Flower in my hair!

Too much, and I mean too much, is happening in my life right now! Apart from work, work & more work, a whole bunch of friends getting married one after the other in the next 2 months & travel plans with family in between; there are lots more that I cannot share with you all right now...........& which, am sure I'll be able to tell you once things work out the way I want them to...........but I can assure you that am going through quite a "happening" phase of life!!! ;)

It's been another hectic week.........but nevertheless, a not-so-bad one! Had some really fun time with friends/colleagues! The exit polls (India is a democratic country - we vote & choose our leaders once every 4 years) in my city were scheduled for the middle of the week. I exercised my democratic rights for the first time (yes, am almost 7 years late, the qualifying age being 18 years!)........& felt like an important citizen of the country doing my duty!!! :)

These pictures are from mid-week. Summers are on in full swing here.......& it's maddeningly HOT throughout the day and night! Am really frustrated about the fact that we can't wear shorts & skirts to office.........sigh! But then, nothing much I can do there (apart from changing jobs.......or stop working altogether)........hence, having to go around fully clothed even in this sweltering heat! :(

Comfort is of great importance in this weather.........so, I didn't think twice about pulling out my most comfortable pair of corduroy trousers. Corduroy in summer, you say??? This pair is as light as it is comfy!

This navy cotton blouse is another favorite summer piece.......like its silhouette & cute puffed sleeves! :)

This pearls & chain neckpiece sets off brilliantly against the deep blue of the top. Also, piled on the blue & gold bangles to complement the neckpiece.

I generally pin back my bangs..........but thought would do something fun with my hair that day! The tulle flower is actually a brooch that I've worn as a hair pin........isn't it pretty? It was a sweet gift from Etsy store owner Venus 11 who'd sent it as a surprise gift with my order of 2 other brooches!!! :))

Navy top: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Beige corduroy trousers: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Pearls & chains neckpiece: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Bangles: Assorted, Mumbai/ Kolkata
Watch: Fastrack, gifted by friend
Flower brooch (worn as hairpin): Etsy, gifted by Venus 11 
Shoes: Hamlyn, Kolkata

So.................what weekend plans guys??????? Am gonna have a busy, working Saturday.......but looking forward to enjoying my Sunday with friends! Let's see how it works out.........

You all have a rocking weekend! Have fun..........& keep it stylish! :)

Lots of love,
Polka Princess