Bleed Blue!! (Cheering for Team India!!!)

Phew!! Finally am back in town.........& have got an outfit post for you guys after, like, almost an eon! Am so indebted to all of you for actually reading & commenting on my quick snatches of posts for the last couple of weeks...........thank you all for the love & support even when I turn into such a lazy busy irregular you all!!! :)

It's been a really busy & hectic month.....what with my office trips, work and travelling in & out of town so frequently.......I've just been so tired since I've been back on Wednesday........need a long long break now (though it doesn't seem likely.....still what's the harm in some wishful thinking???)

By the way.......are you guys following the Cricket World Cup??? I'm super-excited about the upcoming India vs Pakistan's gonna be one hell of a match........fingers crossed!!! :))

Coming back to business, this outfit post could be put up thanks to my boss for granting me a leave today (I've been working continuously for the last 20 days, without an off!)...........though most of you have already started your weekend, I just took a pre-weekend break today & have to be back in office tomorrow morning! :(

But nonetheless, I had an awesome day being lazy, doing some much-needed & much-pending paperwork & the best part: going on a shopping spree with dear ol' mom!!! Bought tons of silver jewelry........& some junk stuff too! All in all, a Friday well-spent! :))

I love love love this dress of can be worn casually (like here) or dressed up ( like here) it has an interesting neckline, falls beautifully & it's black.........what more can a girl ask for???

Paired the dress with a collared tee & my favorite micro-checked leggings for a casual day-out look...........the weather was nice too, neither sunny, nor cloudy.........hence could work the layering! :)

Much needed shades, chunky beads around the neck, my stack of assorted bangles & my much-loved (and much-eyed, by others) cane bag consisted of the accessories.....turquoise is one of my most favorite colors, hence I always end up with all things turq (specially jewelry)......but I don't regret it ever!!

Collared tee: Gifted by friend, from Bangalore
Dress: BK Market, Kolkata
Leggings: Max, Bangalore
Beaded necklace: Gifted by friend, from Bangalore
Bangles: Assorted, all over the place
Cane bag: Indra Market, Bangkok
Shades: Polo Club, Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Shoes: Tresmode, Kolkata

In retrospect, I think I wore blue today in a sub-conscious action of supporting Team India! Geared up for Wednesday's match! Go India GO!!! 

Have a fun weekend lovelies!!! :))

So long!
Polka Princess