A Striped Story

Oh. My. God. You just won't believe how hot it is getting here everyday!!! It's like the sun's actually getting stronger by the day...........& using all that strength (read heat) against us mere mortals...

I had taken leave from office today..........awfully happy that my mid-week leave has been granted, thinking that I'll have a gala time out shopping with mom & maybe even catch up on  some quality time with my li'l sister...........and blissfully unaware of the fate that awaited me........
From the moment I woke up in the morning & stepped out of my room, I knew I was in for a tough day ahead! The blast of heat that greeted me the moment I stepped out of my room (my room was still cool, thanks to the AC being on whole night) was overwhelming to say the least. Later in the day, the time spent out shopping with mom just felt like 5 hours of sweating, swearing & sulking. The sunlight pouring in through the window glass of my car seemed to be competing with the fully-turned-on AC inside........and winning too!! Phew! I bathed 3 times throughout the day (unable to bear the heat).........& still felt no relief whatsoever! Heat seems to be emanating from whichever surface is coming in contact with my skin - the bed, the clothes, the tables & also this very chair I'm seating on! :(

Lesson to be learnt: Do not take leave from office (even if you have 3 more compensatory offs pending) till summer's over!!! The central air-conditioning out there is worth all the workload, tiffs with the Boss, pending files & deadlines put together!

Coming to the outfit, I don't know if I've told you all this before, but I just love stripes (as much as I love checks.......& polka dots!) Bold stripes, thin stripes, monochromatic stripes, multi-colored stripes - I'm always in love with the lines!!! :)

This is what I wore out on a movie with a friend last Sunday! (Sorry, I know am posting it a bit late.......but better late than never, no?)

This top was picked up from Benetton on my Bangalore sojourn last January. Wearing it for the first time (bad, bad me!)...........but it was a great choice for a hot, summer day. The loose & comfy silhouette, the interesting slitted kimono sleeves, the horizontal & vertical striped panels - all these succeeded in making me fall for this top..........& the funniest part is that this was picked up from the Kids' section (size: 11-12 yrs).......lolz!! :))

This necklace is actually my sister's. But the color of the beads were so perfect with the stripes that I couldn't help but borrow it for the day! :)

P.S.: Check out my new favorite hot pink nails!!!

Sorry.......this photo is a bit blurred........but still, I really liked it somehow, so wanted to share with you guys........what do you think? 

Striped top: United Colors of Benetton, Bangalore
Denims: Jealous 21, Bangalore
Necklace: Platinum Mall, Bangkok (Borrowed from sis)
Bangles: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Ring: New Market, Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Peep-toe wedges: Enroute, Kolkata

Dressing up in this heat is becoming excessively difficult! Don't feel like wearing anything but shorts & skirts..........but office rules.....sigh!! Hope the heat will die down soon (it was 40 degree Celsius today!!)..........or else, it's gonna be one lone & tortuous summer for us!!! :(  *Prayers to the Sun God*

Trying to keep it cool...........

Polka Princess