Are you kidding me?

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the lack of posts all week!!! But I was extremely busy at work whole week (what's say???)............actually, not quite busy working at work, but busy organizing, planning & arranging a cultural event that we are putting up next week at work! We have this event every year where we have different teams from amongst ourselves competing with each other in categories such as dancing, singing, fashion show & "Go as you like".........and me, being the unofficial Cultural Secretary at my workplace, have to go crazy organizing the whole shenanigan. So, for the past week, I have been running about, downloading songs from the net, discussing walks & poses, designing invites, dancing my feet off and teaching others to dance all throughout the day! Hence, once am back home at around 9.30-10.00 every night, I have just about enough energy left to gulp down a couple of mouthfuls of dinner & hit the bed........

So my lovelies.........the crux of the matter is that I still haven't got any outfit posts to share with you all........but what I have got for you is another crop of my treasured clicks from the archives.......and these are fairly recent ones at that (had gone out on a clicking spree early on Sunday morning!).

In fact, what you'll see here is an impromptu shoot on Child Labour. Though all the shots are candid & it's not a properly directed shoot, per se, (and these are just a few of numerous other snaps from my excursion that day) but once I got back home & saw these pictures, the whole series somehow really caught my attention. It really saddened me to see how much regressed we still are in terms of civilisation & humanity. I mean, for God's sake, aren't these kids suppossed to be at school???


Anyways, nothing much I could do there, except for clicking pictures & sharing my concerns with you all (who patiently hear out all my rantings)...........just hope that some day, these innocent li'l victims of corruption & power will be able to fight for themselves & lead the country to a better future!!!

Will share other pictures from this photo-walk next week...........till then, stay tuned! Hope I can put up another outfit post soon. Have a rocking weekend guys!!!!! :)

Polka Princess