A wonderful wedding!!!

Hey guys!!

How's the new week treating you all??? I don't know about the lot of you, but I had a rocking weekend enjoying the wedding of one of my closest friend's from college!!! Oh. My. God. It was so much fun, you won't believe it! And the best part is that I still can't come to terms with the fact that she has actually got married!!! ^_^

And as promised in my last post, am here to share the pictures from my crazy & fun weekend with all you lovely people..........hope you all love the snaps as much as I do, coz each one of these pictures carry the most beautiful & heart-warming memories for me! :)

My sweet friend Shreya gears up for her wedding! These pix are from the ceremony held to celebrate her last lunch as a spinster (the day before the wedding) - called "Aaiburobhaat" in Bengali - there's a grand feast laid out for her, which includes almost 15-20 types of dishes & she is fed a bit of everyhting by the elders of the family.........the younger siblings/cousins/friends who sit at lunch with her suppossedly get married soon!!! :)

P.S.: Check out her expression in the 1st pic - she was continuously being fed sweets by her uncles/aunts for the last half-an-hour! :P

Chilling out after a very very heavy lunch! Check out the intricate mehendi (henna tattoo) on her hands.........they say the darker the color of the henna on the hands of the bride, the more her husband's gonna love her! :))

Shreya, of course, had to wear a saree for the ceremony (the bride has to wear sarees only for all the different ceremonies of a Bengali wedding)........and I took out my ethnic outfits for the weekend.........this kalamkari print kurta is one of my fav ethinc suits - it's just right for a festive lunch do - the right amount of bling (on the embroidered neck & border) & a very nice flared cut (which sadly can't be seen here).

Kalamkari kurta: Designed by friend, Kolkata
Golden cotton-silk dupatta: Exhibition, Pune
Bangles: Assorted, Kolkata/Mumbai/Bangalore

The bride in traditional Bengali wedding outfit - a red Benarasi saree with gold motifs & border, brocade blouse & gold tissue veil - and of course, swathed in gold jewelry with a white shola crown on the head. The chandan (sandalwood paste) designs on her forehead is part of the wedding make-up. Isn't she looking amazingly lovely??? I guess they are right about girls looking their most beautiful on their wedding days......

Posing for pictures with the bride!! :)

The other girl in the picture is Natasha, a colleague of my friend. She's not an Indian (I really forgot to ask which country she's from), but still she so cutely wore a Fabindia saree to the occasion!

Here, the bride sits on a wooden base & is lifted up by her brothers/uncles & taken round the groom 7 times.........she has to cover her face with betel leaves all the while (so that she can't see the groom - it's considered a bad omen to see the groom before the "shubhodrishti")........after the last circle, she's brought to a halt in front of the groom & only then can she remove the leaves & see her man!

This is the garland exchange ceremony (called "Mala bodol") where the bride & groom garland each other 3 times - this is one of the most important wedding rituals of the Hindus.

Having fun with the designer dudes - all these 3 friends are fashion designers & they all are showing at the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week to be held in Mumbai in March!
From right to left: Amalraj Sengupta - Established Designer
Rohan Arora - Accessory Designer (he designs the most awesome shoes!!)
Shivaji Dutta - Genext Designer
So, all you Mumbaiites (& others who'll be visiting LFW), be sure to check out their shows!!!

Gossiping with the girl gang! :))
The lady in green saree is Sinjini, sister of designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.....while the sweet girl in peach & brown is Swati, who got engaged just 10 days back! I think it's the season of celebration all right!!!

Throughout the ceremony, Shreya was more interested in our gossip & conversations than in the wedding rituals!! ;)

This ritual requires the groom to hold the bride's hands from behind while she throws puffed rice into the ceremonial fire........they also have to continuously chant prayers & mantras throughout the ceremony!!

The bride & groom circles the fire 7 times while reciting the wedding vows......this is another very important ritual of Hindu weddings! :)

The cameramen jostled with each other for this shot!! The wedded couple poses & chats with the bride's boss - famous designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee (She worked on his design team)! This man is one of my greatest idols as far as Fashion is concerned.........I'd even reverently mentioned him in my first blog post!!! (I can say I've been lucky enough to be a friend of his sister's......hence I've seen my idol up close quite a few times & even spoken to him!) :))

Black, white & blue : What a color co-ordinated shot!! ;)
Friends posing with the newly weds!
(Sorry the pic is a li'l blurred.......but then you all know that I'm not to be blamed!)

Me & Riya (my friend's sister) posing with the bride & groom!

Kodak Moment : Just Married!!! :))
Awwww...........aren't they looking cute?????? I think the dash of vermillion (sindoor) on a bride's head really makes her look so lovely!

This ethnic suit that I'm wearing for the wedding has been designed by me & locally tailored. I love the vibrant hues of the raw silk & the peep of print from beneath (yes, that's not a separate jacket, but just two layers attached on the side)........also the collar is quite interesting & has been embroidered taking motifs from the design of the print.

Ethnic suit (kurta & churidar): Self-designed
Polki earrings: Sakshi, Kolkata
Rings: Aldo, Kolkata
Cane bag: Indra Market, Bangkok
Slip-on heels: Inc.5, Kolkata

By now, you all must have understood how much fun I've had over the weekend!!! Felt so tired & exhausted at work on Monday.............sigh! And now my friend's moving away to Hyderabad after marriage (since her hubby works there).........I don't even know when I'll meet her next!!! :(

Anyways............hope you all are having a good week! Am looking forward to the weekend just like the rest of you!!!

Polka Princess


  1. Wow, what a great celebration it must have been. Honestly, I havent seen any Indian wedding and I really admire the colorful dress of the Bride. I hope they enjoyed their wedding.

    But I guess they'll enjoy the honeymoon more. They can walk on the beach with their Just Married Flip Flops leaving marks if "Just Married" married on the sand.

  2. I read so much about the colourful Indian weddings that it is a real treat to see it trhough your eyes. I love all your sarees, the flowers, the house decoration, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it is all so fascinating!!!All the photos are fab.
    Thank you my dear

  3. I am impressed about these pictures, you guys look amazing and seems you had a great time. love it! : )

  4. These photos are amazing! It looks like you had such a wonderful time, and your friend made an absolutely gorgeous bride. I love the outfit you designed for yourself as well. The colour combination is so vibrant :)

  5. amazing post...you reaallly had a great time ....and you looked fab as usual..

  6. wow, love this post!!! These photos are amazing and you look beautiful!!!

  7. Stunning pictures, all of them. Colours and prints and shine and shimmer- all things Indian weddings! You look lovely in Indian clothes, the self designed number is particularly stunning! And Sabyasachi- he is one of our favorites too. In fact our absolute favorite Indian designer, the man is a genius!

  8. What a feast for the eyes!! Thanks for commenting on my ebay finds, I use keyword searches to find specifics. Like "cha cha" under vintage bracelets! I hope that helps!

  9. I dream of wearing Sabya on my wedding day and she had HIM there? Sigh..

    Love the gold in your dress btw :)

  10. just woow, soo colourful, love ur tradition :)



  11. Wow, this looks like such a beautiful wedding! The colors & fabrics are so rich & pretty!

  12. Oh these photos are beautiful! The dresses are just gorgeous. <33

  13. wow!!...the post bought back memories of my own wedding!!!
    im loving your self designed suit..its so vibrant and so classy!!!..
    Sabyasachi...hmm, i like his designs a lot!!...

  14. so beautiful, i love traditional Indian garb. the fabrics and colors are just so vibrant and rich! one of my favorites ever! =)

    join my STila giveaway!!!

  15. @JMFF: Sure they had a lovely wedding! Wish I knew about JM flip flops earlier....I'd surely have gifted them a pair!!
    @Sacramento: Am glad I could share a slice of my culture with you..... :)
    @Grace: Oh! We all had a most wonderful time!!
    @Cee: Thanx a bunch babe!!
    @Simple Girl: Thank you so much dear... :)
    @Chiccastyle: Thanx.... :))
    @Sally: Oh! Sabya is my ultimate favorite too!! I adore/love/respect/worship him!!!
    @Annimal House: Thanx for the tips girl!!

  16. @Ruhi: Hey! Even I want to wear Sabya on my wedding day!!! :))
    @Ria: Thanx dear......ya, our culture is quite vibrant!
    @Veronika: yaaaaaa.....it was a gorgeous one! :)
    @Kate: Thanx a lot babe!! Our tradition & culture is in itself very rich & colorful!!
    @Flashes of Style: Thanx a bunch sweetie......much appreciated!
    @Sushmita: Thanx dear.....I love Sabya too!
    @Fashioneggplant: Really?? Thanx babe...... :))

  17. she looks beautiful! i love her mendhi!

  18. aww! i love it! :) your dresses are so orate. It's neat to see a wedding from another culture :)

    love, polly

  19. I love Indian weddings, they are so fun! Fashionwise, the sarees are so colourful and beautiful!



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    Twenty York Street

  20. these photos look amazing! so interesting to see a wedding from another culture :) xx

  21. @Zarna: Me too! :)
    @Polly: Thank you sweetheart...
    @ML: Ya.....thanx!
    @Vera: Thanx a lot dear!! :))

  22. Polka Princess- what wonderful pictures! The bride is indeed beautiful in her color saturated gown, but I love the expression of the first pic, when she is over-stuffed on sweets. You are looking lovely yourself in your custom tailored outfit. Color: it is the spice of life! xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  23. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures! :) They depict everything one would need to see about an Indian wedding! Love your golden kurta and salwar!:)


  24. Didi, I love your Kurta for the wedding so much. I wonder the raw silk.....did it come in two shades like that or did you get it done? I really want a turquoise silk dress with vermillion border just like that but I can't find a fabric like this. What should I do?

    BTW I need to ask you a favor. I'll email you this weekend with the details. :)



  25. @Bella: You are so right dear.......I love the burst of colors all around during weddings!
    @The October Issue: Thanx! :)
    @Shreya: Thanx a bunch babe!!
    @Tashrin: No girl......the raw silks all came in solid shades, I got it tailored that way......I don't know where you'll find such fabric in Canada.......maybe you can ask around? I'll be waiting for your mail hon... :)

  26. very beautiful pictures! i've seen one grandeous indian wedding in you tube too and i'm so much impressed with the activities!
    thanks for sharing! :-)


  27. i watched bollywood movie sometimes, and i have such a big interesting with their culture include this wedding tradition!!
    i think "Sari" is one of the most beautiful traditional culture that i've ever seen.
    i wanna wear this "Sari" too someday :)
    you and your friend look so beautiful here..

    Enjoy your weekend babe


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  28. @Babi: AM glad you liked it!
    @Queen D: Wow....you watch Bollywood movies too??? I'd love to see you in a sari someday! :)

  29. loving the pics, indian weddings always are so beautiful and colourful, i love it! xx

  30. i have been to an Indian weeding before.. An explosion of colours and the food was unbelievable. Looks like this party went forever. Love it

    Lee x

  31. this is wonderful!! thankyou for sharing these marvellous photos :))

  32. SABYASACHI!!! OH Gosh!!
    He is a genius...
    u lucky Gal..:)

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  34. Your friend looks lovely. Brings me back memories of my own wedding many years ago. That blue looks terrific on you.

  35. vewi gud loking 2 person . . . dey seems made for each other. . . . god blzZzZ ya:)

  36. Gosh..u've met sabyasachi..m sooo jealous..!:(


  37. Hi Babi,

    You look great in that salwar kameez and your friend looks absolutely gorgeous. It's fun to dress up for weddings.

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  39. Wow!!!!!!! Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.
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  40. wow so nice. I love wedding dress. I love to buy designer lehenga for wedding.


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