Lace love....

Hey guys!

How has the weekend been??? Hope you all had rocking plans & had a lovely time with friends or family!!! :)

I, for one, had a relatively lazier weekend (for me, the weekend consists of only one day - Sunday)..............what with a late breakfast, an even later lunch, a self-done manicure & a fun evening spent at a friend's place....... :)

Well...........right now, in a warm country like ours (and am sure in many others as well), Spring has made it's grand entry for the year........& we all are reveling in it's glorious freshness!'s time to review/look up the SS '11 trends & welcome the season in style!!!

One of the biggest trends of Spring Summer 2011 is Lace! The likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Christopher Kane, Balenciaga, Oscar De La Renta and Alberta Ferreti had embraced this trend for their SS '11 collections...........& the mass fashion fraternity is not to be left behind! In fact, I've always been in love with lace as it represents feminism, beauty, romanticism & glamour all rolled in one! So, I'm super-excited at the resurrection of this beautiful detail & am sure gonna follow this trend to death!

Just the other day, I received my very first package from ASOS..........& guess what it had inside??? A pair of beautiful black lace footless tights!!! :))
And undoubtedly, this has become my very favorite item of clothing for the time be ready to see a lot of it on this blog all summer!

I didn't want to make the outfit too dressy (which lace generally tends to do) as I was only heading towards a friend's place for chilling.........hence I wanted to wear the lace in a more casual way. 
And what better way to dress casually than wearing denim??? I thought that the denim & lace will go well together, at the same time, making the outfit perfect for hanging out with friends!

This denim skirt is quite smart & was the perfect length for showing off my new lace tights! I paired it with the casual printed sleeveless tee layered on a basic one (as it's not yet warm enough to wear sleeveless)........the funky graphic print on the tee contrasted with the dressy girliness of the lace & helped in maintaining the casual vibe of the outfit! :)

This black structured bag went well with the lace tights & stopped the outfit from becoming too casual/sporty. I added the long strap so that it could be casually slung on the shoulders (I carry it by the short handle when am dressed up or wearing a more classy/formal outfit).

The current favorite among my collection of sunnies is this pair of wayfarers.......I love the black & red combination and the tinted lens......& the best thing is that this pair is a very early b'day gift from a friend!!! :))

See the flashes of red on the inside frame of my shades??? Cool........ain't it? :)
The purple wooden cuff was worn to go with the purple tee.........& I added a bit of color in the form of my cute red bow ring from Accessorize............doesn't it look just adorable???

Aaaaaaahhh!! The more am looking at this pair of tights........the more I'm falling in love with them..........again & again! I'm gonna pair 'em with dresses, skirts, shorts & tunics for different looks.......& I think they'll look as smashing in all the avatars!!! :)
P.S.: Check out my self-done french mani..... :))

And newest pair of shoes...........I fell for them the moment I saw them on a shelf at a store.........& immediately called for a pair to try on (though I hadn't planned on buying shoes at all on that particular shopping expedition!). Of course, they looked great & I brought them home to add to my ever-growing collection ( much to the chagrin of my mom!!).
I mean..........I just couldn't not buy 'em.........right? They are flats (those of you who have not read my earlier posts....I prefer flats to heels any day! In fact, that's the main reason behind the name of my blog), thay are black (utilitarian, very versatile color) & they are freaking awesome (specially the cuff around the ankle)!!! Not to forget that they were on 60% discount! What more can a girl want??? ;)

Black shades tee: Pepe Jeans, Kolkata
Purple basic tee: United Colors of Benetton, Kolkata
Denim skirt: Tommy Hilfiger, Bangalore
Black lace tights: ASOS
Black bag: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Purple wooden cuff: New Market, Kolkata
Red bow ring: Accessorize, Bangalore
Red & black wayfarers: Idee, gifted by friend
Silver watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Black shoes: Tresmode, Kolkata am getting sleepy........& the thought of a Monday morning looming large in my mind isn't helping either! So am gonna crash...........& try not to dream of all the work I need to get done in the upcoming week. Though, in a way, I am looking forward to the coming week (for once)........coz it's my b'day week!!! Yes girls (and guys) b'day is sometime this week.......& as far as b'days are concerned, I think I show the Benjamin Button syndrome every year (am always as excited about my b'day as a 10-year old is)! 

So.......keep an eye open for the b'day post next.......and if anybody wants to send me gifts, mail me & I'll mail you back my wishlist!!! ;))

Till then,
Take care lovelies......

Polka Princess