Arm candy: Lady Dior

Guess what??? Right I'm typing also watching a typically Bollywood romantic movie & going all mushy-mushy & teary-eyed! Sigh!! It's gonna be such a waste of a romantic heart this Valentine's.........somebody out there is such a loser! ;) I don't have some hot, dishy arm candy to flaunt this V-Day (and am not regretting!)........I've settled for a much more classy & loyal version - something I've had my eyes on since a long time!!!

One of the most coveted items in my "Dream Wish List of Things That I Can't Afford" is the Lady Dior bag from the house of Christian Dior! It's quilted leather body, smart handle & structured shape is perfect for teaming with all sorts of outfits..........and I've been longingly staring at the images of the same on magazines, TV (on the arms of Page-3 celebs) & of course on the net since I can remember!! I've come across various versions of knock-offs of the same, but somehow those have never appealed to me much. But that was until my recent trip to Bangalore, where, in a shop I never fail to visit whenever I'm in the city, I came across this perfect substitute for my much-coveted Lady Dior. It looks quite authentic at first glance! :))

I took my lovely for it's second outing yesterday night when I had to go to a gathering at a cousin's place. (The first outing was while I was on vacation in Bangalore only)
In fact, my whole outfit was planned keeping this beauty in mind! I had picked up this bag in this shade of purple coz this had caught my eye the most from amongst the other black, grey & brown versions.

The black & white canvas of the outfit is perfect for setting off the dash of purple of the bag & mauve of the waistcoat. The waistcoat was thrown on to balance the color of the bag. 

This white cotton blouse is a favorite piece of has a pretty & feminine silhouette and being cotton, is very comfortable & perfect for the upcoming summers! I also like it's sort-of-lantern sleeves & the self-striped fabric. Also, it's very versatile & can be teamed with denims, capris, cotton trousers, skirts & shorts!!!

My cute li'l fabric button earrings added a bit of girlie fun! The tiny floral print on these are absolutely adorable!!!

I love love love this string of pearls of mine! They instantly up the glam quotient of any outfit!!! And lo & latest purchase from Accessorize - this beautiful ivory rose ring.........ain't it absolutely pretty??? :))

Sigh! Doesn't it look great? :)
In fact, this is the most perfect & well-finished knock-off of the approx $3000 original Lady Dior that I have ever come across..........the quality of the materials of this one is quite good & sturdy and this seems to be one bag am gonna hold on to for a long time to come!!!
My black pumps finished off the outfit nicely..... :))

Off-white cotton blouse: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Waistcoat: Remanika, Kolkata
Denims: Lee Cooper, Kolkata
Fabric button earrings: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
String of pearls: Westside, Kolkata
Rose ring: Accessorize, Bangalore
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Quilted bag: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Black pumps: Aldo, Kolkata has your weekend been??? Mine was spent lazing around, watching TV & of course, writing up this post! :)

The next week's starting on a romantic note with a very special Monday  - Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovely people out there!!! :))

Keep loving.........& keep rocking!

Lots of love & best wishes,
Polka Princess