Arm candy: Lady Dior

Guess what??? Right I'm typing also watching a typically Bollywood romantic movie & going all mushy-mushy & teary-eyed! Sigh!! It's gonna be such a waste of a romantic heart this Valentine's.........somebody out there is such a loser! ;) I don't have some hot, dishy arm candy to flaunt this V-Day (and am not regretting!)........I've settled for a much more classy & loyal version - something I've had my eyes on since a long time!!!

One of the most coveted items in my "Dream Wish List of Things That I Can't Afford" is the Lady Dior bag from the house of Christian Dior! It's quilted leather body, smart handle & structured shape is perfect for teaming with all sorts of outfits..........and I've been longingly staring at the images of the same on magazines, TV (on the arms of Page-3 celebs) & of course on the net since I can remember!! I've come across various versions of knock-offs of the same, but somehow those have never appealed to me much. But that was until my recent trip to Bangalore, where, in a shop I never fail to visit whenever I'm in the city, I came across this perfect substitute for my much-coveted Lady Dior. It looks quite authentic at first glance! :))

I took my lovely for it's second outing yesterday night when I had to go to a gathering at a cousin's place. (The first outing was while I was on vacation in Bangalore only)
In fact, my whole outfit was planned keeping this beauty in mind! I had picked up this bag in this shade of purple coz this had caught my eye the most from amongst the other black, grey & brown versions.

The black & white canvas of the outfit is perfect for setting off the dash of purple of the bag & mauve of the waistcoat. The waistcoat was thrown on to balance the color of the bag. 

This white cotton blouse is a favorite piece of has a pretty & feminine silhouette and being cotton, is very comfortable & perfect for the upcoming summers! I also like it's sort-of-lantern sleeves & the self-striped fabric. Also, it's very versatile & can be teamed with denims, capris, cotton trousers, skirts & shorts!!!

My cute li'l fabric button earrings added a bit of girlie fun! The tiny floral print on these are absolutely adorable!!!

I love love love this string of pearls of mine! They instantly up the glam quotient of any outfit!!! And lo & latest purchase from Accessorize - this beautiful ivory rose ring.........ain't it absolutely pretty??? :))

Sigh! Doesn't it look great? :)
In fact, this is the most perfect & well-finished knock-off of the approx $3000 original Lady Dior that I have ever come across..........the quality of the materials of this one is quite good & sturdy and this seems to be one bag am gonna hold on to for a long time to come!!!
My black pumps finished off the outfit nicely..... :))

Off-white cotton blouse: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Waistcoat: Remanika, Kolkata
Denims: Lee Cooper, Kolkata
Fabric button earrings: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
String of pearls: Westside, Kolkata
Rose ring: Accessorize, Bangalore
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Quilted bag: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Black pumps: Aldo, Kolkata has your weekend been??? Mine was spent lazing around, watching TV & of course, writing up this post! :)

The next week's starting on a romantic note with a very special Monday  - Happy Valentine's Day to all of you lovely people out there!!! :))

Keep loving.........& keep rocking!

Lots of love & best wishes,
Polka Princess


  1. You look fantastic in purple, and your bag adds to it.

  2. louve the outfit babe and you are looking gorgeous as ever !!

  3. Really well put together. Love the purple bag too.


  4. I love when you find something so similar to an item that was a bit too exxy! The bag looks great :)

  5. @Sacramento: Thanx dear!! :)
    @Fashion Bombay: Thanx...muxh appreciated! :))
    @Simple Girl: Awwww....that's so sweet of you!
    @Lee: Thank you Lee... :)
    @Jamie-lee: I know.......thanx!

  6. why does the outfit look so familiar ?? Oh yes i met you thats why :-)) you look lovely

  7. @Smrithi: Lolz!! Ya......I was wearing the same waistcoat & necklace & carrying the same bag the day I met you!!! :)

  8. Love the dash of purple to the white! :)

  9. you look great! i love your vest, and all of the accessories.

  10. Bag, ring and those pearls.. all amazing.. and you look great! you know what is the main reason behind me stumbling to your blog now and then.. It is the name.. I love it.. It is so apt for an indian blogger., I wish I had thought something like this.. anyway, just thought you should know.

  11. Lately I've been appreciating the power of purple. The hue you've picked is perfect. Not to bright but saturated with color. GREAT outfit too, Polkadot P, and you are having one hellova Great hair day!

  12. @A Lot Like Fashion: Thanx S!! :)
    @Vildes Verden: Me too!
    @Veronika: Thank you dear.... :))
    @Meg Meh P: Awwww.....that's so sweet of you dear.....much appreciated! Actually it's my love for shoes in general that has led to the name of my blog....& the fact that I am averse to wearing heels for long periods of time, so flats for me anyday!
    @Bella: Thanx a bunch dearie!! You always bring a smile to my face! :)

  13. Love the lady Dior... That too in purple, its awesome..
    Love your finger ring too!!!
    Fashion Panache - Patiala Style

  14. i like so much you bag:)

  15. Such a cute lavender bag!!!!! And I love Didi, how you accented it with all Lavender accessories. so pretty! I miss our Indian-Bengali stores where they would sell such wonderful designer look-alike the lookalikes are such bad quality.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - Personal style & inspiration blog from Toronto, Canada

  16. @Bhushavali: Thanx dear......I like the color too!
    @Sabrina T: Thanx a lot! :)
    @Tashrin: Thanx for the support always dear......tomar comment-er oppekhaye thaki sob somoy! :))

  17. I'm glad you're loving your arm candy! :)

  18. the bag is a beauty ...but im loving the way you have accessorised rest of ur outfit so that the bag takes all the attention!!!!

    it was lovely meeting you up!!!!

  19. Purple is your color. Love your hair in these pictures too!!!

  20. That purse is such a incredible shade of purple! It's lovely and really does look so much like the real thing :) I love how you've accessorised it, too; the purple necklace and white flower ring are lovely.

  21. congrats on the bag - it looks so beautiful with your outfit!

  22. @Vera: Thank you dear!
    @Tamanna: ;)
    @Sushmita: It was nice meeting up with you too! Hope to see you again soon!! :)
    @Tanvii: You think so??? :))
    @Cee: Thanx babe.....much appreciated!
    @Zarna: Thanx a bunch!! Expert opinion is always welcome! :)

  23. Can you tell me where you found this bag in brigade road? name of the shop?

  24. Thanks for making the effort to describe the terminlogy to the beginners!

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