Sand in water...

Happy Tuesday guys!!!!! Hope the week's treating you well!

I don't do much philosophical talk on this blog.......but today, I'll surprise you all with some soul-searching questions & insights on this crazy, messed-up mind.....

Do any of you ever feel restless & confused for no particular reason? Does it ever feel that life is somehow not settling down rightly? Like you are watching some sand in a glass of water.......the sand's trying to settle down at the bottom of the glass......but as soon as it's nearing the bottom, some unseen force is swirling up the water & the sand's floating up all over again???

Think am on some mad ranting spree????? I think so too.....sigh!

Anyways, am just in a very very (even a gazillion verys will be an understatement for what am feeling) confused & restless state of mind..........some things are just not falling into place the way I want 'em very near to the bottom of the glass, but still not right there.........but my arduous journey is on & am sure I'll reach the bottom soon! *Wishful thinking*

Coming back to more cheery topics, a childhood friend is in town & we had a fun evening out together after such a long time! Had lots of fun........caught a movie ( The Black Swan - I know, I know, I must be, like, a total retard movie-wise to be watching it now.......but you all know how busy I've been this whole month!), roamed around town, clicked pictures, had ice-cream sundaes & gossiped a lot!!! :))

Sorry for the poor indoor snaps.........but I was so tired after the long evening that these were the best that me & my sis could manage!! 

Now that summer is here (giving Spring a miss), I'm developing an affinity for all the whites in my wardrobe. Specially this white jersey tank is one of my favorite summer pieces - I simply adore the crochet neckline! :)

The green shrug & yellow tank brought in some cheery color!! 

Just felt like OD-ing on the accessories!!! :))

The silver ring & earrings are from my recent silver-jewelry shopping spree (refer to my last post here).......I'm in love with these pretty earrings! 

White tank with crochet detail: Linking Road, Mumbai
Yellow tank: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Green shrug: Linking Road, Mumbai
Jeggings: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Necklace: Forum Mall, Bangalore
Silver earrings: Chamba Lama, Kolkata
Rose ring: Accessorize, Bangalore
Heart ring: New Market, Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Snakeskin pumps: Snake Farm, Bangkok

Super-excited & knotted-up about tomorrow's big match (Cricket World Cup Semi-finals between India & Pakistan).........all fingers and toes crossed........tonight's prayers are all for Team India! 

By the way, while am typing away to glory, my sis urges & cajoles a majorly irritated & not-at-all-happy-at-being-interrupted me to get up & see something she's eagerly excited about.........& look whose gracing my room with her (am guessing it's a she...provided she's so stylishly turned up) presence:

I'm still worked up about the fact that there's a polka-dotted butterfly on my mantle!!! :))

Anyways, as am rushing to go trigger-happy & click Spots (well......that's what am gonna call her!) to death........I'll bid adieu to you guys.........have a rocking week ahead..........good night.............sleep tight lovelies! 

Polka Princess


  1. great outfit! your green cardigan is so nice and i love that flower ring! x

  2. loving the bright colors!! great outfit <3

  3. Awwww that butterfly is so pretty!!! And so is your outfit and all the accessories. And I think we all through the ups and downs in the moods. Everything settles down eventually!

    ♡ from ©

  4. this confusing thing .. it happens to me as well.. so a same pinch there .. and the colors looking lovely on you !!.. love the jewelery also ..

  5. great outfit!lovee the colours!xx

  6. I actually just met up with a childhood friend last night! hehe so fun. love the outfit, the matching shoes are such a nice touch x

  7. very nice green and oh I just adore the soes! And what a beauty, that butterfly! But all beauty doesn't last long on this let's be happy and enjoy it when we can!

  8. I know exactly how you're feeling... I tend to go to extremes when I'm in that restless mindset, like deciding to quit my job, pack up and move across the country! I've challenged myself to try to stay in one place and work through feelings of restlessness, but it's an ongoing battle :) That said, you still look lovely. Your green top is just gorgeous, and I love the pop of yellow, too!

  9. The butterfly is so pretty. How did she get in your room???

    BTW did you watch the match??? It was such an amazing one, and now I want India to win the cup. :) Keeping my fingers crossed.


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  10. Well, don't worry too much. Things will fall in place. Happens to all of us.

    And yay, we won! :)

  11. Thanx guys!!! All your lovely comments are so much appreciated!! :)

    @Tanvii: Hope so babe!
    @Jamie-Lee: It's ALWAYS fun to catch up with ol' friends!!
    @Inge: Very truly said... :)
    @Cee: My! My! I don't know if I'm in a state to take such huge decisions right now......but hope things get better!
    @Tashrin: Yay! Yay!! We did a great job! Hope Saturday can be as celebratory as yesterday!! :))
    @Tamanna: Thanx just being patient at the moment! Cheers for the win! :)

  12. Awww my sweet honey, you look AMAZING!!!Stunning outfit, love your wide green shrug and your jewelry is so gorgeous!!!xoxo

  13. My dear princess, you are stylish now, so you will be in the future.
    Much love.

  14. that green cardi is beautiful on you! hope you feel better about everything soon!

  15. That feeling your are having is the beginning of a good thing- it shows the soul's appetite for the next stage of your life, and your vague dissatisfaction with the way THINGS ARE NOW is like hunger pangs, the rumble in your stomach that says it's best to be planning for dinner.

    YOU look gorgeous- I love the way you wear colors, the way your eyes are bright and always seems to have a sparkle and the way you hold yourself. I always get the impression, including this set where you say you are tired, that you own your world, but are gentle enough to not dominate it.

    The butterfly is a lovely harbinger, an auspicious omen, that you are bound for a major transition, so best to let your soul rest a bit, and take time to savor the situation you are now in, because, like Bob Dylan sings: Times...they are a'changin'. xo -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  16. @Chiccastyle: You are such a sweetheart....thanx for all the lovely words! :)
    @Sacramento: You think so???
    @Zarna: Thanx babe... :)
    @Bella: My dear dear Bella!! You always succeed in bringing that smile back to my words are always like a healing balm....reassuring & convincing me that things are gonna look up soon! Thanx a bunch for being such a treasure!! :))

  17. You look so cute :D Love the new jewelery haul! :) And chin up, we all go through shit :)

  18. oooohh! i really really like the 4th picture! The rings are awesome, and the close-up of the intricate crocheted design on the tank is beautiful. :) But hey! i'm sure everyone has those tough times when you're just confused. ya'know? Just be sure to relax and stay healthy, so you have all the energy you need! :) Take care! I hope all is going well. Can't wait for your next post, darling!

    xoxo Tami at

  19. did i comment on this post...i thought i did...
    anyways, again to tell you i love the white tee and the gren shrug combo!!!
    and love the rose ring!!!
    for those thoughts....everyone has them once in a sure you will figure out a way and find ur own space...

  20. @Shreya: :))
    @Tami: Thanx are too sweet!!
    @Sushmita: No didn't! And I sure hope so... :)

  21. You look adorable. I love that beautiful green. And such pretty accessories.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway over at my blog. I hope you can jump over and check it out.

  22. Polka Princess: I've just given you an award. Please check this Sunday's post about it.

  23. @Sunny & Star: Sure thing! :)
    @Bella: That's so awesome of you dear!! Can't really thank you enough for being the pillar lovely support & encouragement that you are! :))

  24. green looks great on ya! ;)

  25. so pretty green shoes... :) love your blog!

  26. Hello gorgeous... I was going to tell you how I feel about you... but you beat me to it!!

    Yes... there is an award waiting for you here!

    You do have the sweetest smile ever!


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