shopping!!! Isn't this neckpiece simply awesome? The moment I set my eyes on it, I knew I just had to pick it up! :))
And I added a couple of silver bangles to go with the silver necklace.

My favorite yellow gladiators added a contrast to the green of the dress. Also, I stacked on a mix of green & yellow bangles to balance out both the colors.... :)
P.S.: Ain't my green nail paint looking gorgeous with the yellow footwear???

Green dress: Sarojini Nagar, Delhi
Black collared tee: United Colors of Benetton, Kolkata
Checked legging: Max, Bangalore
Silver neckpiece: Forum Mall, Bangalore
Silver bangles: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Yellow wooden bangles: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Green jade bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Headband: Borrowed from sis
Yellow gladiators: Platinum mall, Bangkok

This changing weather is very unpredictable..........sometimes it's so very warm, while sometimes it's chilly. And while the weather can't make up it's mind as to what the temperature actually should be.........I've gone & caught a pretty bad cold! :(

Anyways...............have a lovely week ahead dears! And let the hunt for the perfect gift begin!!!

Love & hugs,
Polka Princess
February 04, 2011


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Hellooooooooooooooo lovelies.........how's the week treating you all? Just one (or for the unfortunate ones like us, two) more day(s) till the weekend.........what plans have you guys got???

Am still very much suffering from the holiday hangover & don't feel like working at all!!! But...............I have to work in order to earn my bread-n-butter (ok.........too dramatic! In my case, it's more like my shoes-n-jewelry)..........& hence, it's all slog, slog, slog!

But no worries.........in the midst of all the back-breaking work schedule, am taking time out to attend the never-ending wedding ceremonies & reception parties (of friends, family & colleagues), gloat & smile over all my holiday shopping (time & again!), plan to visit the Book Fair being held in my city (it's a big annual affair) on Sunday and get excited about two friend's weddings coming up in the next 2 months!!! :)

I've again got you outfit pictures from the Bangalore days...........and today, you can see one of the most treasured picks from my holiday shopping bag!!

That day, I was out to catch a movie (Dhobi Ghat - must watch!) with my mom & aunt, followed by a shopping spree in the mall & around the streets. I love, love, love this smart tunic/shirt-dress of mine! It's comfy, easy to move about in, can be worn with a hell lots of co-ordinates (leggings, denims, stockings) & is a perfect shade of blue - neither too bright, nor too pale! And of course, nothing is as versatile as a pair of black tights/stockings.........I think it's a must-have in every wardrobe!

Needless to say...love the tabs on the sleeves & the shoulders........
Also, to add some fun element to the very smart & clean look of the whole outfit, I piled on the silver bangles along with one navy one.......the silver ones added a touch of sparkle to the otherwise matte tone of the outfit.

This bag was bought from Bangalore only, a couple of years back.............& it was a good investment (I feel) as the denim tote never goes out of style........this bag is stylish, spacious, sturdy & strong! Hence, it usually always ends up being my travel hand bag as I can put innumerable amount of stuff in it's multiple pockets & we all know how much we like to stuff our hand baggages when we fly! ;)

And now we come to the best part of the whole outfit...............MY BRAND NEW BOOTS!!!!!!!!! Ok.......so you can see how very excited I am about them still now.......
Actually, just the day before, I had met up with the fun & fashionable fellow blogger Smrithi of Vintage Obsession & we had a great time chatting, gossiping & talking about our favorite blogs & bloggers (but more on our meeting in a later post)........& I was also cribbing to her about my on-going search for a perfect pair of boots & how I was craving to buy a nice pair for the last 6 months! Well...............she took me to this awesome Tibetan Market (very nearby to the cafe we met up at) & voila! I found what I was looking for........& at almost half the price!!! :)) 
These bluish grey beauties have a wide border of crochet lace on the top with tie-ups & poms poms on one side..........cool.........aren't they???
Well...........I guess I really owe her one! (Smrithi.......are you listening?)

Tunic/Shirtdress: Only, Mumbai
Black tights: Tibetan Market, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Denim bag: Mota Royal Arcade, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Navy pearl studs: Gifted by mom, Hyderabad
Bangles: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Boots: Tibetan Market, Brigade Road, Bangalore

Well guys...............this is not the end of it (sorry if am dragging this post too long..........but trust me, you haven't heard the best news yet!)..........I've got 2 very important announcements to make!
Two of my very favorite & very fashionable fellow bloggers are hosting wonderful giveaways!!! So those of you who are really keen & excited to win some awesome goodies, please read on (and those of you who are not, can skip & go straight to the comments section......though I still advise that you read the rest...trust me, you're not gonna regret it!):

The Purple Peeptoes Giveaway:

The beautiful & charming Karishma of Purple Peeptoes is giving away a fun jhola to one of her lucky readers............this jhola is a representation of Karishma's personal style - vibrant, quirky & fun! So go, check out her blog right now (click on the linked blog name) & win yourself this colorful & bright patchwork beauty.............it's just perfect to dress up any plain & simple outfit!!

The Art Meets Fashion Giveaway:

And here's a chance to get yourself a cool & one-of-it's-kind bag..............the ultra-talented & fashionable Aarti of Art Meets Fashion is hosting a giveaway for celebrating the completion of 6 months of her blog..........& this Fishy bag she's giving is one from her awesome collection of beautiful bags designed by none other than Aarti herself! So what are you waiting for? Go & enter the giveaway now (click on the linked blog name).........& jazz up any funky outfit with this unique piece!

So what with these wonderful giveaways lined up & the weekend just round the corner.........things are looking quite promising.........aren't they???

Have a great weekend guys!

Lots of love,
Polka Princess
February 01, 2011

Holiday colors!!!

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Ok.............so finally am back from my week-long vacay..........& am having mixed feelings about my current just-finished-my-holiday status........

On the one hand, am still in a holiday/relaxing mode mentally and am so loathing the wake-up-in-the-morning-&-go-to-office routine (though it's just been a day I've been back)..........a part of my mind (and heart) is still enjoying the beautiful views of the Hoggenekkal Falls (these falls, situated in Tamil Nadu, are 150 kms from the city of Bangalore & a mesmerizing place to spend a day at. You can see the pictures of my trip to the falls in my last post here), roaming about the colorful street markets of Bangalore, marvelling at the beauty of the lovely blooms at the Lalbagh Flower Show & gossiping till late night with my cousin!

On the other hand, am really glad to be able to sit at my own computer & check out all the lovely blogs & posts I've been missing for the last week, curl up with a book on my own bed, listen to my own favorite radio stations and wake up to the familiar sights & sounds of my city!

So basically, am just a confused, dazed & muddled old soul right now............hope I'll come back to my senses soon........till then, you all wonderful readers of my mindless chatter have to bear with me!!! :)

Today, am sharing an outfit I'd worn in Bangalore one day while out shopping with a friend.........I was in quite a cheery mood (the combination of holiday + shopping does that to you!) & hence, the colorful output! :))

Yes, I parked myself right in front of the No Parking sign for the pic! :P
This green tunic was purchased the day before.............in fact, it's one of my first items of shopping during this holiday...........and I loved the way I had all the right colors to put together with it!!!

I love cotton tunics/shirtdresses. Period. 
I have quite a few of 'em by now in various shades of white, blue, green, pink & beige.........& I still won't stop myself from buying more......
These tunics are so comfy & easy to be in if you have a hectic (read busy & lots-to-do) day ahead! The best part is that they can be teamed with leggings, denims, trousers, stockings/tights & even skirts!!! :))

In fact, I've picked up most of my tunics for their very subtle, yet interesting li'l details like pleats, pin-tucks, pockets & buttoned tabs on the sleeves...
The pink spaghetti top worn inside adds the right pop of color, balancing the bright & multi-colored print of the legging.
This bag was gifted to us at the annual meet of my company last year.........the text on it reads "I am cool, coz I am VM" (referring to my designation of a Visual Merchandiser)..........now ain't that cool??? ;)

My colorful stack of bangles are always such saviors!! Though my mom always screams at me for carrying a bagful of bangles everywhere around.........they are worth all the lugging......aren't they???
Note: my fav teal nail paint on my fingers! :)

This DIY-ed necklace looked made-to-order for this outfit........isn't it so? It's actually a handmade pendant  through which I had looped a couple of metal chains with a length of ribbon to tie at the back. This is one of my earliest & most satisfying pieces of DIY!!! :))

I fell in love with the cute & colorful florals as soon as I saw them! This is one of my first pairs of printed knit leggings...........I think they are a blessing for the everyday fashionistas like us - comfortable, durable, versatile & stylish!!!
Another purchase from the shopping hubs of Bangalore is this pair of leather chappals. Aren't they just beautiful??? The ornate etchings on the leather & the disc (instead of straps) between the toes are so smart & chic! I felt like picking these up in all the colors available!!! (blue, green, red, black, brown)
This green nail paint is one of my hot favorites too!!! And it was uncannily (and unintentionally) matching with my chappals!

Cotton tunic: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Pink spaghetti top: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Floral printed leggings: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Canvas bag: Gift from office
DIY Neckpiece: Self-made
Black shades: Polo Club, Kolkata
Leather chappals: Commercial Street, Bangalore

P.S.: Before rushing off to Bangalore, I didn't get any time to set my bangs. As a result, they were all out of shape & badly in need of a hairdresser's touch. I tried to tuck them to one side (and did a miserably bad job of it!)......& later just turned them back & pinned them down...

More of my Bangalore outfits & posts to come up soon!! Stay tuned for more........... :))

Till next time,

Polka Princess


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