Holiday colors!!! finally am back from my week-long vacay..........& am having mixed feelings about my current just-finished-my-holiday status........

On the one hand, am still in a holiday/relaxing mode mentally and am so loathing the wake-up-in-the-morning-&-go-to-office routine (though it's just been a day I've been back)..........a part of my mind (and heart) is still enjoying the beautiful views of the Hoggenekkal Falls (these falls, situated in Tamil Nadu, are 150 kms from the city of Bangalore & a mesmerizing place to spend a day at. You can see the pictures of my trip to the falls in my last post here), roaming about the colorful street markets of Bangalore, marvelling at the beauty of the lovely blooms at the Lalbagh Flower Show & gossiping till late night with my cousin!

On the other hand, am really glad to be able to sit at my own computer & check out all the lovely blogs & posts I've been missing for the last week, curl up with a book on my own bed, listen to my own favorite radio stations and wake up to the familiar sights & sounds of my city!

So basically, am just a confused, dazed & muddled old soul right now............hope I'll come back to my senses soon........till then, you all wonderful readers of my mindless chatter have to bear with me!!! :)

Today, am sharing an outfit I'd worn in Bangalore one day while out shopping with a friend.........I was in quite a cheery mood (the combination of holiday + shopping does that to you!) & hence, the colorful output! :))

Yes, I parked myself right in front of the No Parking sign for the pic! :P
This green tunic was purchased the day fact, it's one of my first items of shopping during this holiday...........and I loved the way I had all the right colors to put together with it!!!

I love cotton tunics/shirtdresses. Period. 
I have quite a few of 'em by now in various shades of white, blue, green, pink & beige.........& I still won't stop myself from buying more......
These tunics are so comfy & easy to be in if you have a hectic (read busy & lots-to-do) day ahead! The best part is that they can be teamed with leggings, denims, trousers, stockings/tights & even skirts!!! :))

In fact, I've picked up most of my tunics for their very subtle, yet interesting li'l details like pleats, pin-tucks, pockets & buttoned tabs on the sleeves...
The pink spaghetti top worn inside adds the right pop of color, balancing the bright & multi-colored print of the legging.
This bag was gifted to us at the annual meet of my company last year.........the text on it reads "I am cool, coz I am VM" (referring to my designation of a Visual Merchandiser) ain't that cool??? ;)

My colorful stack of bangles are always such saviors!! Though my mom always screams at me for carrying a bagful of bangles everywhere around.........they are worth all the lugging......aren't they???
Note: my fav teal nail paint on my fingers! :)

This DIY-ed necklace looked made-to-order for this outfit........isn't it so? It's actually a handmade pendant  through which I had looped a couple of metal chains with a length of ribbon to tie at the back. This is one of my earliest & most satisfying pieces of DIY!!! :))

I fell in love with the cute & colorful florals as soon as I saw them! This is one of my first pairs of printed knit leggings...........I think they are a blessing for the everyday fashionistas like us - comfortable, durable, versatile & stylish!!!
Another purchase from the shopping hubs of Bangalore is this pair of leather chappals. Aren't they just beautiful??? The ornate etchings on the leather & the disc (instead of straps) between the toes are so smart & chic! I felt like picking these up in all the colors available!!! (blue, green, red, black, brown)
This green nail paint is one of my hot favorites too!!! And it was uncannily (and unintentionally) matching with my chappals!

Cotton tunic: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Pink spaghetti top: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Floral printed leggings: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Canvas bag: Gift from office
DIY Neckpiece: Self-made
Black shades: Polo Club, Kolkata
Leather chappals: Commercial Street, Bangalore

P.S.: Before rushing off to Bangalore, I didn't get any time to set my bangs. As a result, they were all out of shape & badly in need of a hairdresser's touch. I tried to tuck them to one side (and did a miserably bad job of it!)......& later just turned them back & pinned them down...

More of my Bangalore outfits & posts to come up soon!! Stay tuned for more........... :))

Till next time,

Polka Princess