Sand in water...

Happy Tuesday guys!!!!! Hope the week's treating you well!

I don't do much philosophical talk on this blog.......but today, I'll surprise you all with some soul-searching questions & insights on this crazy, messed-up mind.....

Do any of you ever feel restless & confused for no particular reason? Does it ever feel that life is somehow not settling down rightly? Like you are watching some sand in a glass of water.......the sand's trying to settle down at the bottom of the glass......but as soon as it's nearing the bottom, some unseen force is swirling up the water & the sand's floating up all over again???

Think am on some mad ranting spree????? I think so too.....sigh!

Anyways, am just in a very very (even a gazillion verys will be an understatement for what am feeling) confused & restless state of mind..........some things are just not falling into place the way I want 'em very near to the bottom of the glass, but still not right there.........but my arduous journey is on & am sure I'll reach the bottom soon! *Wishful thinking*

Coming back to more cheery topics, a childhood friend is in town & we had a fun evening out together after such a long time! Had lots of fun........caught a movie ( The Black Swan - I know, I know, I must be, like, a total retard movie-wise to be watching it now.......but you all know how busy I've been this whole month!), roamed around town, clicked pictures, had ice-cream sundaes & gossiped a lot!!! :))

Sorry for the poor indoor snaps.........but I was so tired after the long evening that these were the best that me & my sis could manage!! 

Now that summer is here (giving Spring a miss), I'm developing an affinity for all the whites in my wardrobe. Specially this white jersey tank is one of my favorite summer pieces - I simply adore the crochet neckline! :)

The green shrug & yellow tank brought in some cheery color!! 

Just felt like OD-ing on the accessories!!! :))

The silver ring & earrings are from my recent silver-jewelry shopping spree (refer to my last post here).......I'm in love with these pretty earrings! 

White tank with crochet detail: Linking Road, Mumbai
Yellow tank: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Green shrug: Linking Road, Mumbai
Jeggings: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Necklace: Forum Mall, Bangalore
Silver earrings: Chamba Lama, Kolkata
Rose ring: Accessorize, Bangalore
Heart ring: New Market, Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Snakeskin pumps: Snake Farm, Bangkok

Super-excited & knotted-up about tomorrow's big match (Cricket World Cup Semi-finals between India & Pakistan).........all fingers and toes crossed........tonight's prayers are all for Team India! 

By the way, while am typing away to glory, my sis urges & cajoles a majorly irritated & not-at-all-happy-at-being-interrupted me to get up & see something she's eagerly excited about.........& look whose gracing my room with her (am guessing it's a she...provided she's so stylishly turned up) presence:

I'm still worked up about the fact that there's a polka-dotted butterfly on my mantle!!! :))

Anyways, as am rushing to go trigger-happy & click Spots (well......that's what am gonna call her!) to death........I'll bid adieu to you guys.........have a rocking week ahead..........good night.............sleep tight lovelies! 

Polka Princess