Bleed Blue!! (Cheering for Team India!!!)

Phew!! Finally am back in town.........& have got an outfit post for you guys after, like, almost an eon! Am so indebted to all of you for actually reading & commenting on my quick snatches of posts for the last couple of weeks...........thank you all for the love & support even when I turn into such a lazy busy irregular you all!!! :)

It's been a really busy & hectic month.....what with my office trips, work and travelling in & out of town so frequently.......I've just been so tired since I've been back on Wednesday........need a long long break now (though it doesn't seem likely.....still what's the harm in some wishful thinking???)

By the way.......are you guys following the Cricket World Cup??? I'm super-excited about the upcoming India vs Pakistan's gonna be one hell of a match........fingers crossed!!! :))

Coming back to business, this outfit post could be put up thanks to my boss for granting me a leave today (I've been working continuously for the last 20 days, without an off!)...........though most of you have already started your weekend, I just took a pre-weekend break today & have to be back in office tomorrow morning! :(

But nonetheless, I had an awesome day being lazy, doing some much-needed & much-pending paperwork & the best part: going on a shopping spree with dear ol' mom!!! Bought tons of silver jewelry........& some junk stuff too! All in all, a Friday well-spent! :))

I love love love this dress of can be worn casually (like here) or dressed up ( like here) it has an interesting neckline, falls beautifully & it's black.........what more can a girl ask for???

Paired the dress with a collared tee & my favorite micro-checked leggings for a casual day-out look...........the weather was nice too, neither sunny, nor cloudy.........hence could work the layering! :)

Much needed shades, chunky beads around the neck, my stack of assorted bangles & my much-loved (and much-eyed, by others) cane bag consisted of the accessories.....turquoise is one of my most favorite colors, hence I always end up with all things turq (specially jewelry)......but I don't regret it ever!!

Collared tee: Gifted by friend, from Bangalore
Dress: BK Market, Kolkata
Leggings: Max, Bangalore
Beaded necklace: Gifted by friend, from Bangalore
Bangles: Assorted, all over the place
Cane bag: Indra Market, Bangkok
Shades: Polo Club, Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Shoes: Tresmode, Kolkata

In retrospect, I think I wore blue today in a sub-conscious action of supporting Team India! Geared up for Wednesday's match! Go India GO!!! 

Have a fun weekend lovelies!!! :))

So long!
Polka Princess


  1. Love as you have layered these clothes!!!nice colors and your bag is to die for!!!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. You look so fabulous in blue. Loving your boots.

  3. the dress is definitely nice, very quirky and pop artish, i likes!!!

  4. Love the neck line on that dress. Those shoes are fantastic! I have that same bag in orange, green and brown! How funny!

  5. I just love how your smile brightens up all your outfits :)

  6. @Federica: Thanx have a great one too!
    @Sacramento: Thank you so much dear!! :)
    @Sushmita: Thanx babe!!
    @Claire: How cool! I have it in green, turquoise & red too!!! :))
    @FB: Awwww.....thanx girl....that's so sweet! :D
    @Anything But Bland: :))

  7. I officially declare you a color maestro. You are so good at mixing minimum colors for maximum impact- this outfit being a prime example- colorful but not loud and that blue just sings the right note with me. I love how you've styled it- so modern without appearing trendy. You get a prize in my book for the way you rock.

    Speaking of, 20 days no day off? YOU deserve major prizes for being a trouper, and I am especially honored that you found the time to visit my blog much less comment on it. A big thank you and a hug- Go (insert your favorite cricket team here) Team!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  8. OMG!!! That's awfully sweet of you hon! I'm absolutely & truly are such a sweetheart always!!! :)

  9. love the dress and the shoes.. looking lovely.. :)

  10. First of all Didi, how gorgeous is this dress, so unique and the t blends in so perfectly with it that I really could not have told that it was not a part of the dress from the way you wore it. :)

    Secondly I love your bag too, mom had one in black and I have wanted one forever.

    Finally, I'm super excited for the semifinal as well. Go India Go!!! Have not been expectant about a match like this in a long time. :)


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  11. My favourite is the shoes. You always look so awesome in colours.


  12. sounds like you're working very hard!

    i love your dress & go india!

  13. @Simple Girl: Thank you dear...
    @Tashrin: Oooh! A black one sounds nice! I'll keep my eyes open for the black version next time!! :)
    @Lee: Thanx dear....maybe that's because I love colors??? :))
    @Zarna: Don't ask about it! And yeah!! Indiaaaaaa....India!!

  14. such a cute dress! love your necklace. do you want the link of the shop i got m peace sign necklace from? :)

  15. wow i do love this outfit! you look amazing in that blue top :)) and i need your bag!!

    nice blog too ;)

    kisses from Russia,

  16. Lovely pictures! i like your blue bag! Xx

  17. So pretty, you! Love that dress and I am eyeing your bag too! :D
    Go India GO! :D

  18. You look adorable :) Like the necklace to :)

  19. Love the pop of blue and hope you got some great silver jewelry!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. oh my...a fashion blogger from Kolkata...a rare and refreshing breed!I loved your blog!Do keep Writing.I run a mewly opened fashion and lifestyle store in Kolkata called India Kitsch.Would Love to Connect!

  21. @Fashioneggplant: That'd be nice..thank you!
    @JP: Thanx dear....mwah!! :)
    @Vera: I like it too!
    @Yajaira: :)
    @Shreya: Yeah! Three cheers for India!
    @Mirela: Thanx darling!!
    @CnC Living: I got some lovely pieces...will be sporting them soon! :)
    @Marella: Thank you so much dear...
    @Plamka: I'm heading over there soon!
    @Shreya: Will LOVE to visit your store.....I ADORE Kitsch! Thanx for dropping by! :))

  22. I cannot believe you've been working for twenty days straight! No wonder you're exhausted... I don't think I would even be functional after the first ten. Glad to hear you were granted a day to rest. These photos of you are lovely. The collar and straps of this black dress are so unusual, I've never seen anything like it and it really caught my eye! The turquoise colour is just gorgeous, too :)

  23. That is a great dress, but I do love the bangles and bag! Such beautiful colors!


  24. here's the link for the peace sign necklace:

  25. Very cool outfit, love the colors!


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