Grey-black with a hint of red!

Hello...hello........helloooooooooo!!!! How've all of you been??? I know I've been away for quite some time (same ol' excuse - WORK!!!).........but as promised, am back with an outfit post! :)

First & foremost, A VERY HAPPY EASTER to all of you out there! Hope you guys are having a lovely time & a wonderfully festive weekend!! I, as always, had a working Saturday and am gonna have a working Sunday too! (Beat that!!)
And I better stop here & now before my cribbing becomes more hysteric & endless!

These pictures are from LAST Sunday when I was at my friend's studio helping another friend with hair & make-up for his photoshoot..........couldn't help frolicking in front of the camera for a while.........excuse the weird poses & tired (read drab) look!! :)

This grey tank with red buttons & frills was bought in Bangkok in March ' mom found it so cute that she picked it up in 3 colors - Grey/Red, Brown/Yellow, Red/Green (the other 2 have long been declared as my sister's property)!

Found this black blouse while going through a pile of old clothes the other day! This was one of my favorite pieces (it's almost a decade old) of clothing.......but had somehow forgotten all about it until I saw it peeking out from under all the old glad I found it back!! :)

Please excuse the demented pose - my friend was just being his goofy self and taking advantage of the camera in his hand!! :-P

It was a on-the-spur-of-the-moment outfit.........but I quite liked how it turned out.........specially the way the different lengths of the 2 tops created interesting layers & also the li'l pops of red here & there!! :))

Accessories consisted of my big hoops for the ears, Eiffel Tower pendant neckpiece, my ever-dependable bow ring & a mixed stack of bangles.....

Grey & red tank: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Black blouse: Vintage (almost)
Cropped trousers: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata
Red hoops: ???
Neckpiece: Gifted by friend
Bangles: Assorted
Bow ring: Accessorise, Bangalore
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Peep-toe wedges: Enroute, Kolkata

It was a fun shoot though........with all of us having a rocking time together!!!
Will keep thinking of all those crazy moments & more as I slog through office tomorrow! :(

Anyways, hope all of you have a fabulous Sunday!!! Catch you all next week.............till then, keep it stylish!

Asta la vista,
Polka Princess