A quick flash-back!!

Hi guys!

Wassup with you all??? I'm still stuck out of town (at Durgapur, to be precise) on work & have been slogging day after day.........still no idea when am gonna get back home!!! :(

Anyways, in the meantime, I thought I might share some photos with you that has been lying with me for quite some time now. In fact, these are pictures from my Bangalore trip (that I had taken in the last week of Jan) that I wanted to share with you guys, but couldn't get down to it some way ro the other!
So I thought this is the best time to share the snaps with you, as I've no outfit posts for the time being......hope you guys will like the snaps ( and not get bored)!! :)

Mirror, Mirror on the wall........

A random corner
(of my uncle's house in Bangalore)


Beautiful brick-bracks

Masquerade Magic

Colors of India!


Pups @ play!!

Spring blossoms...



Nature at it's best...

And now ladies & gentlemen, the highlight of my trip - a meeting with the very stylish & lovely fellow blogger, Smrithi of Vintage Obsession!
Ain't she looking hot??? We had a lovely time discussing blogging, common blogger friends, chatting, knowing each other & of course, shopping!!! Loved meeting up with you Smrithi.......hope to see you soon again! :)

Purple dress: Forum Mall, Kolkata
Waistcoat: Remanika, Kolkata
Black & white leggings: Max, Bangalore
Purple checked tights: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
String of pearls: Westside, Kolkata
Quilted bag: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Black pumps: Aldo, Kolkata

Well..........sorry for being such a bore & not being able to visit anyone much! Promise to be back soon........thanx for understanding!! 

Take care,
Polka Princess