March 30, 2011

Sand in water...

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Happy Tuesday guys!!!!! Hope the week's treating you well!

I don't do much philosophical talk on this blog.......but today, I'll surprise you all with some soul-searching questions & insights on this crazy, messed-up mind.....

Do any of you ever feel restless & confused for no particular reason? Does it ever feel that life is somehow not settling down rightly? Like you are watching some sand in a glass of water.......the sand's trying to settle down at the bottom of the glass......but as soon as it's nearing the bottom, some unseen force is swirling up the water & the sand's floating up all over again???

Think am on some mad ranting spree????? I think so too.....sigh!

Anyways, am just in a very very (even a gazillion verys will be an understatement for what am feeling) confused & restless state of mind..........some things are just not falling into place the way I want 'em very near to the bottom of the glass, but still not right there.........but my arduous journey is on & am sure I'll reach the bottom soon! *Wishful thinking*

Coming back to more cheery topics, a childhood friend is in town & we had a fun evening out together after such a long time! Had lots of fun........caught a movie ( The Black Swan - I know, I know, I must be, like, a total retard movie-wise to be watching it now.......but you all know how busy I've been this whole month!), roamed around town, clicked pictures, had ice-cream sundaes & gossiped a lot!!! :))

Sorry for the poor indoor snaps.........but I was so tired after the long evening that these were the best that me & my sis could manage!! 

Now that summer is here (giving Spring a miss), I'm developing an affinity for all the whites in my wardrobe. Specially this white jersey tank is one of my favorite summer pieces - I simply adore the crochet neckline! :)

The green shrug & yellow tank brought in some cheery color!! 

Just felt like OD-ing on the accessories!!! :))

The silver ring & earrings are from my recent silver-jewelry shopping spree (refer to my last post here).......I'm in love with these pretty earrings! 

White tank with crochet detail: Linking Road, Mumbai
Yellow tank: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Green shrug: Linking Road, Mumbai
Jeggings: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Necklace: Forum Mall, Bangalore
Silver earrings: Chamba Lama, Kolkata
Rose ring: Accessorize, Bangalore
Heart ring: New Market, Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Snakeskin pumps: Snake Farm, Bangkok

Super-excited & knotted-up about tomorrow's big match (Cricket World Cup Semi-finals between India & Pakistan).........all fingers and toes crossed........tonight's prayers are all for Team India! 

By the way, while am typing away to glory, my sis urges & cajoles a majorly irritated & not-at-all-happy-at-being-interrupted me to get up & see something she's eagerly excited about.........& look whose gracing my room with her (am guessing it's a she...provided she's so stylishly turned up) presence:

I'm still worked up about the fact that there's a polka-dotted butterfly on my mantle!!! :))

Anyways, as am rushing to go trigger-happy & click Spots (well......that's what am gonna call her!) to death........I'll bid adieu to you guys.........have a rocking week ahead..........good night.............sleep tight lovelies! 

Polka Princess
March 26, 2011

Bleed Blue!! (Cheering for Team India!!!)

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Phew!! Finally am back in town.........& have got an outfit post for you guys after, like, almost an eon! Am so indebted to all of you for actually reading & commenting on my quick snatches of posts for the last couple of weeks...........thank you all for the love & support even when I turn into such a lazy busy irregular you all!!! :)

It's been a really busy & hectic month.....what with my office trips, work and travelling in & out of town so frequently.......I've just been so tired since I've been back on Wednesday........need a long long break now (though it doesn't seem likely.....still what's the harm in some wishful thinking???)

By the way.......are you guys following the Cricket World Cup??? I'm super-excited about the upcoming India vs Pakistan's gonna be one hell of a match........fingers crossed!!! :))

Coming back to business, this outfit post could be put up thanks to my boss for granting me a leave today (I've been working continuously for the last 20 days, without an off!)...........though most of you have already started your weekend, I just took a pre-weekend break today & have to be back in office tomorrow morning! :(

But nonetheless, I had an awesome day being lazy, doing some much-needed & much-pending paperwork & the best part: going on a shopping spree with dear ol' mom!!! Bought tons of silver jewelry........& some junk stuff too! All in all, a Friday well-spent! :))

I love love love this dress of can be worn casually (like here) or dressed up ( like here) it has an interesting neckline, falls beautifully & it's black.........what more can a girl ask for???

Paired the dress with a collared tee & my favorite micro-checked leggings for a casual day-out look...........the weather was nice too, neither sunny, nor cloudy.........hence could work the layering! :)

Much needed shades, chunky beads around the neck, my stack of assorted bangles & my much-loved (and much-eyed, by others) cane bag consisted of the accessories.....turquoise is one of my most favorite colors, hence I always end up with all things turq (specially jewelry)......but I don't regret it ever!!

Collared tee: Gifted by friend, from Bangalore
Dress: BK Market, Kolkata
Leggings: Max, Bangalore
Beaded necklace: Gifted by friend, from Bangalore
Bangles: Assorted, all over the place
Cane bag: Indra Market, Bangkok
Shades: Polo Club, Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Shoes: Tresmode, Kolkata

In retrospect, I think I wore blue today in a sub-conscious action of supporting Team India! Geared up for Wednesday's match! Go India GO!!! 

Have a fun weekend lovelies!!! :))

So long!
Polka Princess
March 19, 2011

Colors on me....!

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Today is the day of (specially those who don't have anything to do with India or Indians) must be wondering what does that mean??? means that today is HOLI!!! Still lost??? Then, let me explain..........we Easterners (read Indians or in that case Non-Residing Indians as well) celebrate the festival of colors that is called gives us free license to color anyone in any hue that we want!!! There's a burst of red, blue, green, pink, yellow & all colors in between all around can hardly recognize people around you as they make appearances in all sorts of colors.........some prefer it dry, while some prefer it wet & really wild! Though nowadays the more aware & eco-friendly bunch of people are opting for the natural/organic/herbal dry colors (gulal)..........the kids & the young crowd go wild with the really dark & scrub-till-you-die-but-still-won't-go water soluble synthetic a result of which you'll find people with pink faces & green hands walking the streets even two days later!!!

I guess I'm still quite recognizable.......but then I said a strict NO to the harsh synthetic colors this time & decided to play safe only with the dry herbal colors.......a friend came over with six different types of colors & smeared my face & hair with almost all of 'em!

I love the scent of the dry colors..........they bring with them a confirmation of essence of happiness & revelry..........a promise of bright & colorful times ahead! In fact, people of all religion, classes, regions & ages come together to celebrate this festival of joy!!! :)'s wishing you all a VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS HOLI!!!!!!!! May your life be full of colors........always! :))

I was back in town only for the day to celebrate Holi and my dad's b'day (the dates clashed this year)...........heading out on work again life's become one long never-ending official trip since the past 2 so tired!!! :(

Till next time, stay stylish guys!!

Polka Princess

March 15, 2011

Flower Power

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Ok.........bad news...........was back home just for a couple of days and am heading out of town on work once again!!! I mean, before I could even realize that am back & settle down all the pending work here, they send me packing again......... :((

But, love it or hate it........there's no two way about, here I am, re-packing my half-unpacked luggage for yet another week-long trip! The only plus point? That I've learnt from my mistakes - hence, my sipper goes in on priority, as does my really light clothing (This time around you're not getting so lucky, Mr. Sun!), a good book, a bigger handbag (to carry around an umbrella, shades, sipper, wallet, notebook, snacks etc.).............and lesser accessories (Didn't really end up wearing all those bangles last time!)!!!

Am leaving you all with this outfit I had donned for shopping & dinner out with family on Sunday. Maybe these pictures have a bit too much of florals in them.......didn't really plan on wearing floral print and posing in front of floral curtains in them......but it somehow just happened (I hope you know what I mean!)......and the flowers just sort of came together in the pictures........I guess that's what they call Flower Power!! ;)

It's hot, hot, hot out here!!! So took out this light floral-printed tee from the depths of my wardrobe (it was a long-forgotten item which I came across just the other day) & paired it with cropped trousers. 

This tee is actually really long........but this time around I wore it shorter (tucked it in). I love the arty floral print on the tee........very pretty & a nice blend of colors!

This bag turned up while my mom was cleaning up some rooms...........this was my mom's when she was in college.......can you believe it??? Doesn't that make it authentic vintage??? :))
And my latest fav necklace........a b'day gift from a dear friend & colleague (thanks M) has a cute diamond shape & an Eiffel Tower.......I like!!

Ta da!! My brand new peep-toe wedges!!!!! A pair of grey heels was on my wishlist for quite some time now........& I finally came across this perfect pair at the perfect price (they were at 70% discount - beat that!)!!!

Grey floral tee: Les Femmes, Kolkata
Brown corduroy cropped trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata
Tan sling bag: Vintage (mom's)
Neckpiece: Gifted by friend
Watch: Fastrack, gifted by friend
Grey peep-toe wedges: Enroute, Kolkata

Apologizing in advance for being unable to visit & comment on your lovely bear with me for some time longer girls (& guys)...........I promise you all that this is just a passing phase!!!

Also my sincere prayers for the victims of the Japan disaster........the whole world's uniting to be by their side in this unfortunate times.......hope whatever li'l we do helps......

Hope to be back soon!

Asta la vista!!
Polka Princess

March 12, 2011

A quick flash-back!!

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Hi guys!

Wassup with you all??? I'm still stuck out of town (at Durgapur, to be precise) on work & have been slogging day after day.........still no idea when am gonna get back home!!! :(

Anyways, in the meantime, I thought I might share some photos with you that has been lying with me for quite some time now. In fact, these are pictures from my Bangalore trip (that I had taken in the last week of Jan) that I wanted to share with you guys, but couldn't get down to it some way ro the other!
So I thought this is the best time to share the snaps with you, as I've no outfit posts for the time being......hope you guys will like the snaps ( and not get bored)!! :)

Mirror, Mirror on the wall........

A random corner
(of my uncle's house in Bangalore)


Beautiful brick-bracks

Masquerade Magic

Colors of India!


Pups @ play!!

Spring blossoms...



Nature at it's best...

And now ladies & gentlemen, the highlight of my trip - a meeting with the very stylish & lovely fellow blogger, Smrithi of Vintage Obsession!
Ain't she looking hot??? We had a lovely time discussing blogging, common blogger friends, chatting, knowing each other & of course, shopping!!! Loved meeting up with you Smrithi.......hope to see you soon again! :)

Purple dress: Forum Mall, Kolkata
Waistcoat: Remanika, Kolkata
Black & white leggings: Max, Bangalore
Purple checked tights: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
String of pearls: Westside, Kolkata
Quilted bag: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Black pumps: Aldo, Kolkata

Well..........sorry for being such a bore & not being able to visit anyone much! Promise to be back soon........thanx for understanding!! 

Take care,
Polka Princess
March 05, 2011

Links à la Mode - Individual Style

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Guys!!! News!!!!!!

A post by yours truly have been selected for this week's "Links à la Mode" round-up by IFB!!!!!!!!! And at my very first shot at it!!!Am I excited or what???
In fact, this week's round-up has the links to some awesome posts by some of my favorite fashion bloggers! Am just so happy to be able to be a part of this elite list! :)

And since, I'm living out of the suitcase right at this moment.......I can't really share my excitement with you guys in so many words.......but am sure, you're getting the drift........ :))

I guess having a different & individualistic sense of style paid off after all!!!

Making it Your Own

Edited by WIT & Whimsy

One of the best parts about fashion is that it is translated differently by everyone.  It’s infused in everything we do in many respects and this week’s Links a la Mode highlight that whether your style is haute couture or vintage, trendy or thirfted, style is very much ownable and deeply personal.

I’m thrilled to have this be my inaugural editing of the IFB Links a la Mode, looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts throughout the year!

Links à la Mode: March 3rd

Shopbop Wedge Sandals, Rodarte, Skirts, Juicy Couture, Yogawear, Sunglasses, Jeans, Jewelry, Lingerie, Shoes, Bags, & Dresses

If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine

Sorry for not being able to check up on your blogs..........promise to be back soon! Thanks for being such sweethearts & supporting me always - I couldn't have done this without your encouragement & support!!!

Love always,
Polka Princess
March 03, 2011

Why grow up?

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Growing old is inevitable........but growing up is an option.....

And I choose not to...........grow up, I mean.

Can't really help the growing old I turn another year older today! Yes, ladies & gentlemen - it's the "Hap-Hap-Happy Budday" of yours truly!!! :))

And as I add another candle to my b'day cake........I look back on the 25 beautiful years spent on the face of this earth.........& try to identify the most memorable moments & milestones of this eventful journey!

Hence, what you see listed below (in no particular order) is a lovingly-preserved treasure trove of hand-picked happiness:
  • All the times I've won those prizes in school (or anywhere else) for academics as well as co-curricular activities - they used to mean a lot all through the school years.
  • The day my sister was born - I was in the fifth standard then & I still vividly remember the rainy Thursday morning when my dad came & told me that instead of going to school, we'd be going to visit the sweet li'l new member of the family!
  • Each & every time I dance on the stage (I'm a trained Indian classical dancer) - the adrenalin rush I feel, whenever I give myself up to the rhythm of the music, makes me embrace the spotlights again & again........ :)
  • The first time I faced the camera for a teeny tiny part in Mira Nair's The Namesake - I featured in the movie for a whole of 2 minutes (though I shot for 2 whole days for that!!) as Tabu's friend in her opening shot in the film.
  • Getting through the National Institute of Fashion Technology entrance's the premier fashion school in India & I was ecstatic to be able to get through with a good rank (I hadn't even sat for any other entrance exams) - getting to study Fashion Design in one of the country's leading institutes was a dream come true!!! :))
  • Getting my first job on the very first day of campus placements.......I guess the first job always holds a special place in our hearts......isn't it???
  • Working as an freelancer on a project with Vogue India - I worked on the Fashion Team of their AW '09 Trend Report Supplement that came out with the Spt '09 issue- another dream come true, another achievement, another amazing experience!
  • When my entry was chosen & printed for a short-story writing compettion in a leading daily - for that matter, I loved seeing my writing in print in almost all the editions of the school magazine.
  • My four years of studying Fashion Design at NIFT - the most fun-filled, most creative, most crazy & most hard-working four years of my life...!
  • Last, but not the least, starting this blog in the August of 2010 - this space has given me new friends, lots of exposure, a heart-warming sense of bonding with so many people all around the world, the enthusiasm to do new things and an outlet for my creative passions., I take this opportunity to thank my parents for showing me this beautiful world, my sister for being a constant companion (inspite of the fights & quarrels), my friends for being there whenever I needed them (and also when I didn't) to laugh, cry, gossip, bitch & work together, some special persons for giving me some very beautiful moments (maybe we couldn't make things work, but thanks for everything anyways), my teachers for imparting the knowledge that helped me in each & every step of my journey till now and of course, all you lovely people who have encouraged me, appreciated my efforts, given me honest opinions, strengthened my passions and made my blog what it is today..........a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!!! I owe these lovely 25 years of life to all of you! :)

In case you guys are wondering, this is not my b'day outfit........this is just something I wore the other day to office..........& thought I'd share with you all.

After wearing bright colors continually for some time, I thought I'd give it a breather & go for some neautral/nude outfit that day. The white cotton top paired with the beige corduroy trousers made for a simple & visually soothing outfit.

I tucked in the top & threw in the belt to give the silhouette a more formal feel. Also, the leopard print scarf added the right dose of quirk to the otherwise simple outfit. :)

Nothing beats a white cotton top for summer! I think it's a must-have in every girl's wardrobe for the warm can be a crisp shirt, a flowy blouse or even a smart tunic/shirt-dress........and the best part is that it can be teamed with almost every kind of bottom from denims, linen pants & cropped trousers to skirts, leggings, harems & shorts!!!

My favorite animal print scarf makes a comeback! (See me wearing it earlier here & here)
I also wore my hoops for a smart look - I think hoops are extremely versatile & instantly uplifts any outfit.

Believe it or not, I had bought this pair of nude pumps 6 months back & completely forgotten about them!
I simply love the color of these shoes........& check out the cute li'l bow at the back!!! Also, I think a pair of nude pumps in camel, beige, nude pink or peach is another must-have for any girl.........whenever in doubt, you can just slip on a pair & you'll be ready to rock! :))

White cotton top: Topshop, Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Beige corduroy trousers: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Leopard print scarf: Nik Nish, Kolkata
Brown braided belt: Linking Road, Mumbai
Copper hoops: ???
Brown braided leather belt watch: Fastrack, gifted by friend
Nude pumps: Emami Market, Kolkata

Also, early tomorrow morning I'll be heading out of town on office work...........don't know when I'll be back (most probably sometime around the 9th or 10th)...........hence, you all may not be hearing much from me for the next week or so! Please don't mind if I don't check out your lovely posts or don't publish/reply to your wonderful comments........I promise I'll make up for it all once am back!!!

What all we have to go through for our bread-&-butter! Sigh!

That's all for now guys............looking forward to a exciting day ahead!!!

Lots of love,
Polka Princess


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