So.........who's gonna be your valentine???


Wassup with all you lovelies out there??? Hope all of you have had a rocking weekend!

At least, I sure had one! Caught up with friends on Sat of them is getting married within a fortnight.......all of us others (who are currently very eligible bachelors/spinsters & intend to remain so for quite some time) were teasing her & discussing the utter unbelievability of it (her getting married, that is)!!!
Sunday saw me heading towards a leather goods expo being held in town (where I picked up a couple of amazing bags at an awfully good bargain!) followed by the annual party held by Chevrolet (yes...I'm the proud owner of a Chevrolet Aveo U-va car) for it's customers & dealers.

Anyways, now that the 2nd month of the year has already started, the feel of 2011 being another brand new year has kinda worn off......and as we all know, February is the month of Love........
Yes! It's Valentine's month once those of you lucky ones who are hitched & hooked all right - what special plans for the V Day??? And the luckier ones who are single & ready (or maybe not-so-ready) to mingle - what are you guys planning to gift yourselves??? Or are you planning to change the state of things before the 14th????? ;) 

Well..........I, for one, am just gonna enjoy the power & allure of today's retailing & marketing ploys making the most of the good saint's death (Poor St. Valentine didn't even have an inkling that his was going to be one of the most famous parting signatures in history!)..........& pamper myself with some chocolates & maybe a relaxing mani & pedi!! (Well....for all I know.......I may get an anonymous, albeit, surprise valentine gift! High hopes.........but never say never!!) :))

So guys.........who's gonna be your valentine this year??? Do share if you have any exciting/out-of-the-way/romantic plans for your special one! Would love to hear all of it (am actually a die-hard romantic at heart! ;))

And here's what I wore for my Sunday outing.............there's still a slight chill in the wind, specially in the early morning & evenings, hence I'm still working the layers & not baring the legs!

This dress was picked up by me almost 3 years back...........& that was the first time I fell in love with this shade of green! My love affair with this color still continues.............but as they say, first love is always special!!! :)

This black & white checked legging was a very versatile pick of my Bangalore trip..........I can mix & match so many colors with this fact, I had paired it with a purple dress while in Bangalore & it had rocked as well then also!

The wide neckline of the dress always makes it necessary to be layered........& I've layered it earlier with round neck tees, shirts & even turtle neck pullovers! But this time around, I stuck to a basic black collared tee with puff sleeves & am happy with the outcome.... :)

I simply adore the big buttons & the belt of the dress.........these details make this piece smart as well as girly!! Also, not miss the two li'l pockets on the sides.........perfecto!!
Also, as you can see, my just-shampoo-ed hair is all over the place!!! :P

Lo & behold!! My fav piece of jewelry from my Bangalore shopping!!! Isn't this neckpiece simply awesome? The moment I set my eyes on it, I knew I just had to pick it up! :))
And I added a couple of silver bangles to go with the silver necklace.

My favorite yellow gladiators added a contrast to the green of the dress. Also, I stacked on a mix of green & yellow bangles to balance out both the colors.... :)
P.S.: Ain't my green nail paint looking gorgeous with the yellow footwear???

Green dress: Sarojini Nagar, Delhi
Black collared tee: United Colors of Benetton, Kolkata
Checked legging: Max, Bangalore
Silver neckpiece: Forum Mall, Bangalore
Silver bangles: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Yellow wooden bangles: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Green jade bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Headband: Borrowed from sis
Yellow gladiators: Platinum mall, Bangkok

This changing weather is very unpredictable..........sometimes it's so very warm, while sometimes it's chilly. And while the weather can't make up it's mind as to what the temperature actually should be.........I've gone & caught a pretty bad cold! :(

Anyways...............have a lovely week ahead dears! And let the hunt for the perfect gift begin!!!

Love & hugs,
Polka Princess