A quick flash-back!!

Hi guys!

Wassup with you all??? I'm still stuck out of town (at Durgapur, to be precise) on work & have been slogging day after day.........still no idea when am gonna get back home!!! :(

Anyways, in the meantime, I thought I might share some photos with you that has been lying with me for quite some time now. In fact, these are pictures from my Bangalore trip (that I had taken in the last week of Jan) that I wanted to share with you guys, but couldn't get down to it some way ro the other!
So I thought this is the best time to share the snaps with you, as I've no outfit posts for the time being......hope you guys will like the snaps ( and not get bored)!! :)

Mirror, Mirror on the wall........

A random corner
(of my uncle's house in Bangalore)


Beautiful brick-bracks

Masquerade Magic

Colors of India!


Pups @ play!!

Spring blossoms...



Nature at it's best...

And now ladies & gentlemen, the highlight of my trip - a meeting with the very stylish & lovely fellow blogger, Smrithi of Vintage Obsession!
Ain't she looking hot??? We had a lovely time discussing blogging, common blogger friends, chatting, knowing each other & of course, shopping!!! Loved meeting up with you Smrithi.......hope to see you soon again! :)

Purple dress: Forum Mall, Kolkata
Waistcoat: Remanika, Kolkata
Black & white leggings: Max, Bangalore
Purple checked tights: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
String of pearls: Westside, Kolkata
Quilted bag: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Black pumps: Aldo, Kolkata

Well..........sorry for being such a bore & not being able to visit anyone much! Promise to be back soon........thanx for understanding!! 

Take care,
Polka Princess


  1. My dear friend, thank you for each pic. Everytime I think of India, I think of bright colours, delicious food and serenity. I love the photo that you have called: parked.
    Thank you for introducing to me: Vintage Obsession.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Oh not a bore at all! Such pretty pictures..you are seriously talented babe! Very very very nice,love the pic if the bangles the best, very arty :)

  3. hi PP
    hope you are enjoying Durgapur...i had to rush back to Delhi as my Dad passed away last week.

  4. @Sacramento: Am so glad you liked Vintage Obsession too! :)
    @Holly: Thanx dear......your lovely words keep me going!!
    @Sushmita: Awwww......that's so sad! Am so sorry dear....I tried your phone but couldn't get through........do take care!

  5. Love the pictures :) You're quite the photographer!
    Its a pity i didn't know you were coming to Bangalore :( Tell me the next time :)


  6. I love the inspiration from random places and turns into fashion.
    Your outfit if fabulous.
    Colours.. Love it
    Lee x

  7. These pictures are amazing :) and you look great xxx

  8. @Simple Girl: Thanx hon!
    @Shreya: I didn't know you lived in Bnagalore too! Next time, we'll meet up for sure!! :)
    @Lee: Thanx Lee....much appreciated! :))
    @Vera: Thank you so much dear!!!

  9. Amazing post and great photos!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. pretty pictures. both of you look gorgeous honey.

    and do check out my blog too,

  11. wow absolutely amazing pictures :-)


  12. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! x

  13. beautiful pictures!!xxx


  14. I have been reading your blog for sometime now. :) You have a lovely one. And the pictures real nice. I have a knack for photography too. And I'm guessing you had a superb time in Bangalore :) And we are both bengalis :P ( Ok that was random :P )

  15. @Chiccastyle: Thanx babe! :)
    @BBT: Thank you so muhc!!
    @Lolita: :))
    @Smaryam: The pleasure's all mine!
    @Z: Thanx a bunch dear... :)
    @Sam B: Ha ha.....thank you.....much appreciated!!

  16. Great pics.. And great to know you caught up with Smriti!!! :)
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  17. these photos are so wonderful!

    also, how exciting that you got to meet another blogger - sounds like you had a great time :)


    You're an awesome photographer!

    And how cute that you guys met up! I'd like to visit India and meet all of you guys! :)


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