Stylish!! Who...Me???

Oh My God!!! I'm still so chuffed about the fact that I got yet another blog award this month! I mean, it's been almost a week that I've got this award (and I'm getting the time to post it now), but am still absolutely stirred up about it!!! :))

What makes the whole deal oh-so-more perfect is that it was none other than the gorgeous, stunning & vivacious Dusk of The Dusk Zone who gave me the "Stylish Blogger Award"! Those of you who know Dusk & admire her (there's no way you can not do that) will know why am still hyper-ventilating from the sheer joy of getting an award from her.......I mean, getting a "Stylish Blogger Award" from one of the most stylish, sexy, beautiful blogger I know??? if that doesn't give you a high, nothing else ever will!!! ;)

Dusk is an inspiration in herself & the fact that she finds my blog worthy enough of this honor is the really really greatest compliment my humble blog can ever get! Thanx a bunch once again gorgeous always have been & always will be an object of admiration and inspiration for me.........mwaah!!

Now, as per tradition, I've to share 7 things about myself with you all and give this award to 10 other stylish, ready....get....set.....& GO!!!

Here comes 7 things about me that you guys didn't know till now (curious?):

1. I'm not a very Tea or Coffee kind of person. I have both occassionally, specially when out with friends. The only beverage that I have daily in office is hot lemon tea.....that's one brew which I find very refreshing.
2. I'm always in love with....well...."love"! I'm a very romantic person & all nuances of love are appreciated & admired by me.......even when I'm not in any relationship! ;)
3. I'm a self-confessed foodie. Period.
4. And a book-worm too! Lock me in a room with nothing else but a book.......I'll survive till the last page is turned! Then I may start screaming! :P
5. I'm a true-blue Piscean - poetic, dreamy, impractical & sensitive.....
6. I'm terribly scared of Spiders & Snakes!!
7. Chocolates......& a genuine smile always make my day!!! :))

And now that you guys know a li'l bit more about's time for me to pass on this award to 10 bloggers (in no particular order) who never fail to inspire me:

1. Prutha of Don't Shoe Me - Ecclectic, bold, fun & fearless!
2. Zarna of Zarna's Runway - This leggy lass is a versatile stunner!
3. Tashrin of Tashrin - She's sweet....she's simple.....and she's stylish.
4. Smrithi of Vintage Obsession - One of the first bloggers I've personally met, this girl's as beautiful inside as she's outside!!!
5. Holly & Sally of Hippie By Heart Thinks Fashion Is Art - These girlies have the most awesome jewelery around!
6. Sonu & Jasleen of Fashion Bombay - Style, poise, talent & a way with words - these fashionistas have got it all!
7. Bonnie of Flashes Of Style - This girl exudes softness, feminity & a lovely sense of style.
8. Ruhi of Republic of Chic - A perfect fashionista!
9. Karishma of Purple Peeptoes - Quirky, colorful & all things in between...
10. Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage - Her innocence, sweetness & simplicity is reflected in her demeanour. And of course, she carries herself in style....always!!

All said & done, here are the rules for those of you who have been conferred with this award:
  • Show your appreciation, acknowledging & linking back to the person who has given you this award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass on this award to 10 recently discovered great bloggers (the definition of "recent" is relative).
  • Drop in a line at the chosen blogs letting their stylish owners know that they've been awarded!
That's all for now people............hope the wonderful bloggers I passed on the award to will receive it in style!

Till next time,

Take care,
Polka Princess