Hellooooooooooooooo's the week treating you all? Just one (or for the unfortunate ones like us, two) more day(s) till the weekend.........what plans have you guys got???

Am still very much suffering from the holiday hangover & don't feel like working at all!!! But...............I have to work in order to earn my bread-n-butter (ok.........too dramatic! In my case, it's more like my shoes-n-jewelry)..........& hence, it's all slog, slog, slog!

But no the midst of all the back-breaking work schedule, am taking time out to attend the never-ending wedding ceremonies & reception parties (of friends, family & colleagues), gloat & smile over all my holiday shopping (time & again!), plan to visit the Book Fair being held in my city (it's a big annual affair) on Sunday and get excited about two friend's weddings coming up in the next 2 months!!! :)

I've again got you outfit pictures from the Bangalore days...........and today, you can see one of the most treasured picks from my holiday shopping bag!!

That day, I was out to catch a movie (Dhobi Ghat - must watch!) with my mom & aunt, followed by a shopping spree in the mall & around the streets. I love, love, love this smart tunic/shirt-dress of mine! It's comfy, easy to move about in, can be worn with a hell lots of co-ordinates (leggings, denims, stockings) & is a perfect shade of blue - neither too bright, nor too pale! And of course, nothing is as versatile as a pair of black tights/stockings.........I think it's a must-have in every wardrobe!

Needless to the tabs on the sleeves & the shoulders........
Also, to add some fun element to the very smart & clean look of the whole outfit, I piled on the silver bangles along with one navy one.......the silver ones added a touch of sparkle to the otherwise matte tone of the outfit.

This bag was bought from Bangalore only, a couple of years back.............& it was a good investment (I feel) as the denim tote never goes out of style........this bag is stylish, spacious, sturdy & strong! Hence, it usually always ends up being my travel hand bag as I can put innumerable amount of stuff in it's multiple pockets & we all know how much we like to stuff our hand baggages when we fly! ;)

And now we come to the best part of the whole outfit...............MY BRAND NEW BOOTS!!!!!!!!! you can see how very excited I am about them still now.......
Actually, just the day before, I had met up with the fun & fashionable fellow blogger Smrithi of Vintage Obsession & we had a great time chatting, gossiping & talking about our favorite blogs & bloggers (but more on our meeting in a later post)........& I was also cribbing to her about my on-going search for a perfect pair of boots & how I was craving to buy a nice pair for the last 6 months! Well...............she took me to this awesome Tibetan Market (very nearby to the cafe we met up at) & voila! I found what I was looking for........& at almost half the price!!! :)) 
These bluish grey beauties have a wide border of crochet lace on the top with tie-ups & poms poms on one't they???
Well...........I guess I really owe her one! (Smrithi.......are you listening?)

Tunic/Shirtdress: Only, Mumbai
Black tights: Tibetan Market, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Denim bag: Mota Royal Arcade, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Navy pearl studs: Gifted by mom, Hyderabad
Bangles: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Boots: Tibetan Market, Brigade Road, Bangalore

Well guys...............this is not the end of it (sorry if am dragging this post too long..........but trust me, you haven't heard the best news yet!)..........I've got 2 very important announcements to make!
Two of my very favorite & very fashionable fellow bloggers are hosting wonderful giveaways!!! So those of you who are really keen & excited to win some awesome goodies, please read on (and those of you who are not, can skip & go straight to the comments section......though I still advise that you read the me, you're not gonna regret it!):

The Purple Peeptoes Giveaway:

The beautiful & charming Karishma of Purple Peeptoes is giving away a fun jhola to one of her lucky readers............this jhola is a representation of Karishma's personal style - vibrant, quirky & fun! So go, check out her blog right now (click on the linked blog name) & win yourself this colorful & bright patchwork's just perfect to dress up any plain & simple outfit!!

The Art Meets Fashion Giveaway:

And here's a chance to get yourself a cool & one-of-it's-kind bag..............the ultra-talented & fashionable Aarti of Art Meets Fashion is hosting a giveaway for celebrating the completion of 6 months of her blog..........& this Fishy bag she's giving is one from her awesome collection of beautiful bags designed by none other than Aarti herself! So what are you waiting for? Go & enter the giveaway now (click on the linked blog name).........& jazz up any funky outfit with this unique piece!

So what with these wonderful giveaways lined up & the weekend just round the corner.........things are looking quite promising.........aren't they???

Have a great weekend guys!

Lots of love,
Polka Princess