Colors on me....!

Today is the day of (specially those who don't have anything to do with India or Indians) must be wondering what does that mean??? means that today is HOLI!!! Still lost??? Then, let me explain..........we Easterners (read Indians or in that case Non-Residing Indians as well) celebrate the festival of colors that is called gives us free license to color anyone in any hue that we want!!! There's a burst of red, blue, green, pink, yellow & all colors in between all around can hardly recognize people around you as they make appearances in all sorts of colors.........some prefer it dry, while some prefer it wet & really wild! Though nowadays the more aware & eco-friendly bunch of people are opting for the natural/organic/herbal dry colors (gulal)..........the kids & the young crowd go wild with the really dark & scrub-till-you-die-but-still-won't-go water soluble synthetic a result of which you'll find people with pink faces & green hands walking the streets even two days later!!!

I guess I'm still quite recognizable.......but then I said a strict NO to the harsh synthetic colors this time & decided to play safe only with the dry herbal colors.......a friend came over with six different types of colors & smeared my face & hair with almost all of 'em!

I love the scent of the dry colors..........they bring with them a confirmation of essence of happiness & revelry..........a promise of bright & colorful times ahead! In fact, people of all religion, classes, regions & ages come together to celebrate this festival of joy!!! :)'s wishing you all a VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS HOLI!!!!!!!! May your life be full of colors........always! :))

I was back in town only for the day to celebrate Holi and my dad's b'day (the dates clashed this year)...........heading out on work again life's become one long never-ending official trip since the past 2 so tired!!! :(

Till next time, stay stylish guys!!

Polka Princess