Flower Power

Ok.........bad news...........was back home just for a couple of days and am heading out of town on work once again!!! I mean, before I could even realize that am back & settle down all the pending work here, they send me packing again......... :((

But, love it or hate it........there's no two way about it.......so, here I am, re-packing my half-unpacked luggage for yet another week-long trip! The only plus point? That I've learnt from my mistakes - hence, my sipper goes in on priority, as does my laptop........plus really light clothing (This time around you're not getting so lucky, Mr. Sun!), a good book, a bigger handbag (to carry around an umbrella, shades, sipper, wallet, notebook, snacks etc.).............and lesser accessories (Didn't really end up wearing all those bangles last time!)!!!

Am leaving you all with this outfit I had donned for shopping & dinner out with family on Sunday. Maybe these pictures have a bit too much of florals in them.......didn't really plan on wearing floral print and posing in front of floral curtains in them......but it somehow just happened (I hope you know what I mean!)......and the flowers just sort of came together in the pictures........I guess that's what they call Flower Power!! ;)

It's hot, hot, hot out here!!! So took out this light floral-printed tee from the depths of my wardrobe (it was a long-forgotten item which I came across just the other day) & paired it with cropped trousers. 

This tee is actually really long........but this time around I wore it shorter (tucked it in). I love the arty floral print on the tee........very pretty & a nice blend of colors!

This bag turned up while my mom was cleaning up some rooms...........this was my mom's when she was in college.......can you believe it??? Doesn't that make it authentic vintage??? :))
And my latest fav necklace........a b'day gift from a dear friend & colleague (thanks M).........it has a cute diamond shape & an Eiffel Tower.......I like!!

Ta da!! My brand new peep-toe wedges!!!!! A pair of grey heels was on my wishlist for quite some time now........& I finally came across this perfect pair at the perfect price (they were at 70% discount - beat that!)!!!

Grey floral tee: Les Femmes, Kolkata
Brown corduroy cropped trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata
Tan sling bag: Vintage (mom's)
Neckpiece: Gifted by friend
Watch: Fastrack, gifted by friend
Grey peep-toe wedges: Enroute, Kolkata

Apologizing in advance for being unable to visit & comment on your lovely posts..............do bear with me for some time longer girls (& guys)...........I promise you all that this is just a passing phase!!!

Also my sincere prayers for the victims of the Japan disaster........the whole world's uniting to be by their side in this unfortunate times.......hope whatever li'l we do helps......

Hope to be back soon!

Asta la vista!!
Polka Princess


  1. You look amazing dear! I really like your blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  2. love the tee and the shoes are just amazing babe ..

  3. Lovely! That floral top is so pretty!

  4. Love that blue shade on your toes... So vibrant and lovely! Have a good trip :)

  5. Lovely outfit and nice bag :)


  6. you look lovely in this floral top!

    sorry about barely getting to unpack and then having to leave again :(

  7. You're so cute!!!This is perfect example for a causla outfit, simple but chic!!!

  8. Love the wedges! Love the toes!!

  9. Thanx a bunch all you lovely ladies!!!

    @Zarna: Thanx for understanding... :(
    @Veronika: Will definitely try to! ;)
    @Dusk: :))

  10. loveeellyy floral top :)

    ill deff be checking up on your blog again

  11. Hi dear! Thanks for your sweet comment! Already following you! ;)

  12. your shirt is so pretty and that bag! i am in love with it, such a lucky find, good thing she didnt throw it out :)


  13. I love your red bag! : )


  14. That bag is awesomeeeee! Moms do have some of the coolest stuff, stuffed in there :)



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