Photo Fever

My! My! Has it been a WEEK since I've last posted? Where have all the days gone??? With so much happening all around me, sometimes I lose track of time...........oh, how it flies!!! Sigh!

And then there's news which I'm so eager to share with you all...........but can't right now due to some given circumstances..........well, as the Indian proverb goes, "Patience bears the sweetest fruit" (Sabr ka phal meetha hota hain...), wait & watch this space guys, coz I promise to bring some juicy (don't know about sweet....should be) news for you all!

As for outfits.......well, I did come up with a couple of nice ones during the week..........but believe it or not, I didn't get a chance to do a shoot in them!!! I know........I guys must be thinking what kind of an inefficient & dimwit fashion blogger does that??? But then, situations & lack of time didn't allow me to get clicked............& as a result, I've come back without an outfit post for you all!!!

But not to despair, coz I've something else which I hope you guys will be equally interested in! Remember my photography post on child labour? (Refresh your memory by clicking here) Well..........on that very outing, I had clicked lots of other pictures as well.............& since then, I've been planning to share all those snaps with you as well, but didn't get a chance..............well, today I remembered those now-almost-forgotten (it's almost been a month!) photographs & thought "why not?"'s the best time to share them with you! goes....... :)

These pictures are from a photo walk that me & some more-professionally-inclined photographer friends went on around the Howrah Bridge (which is built on the river Hooghly) & a flower market which is located at the foot  of it. I like capturing the myriad moods & moments of an otherwise busy locale...........I think these moments have the whole essence of the place in you think so? What do you feel when you look at the above pictures??? Do lemme know.......... :)

Last but not the least, the photographer faces the camera! Thanks for the click, Auro!!! :)

Have a great Sunday guys!!! :))

Promise to be back with an outfit post next..........

Till then,
Stay stylish....

Polka Princess


  1. You always have such gorgeous pictures to share! Would want to come back to Cal once more :)

  2. I like how is captured these moments of life. How colourful and beautiful are those flower shots. Love those French marigold pictures, so live that even I can smell a scent of them.

    xoxo Ra

  3. What do I feel???? How does one put "stumped for words" into words?????

    I honestly cannot tell you hon. I am speechless. These are breathtaking. You are beautiful.

  4. Wow.. they are really great!
    The flowers look so vibrant and lovely!

  5. wow, you are so talented. these are great photos! :)

  6. Thank you so much everybody for appreciating my humble efforts!!! :)
    @Shreya: Come down any time dear....I'll personally be your guide! :))
    @Dusk: You are too sweet with the compliments hon!!!

  7. Awesome pics..wondering y didnt I come across your blog before :) pls visit my blog as well and if u like pls follow it..I shall do the same :)

  8. Thank you for the present of each and everyone of your pics. They are so colourful and vibrant...

  9. oh my gosh, I am so jealous of your photography skills! No fair. Haha, blows me away every time! (: It's great to have a blogging friend living practically on the other side of the globe because you get to have a different perspective on things, and learn a lot too! (: I am truly grateful for the wonderful pictures you share to all of us, and i can't wait for more! thank you!

    xoxo Tami at

  10. @Agam: Thanx for dropping by... :)
    @Sacramento: The pleasure's all mine dear!
    @Tanvi: Thanx a bunch babe!!
    @Tami: Those kind words are much appreciated sweetheart... :))

  11. cool pics!
    lovely blog you got here!
    i can follow you if you follow me..
    --kisses ♥

  12. Hey thank u for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment..I am happily following you back :)

  13. WOW.. these photos are amazing..
    the 3rd one is beyond perfection
    lee x

  14. These photos are so evocative, with such a range of moods - from vibrant to poignant, as well as thought-provoking. The third and 5th images are especially striking.

  15. @Lee: Thanx....that one's a personal favorite too! :)
    @Roz: Thanx a bunch for all the sweet words.......much appreciated!

  16. What great shots- you're a really talented photographer! I especially love the snap of all of those birds. A little bit terrifying, but so compelling at the same time :) Can't wait to hear your exciting news!

  17. It's hard to express how I am feeling...A mix of emotions...these shots are breathtaking. You are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  18. wonderful photography in this post. i love it!

  19. Beautiful pictures!
    Come to my blog, I made a new post :)

    The Yellow Ball

  20. These are breath taking..You should seriously consider photography as ur profession :) Im not kidding..These r beautiful!

  21. these photos are SO beautiful! you look stunning in the last picture!

  22. @Cee: I'll keep you posted! ;)
    @Natasha: *blush* Thanx for the sweet words dear... :)

  23. de magnifiques photos, elles sont sublimes

  24. wow, well the photographs are just breathtaking!
    As for my armor ring, yes I did get it from ASOS :)

  25. beautiful inspiring pics :)
    Lydz xX

  26. Wonder pictures. You have beautifully captured Kolkata's essence! :)

  27. Waaaoooo these pichas r SUPERB!!!
    Love the 1st shot.:)

  28. Beautiful casual shots.... Lovely and colorful....!!


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