Check it out!!

Did I ever tell you guys about my fatal (for my pocket) attraction towards checks??? Sigh! Checks in all sorts, colors & sizes hold an I-can't-ignore appeal for me!!! So much so that sometimes I really have to control myself from ending up buying all those Men's casual shirts that come in maddeningly awesome checks - if I'd have had a boyfriend, his wardrobe would have been chock full of those preppy checked shirts by now! (As it is, I pick up as much as possible for my dad & cousins!!!)
Also...........don't you all just get fascinated by the varieties of checkered patterns available all around??? I can almost build up a separate wardrobe with just all types of checks!
Tartan - check.
Plaid - check.
Gingham - check.
Argyle - check.
Houndstooth - check.
Burberry - check.
(Got the pun? ;))
Gimme one of 'em any day! In fact, checks is my second most favorite pattern right after polka dots!!! :))

Tra la latest checkered love that I picked up during the recent end-of-season-sales!
This plaid shirt-dress was absolute love-at-first-sight!! The fact that I got it at half the price sure helped!!! :))

The white tee inside was to brighten up the outfit to befit the fast-approaching summer!! I think basic solid-colored tees in white, black, red & grey are absolute wardrobe staples! 

Wore it with cropped black trousers to office. 
It can also be paired with denims or leggings for a more casual look.

I love love love the these cotton trousers - slim, cropped just the right length & fits beautifully - what more can one ask for??? 

Out for lunch, yet busy attending work calls! Sigh!! Aren't breaks meant to be enjoyed off-duty??? :( latest obsession - my new silver mirror-coated aviators!!!!!! 
Wheeeeee.........I finally got a pair that suits my face and looks killer!!! :))

Not to miss this cute & quirky pendant that I picked up during my Bangalore trip. It has lovely etchings & designs with coral stones on the silver body. And the cutest part is that the tiny lid of the thingie can be taken off & put back on it again - ain't that adorable???
Also, I love the way the coral stones of the pendant complement the orange lines in the plaid pattern.
My fast friends - this pair of snakeskin pumps - round up the look nicely. I like the way the small heels go with the cropped trousers. :)
P.S.: Note the cute button & placket detail on the hem of the trouers!!

Checkered Shirtdress: AND, Kolkata
White tee: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Cropped cotton trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata
Neckpiece: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Silver mirror-coated aviators: Aldo, Kolkata
Snakeskin pumps: Snake Farm, Bangkok

More or less, I had a busy week. Highlight of the week - met up with fellow blogger Sushmita (aka the Shooting Star) of My Unfinished Life. It's always lovely meeting up with blogger buddies & talking about our shared passion. Also, it's such a nice way of getting to know so many interesting people from all around! 

And I'm super-excited about the weekend coz:
1. I'm getting a 2 day weekend (Boss granted leave for tomorrow..........yeah!)
2. One of my closest friends from college is getting married!!! Yes! Isn't a friend's wedding one of the best/most exciting/most fun-filled times??? 

In fact, almost the whole weekend will be spent at the friend's house or wedding venue............and am planning to have loads of fun!!! Will share snaps of the madness with you guys soon! :))

Hope you all have rocking plans for the weekend too!
Have a great one fellas!!!

Polka Princess